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Vacation hangover

Second week of vacation half way through. After rather active first week this one had been a lot quieter. Haven't got that much things done. But on the other hand this has been a lot more social week so far. And presumably will continue the same way until the end of the week.

Regardless all the activity last week was actually refreshing. But now I'm feeling a bit tired. Maybe it's the last weeks exhaustion finally kicking in. Or maybe it's all the socializing going on this week. 

Auto complexity

I know I do a lot of spelling mistakes. Over the years I have learned to spell most words correctly and whenever I'm not sure I usually check the correct spelling. So most, if not all of those typos are accidental.

Sure I could (and I do, to some extend) use spell checker, autocomplete functionality or any other tools that could fix or point out those issues. But they aren't without their own problems either. They don't always offer the word I intended. 

Coldness of space

Space is cold. Or is it? Like with many other things the correct answer is: it depends.

On average the space is very cold, around 3 Kelvins (that's -270 degrees Celsius!). When there aren't any radiation/heat sources nearby the background radiation of the universe is the only thing keeping that temperature above the absolute zero.

But that's far away, in the interstellar space where there is nothing nearby. Far out from our reach. What about the space closer to us? Is it that cold also in the orbit of our planet?

Die Apokalyptischen Reisende

All good things have the beginning and the end (and sometimes the beginning is the end). The final season of the Dark came out yesterday and we already watched the whole season. It was so captivating you just had to keep going. Given all the mysteries introduced in the previous two seasons one would have assumed the final season would be spend just explaining all those loose ends.

40 000 posts

There is a theory that you need 10000 hours to become a world class expert in something. And that's not just doing it for that time, it requires that time to be spend on deliberate practice.

I spend around 15 minutes writing these posts. I do try to pay attention to my writing, constantly trying to improve. So I could could count it as deliberate practice. 

Despite my years of experience, I'm still far from the said expertise. At this rate I would need to stack up 40000 posts to reach that. One post per day I'd need to keep doing this another 106 years.

The End is Dark

The world ends tomorrow. At least the world of Dark, the Netflix show. It's an exceptional show in many ways. Not least by how it aligns the events happening in the show with the real world dates. Like how the end of the world happens on a day the third and the final season of the show will be released.

I just finished watching the show the second time. Just in time, and also aligning most of the episodes of the second season with the actual real world dates (mostly by coincidence).

The forgotten web

New content is created in the internet at an ever increasing rate. At the same time a part of it is getting lost and forgotten. 

I have been creating content to the net over two decades. Many of those early websites I made during the later half of nineties and early 2000's aren't available on the net anymore. Some of those I might have saved up on some old backups. On old disks and cd's that might or might not still work.

No donating in Finland

Finnish laws regulating donations and collecting money for charity make it hard for many modern ways of earning or making good nearly impossible.

Only non-profits can collect money without giving anything back. In the light of this law it is against the law to accept donations for example working on an open source project. The model that is highly popular among the open source community around the world. But here in Finland you would need to actually give something concrete back for those "donations". And obviously you'd be taxed appropriately. 

Vacation, day 2

It's only the second day of my vacation and I've already done the biggest task I was planning to get done during this time. What shall I do for the rest of the time? At least I'm not yet urging to get back to work. 

Task failed successfully

A week ago I broke one of my streaks. I just somehow forgot to do that at the time. I could have felt disappointed. After all I had a whopping eight different streaks going on at once.

The fact that I managed to keep up all those streaks is in itself already an accomplishment. And I did it for one month! I definitely didn't fail at anything. I achieved something great. That was over 240 tasks done in one month. 

Long road home

It's a shame our cottage is so far. Driving for over four hours doesn't invite to visit there every weekend. It requires a bit longer stay to make the drive worth it.

We used to live closer, only about an hour and a half drive away. We used to go there almost every weekend. My parents still do. Our own visits have dropped down to a couple of times per year.


Being here in the middle of the nature has reminded me how disconnected from it we have become. We miss out due the fear of missing out. We see the world through the glass without any touch with reality.

We live between charges, tethered by unseen waves delivering us an altered view of reality. Clean and bitesized, to not overwhelm us. Keeping us in comfort.

We are no longer customers, we might not even be the products being sold. We are the ones being consumed.

Hard times, hard measures

The current pandemic situation didn't seem to affect our industry at first. Only a few of our customers were immediately affected by it.

That didn't last long though. Those customers not directly affected were also starting to scale down their development. To be better prepared for possible recession.

Family gathering at midsummer

There is a lot about midsummer, but for me the best part of it is that usually it's the rare occasion when all of my family is at the same place at the same time. And that place is our summer cottage.

It's our tradition. I only remember one midsummer when I haven't been at our cottage. There has been many people celebrating it with me there during the years.

My longest streak

While the three and a half year writing streak might sound long it pales in comparison to my longest streak. For the past twenty years I have had the privilege to love my wife.

And it's not just those two decades. Of course I did love her already few years prior our wedding day, she just wasn't my wife yet back then.

Like with any long relationships there are both good and bad days. While not many, we've also had our share of those bad days. But at the end of the day, no matter how bad, I've still loved her every single day. 

One more day

Tomorrow will be my last day at work before vacation. It's been a long first half of the year and it really is needed. On the other hand I feel there is so many unfinished things that I don't want to leave yet, but of course I have made sure there is nothing urgent and the rest can wait until after vacation. And this time I have also managed to delegate things forward, so when I get back there should be some results waiting for me instead of just tasks.

Too important to write casually

There are things I want to write about. But I just can't seem to get those posts done. They are more than just random thoughts or facts, they are things that really matter.

First of all, they need a lot more effort to write. It doesn't do justice for them to not pay attention to write those words properly. I feel like I don't have the time or the energy to put into writing about those things.

It's getting Dark again

Only two weeks until one of my all time favourite series is getting it's final season released. The Dark is such a deep and complex show that it definitely deserves a second watch. Especially as it's been a while since I watched the first two seasons. There is so much going on that it's good to refresh my memory of all those things before jumping into the final season. I even got my wife interested watching it with me. At least she promised to give it a try. 

Extra room

Our newly furnished balcony has quickly become my favourite "room" in the house. If the weather allows I'm spending most of my time here. It has only been a few weeks and I think I have spent more time during this short period of time than all the other times during the six years we have lived here combined. Definitely a good investment. With a few hundred euros we got an extra 12 square meters room.