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Practise piece

In mass production, especially in something still done in a hand craft scale even the experts sometimes produce pieces that are not up to their standards. Those products of lesser quality can be effortlessly discarded to maintain the standard of quality without the waste affecting much of the profitability of the production.

Master of words

If you want to read something astonishing go read Robin Hobbs post the animal is tired instead of wasting your time on my feeble words. She is one of my favourite fantasy authors and not only because of all those interesting stories she writes. The way she writes is also something special as that post demonstrates.

It's easy to find well written text. Most of the time it's an inspiration as a writer to see such well written pieces: with enough practice perhaps some day I could write as well too.

Archery expert

While I still wouldn't call myself an expert, during the past two months I have spent a lot of time studying archery. If I'm not an expert yet, I believe I'm pretty sure I'm already at the top 1% of all the people.

Test flight

I took my new arrows for a test flight today. First impression was good, they fly nicely and even if I'm not shooting too consistently yet I could already say the arrows alone improved my results.

I don't either have the experience to judge the spine. One of the most important quality of the arrow. The stiffness defines how well the arrow compensates the archer's paradox. The spine needs to flex enough to address the paradox, but it can't be too flexible or it might break on the launch. My initial feel is that the arrows might be a bit too flexible and drive shots to right.


There is no archery without arrows and fletchery is the craft of making them. I do am intrigued by such crafts but I don't think I'm that far just yet. However I did kinda fletch my new arrows already.

My first arrows weren't too good quality. I've already lost the tips of three of the half a dozen I initially got to get started. So I had to get some more. A bit better quality this time. I think it was still a good idea to get the cheap ones as my first arrows as it might have been I could have gotten those quality arrows broken as well with my first bad shots.


Over the past year I have started to have more and more one-on-one discussions. Gone are the days I only had one almost every year with my boss.

Only a few of those are for me. But those too have gone up drastically. I have them maybe twice a month on average, and not just with my boss.

No streak, just habit

Since I broke my daily exercising streak a bit over a month ago I haven't gotten back up with that streak. I didn't give up exercising, but I also didn't want to stress about it every day. I have still plenty of ongoing streaks from the original 10 for that.

Shooting stars

We call the small meteors burning up in our atmosphere shooting stars. But out there, far away in our galaxy there are actual stars hurling through the space. Not the kind of coordinated hurling most of the stars do around the galaxy, but in random directions due to some ancient catastrophic events involving black holes and galaxies colliding that have slingshot these masses on their path. The path that in some cases can lead them to leave the galaxy itself.

Free range archers

We have a public archery range about half as kilometer from home. It's great to have such an opportunity just at the walking distance. But still, it requires some effort to get there. And once there you don't want to see all that trouble for a few shots.

That's why I also setup a small range at our backyard. There isn't much room to get any good distance top practice target shooting. But it's great to have a place where you can just step out and do a couple of shots whenever I want.

You too

One weird thing about you I forgot to mention yesterday is that it's completely fine to use plural are in conjunction to it. You don't say "you is" something but "you are". This is remnants from the fact that the you was originally only uses for plurals.

There is also one common use for the old singular thee or thou. That is - when talking about God.

You all and you in particular

It's odd that in English you have two different words for third person pronouns (he, she), yet the second person only gets one for both singular and plural (you). In Finnish for example we have it the other way around, we only have hän for both genders in third person but we distinguish singular (sinä) and plural (te). It's like there is a set amount of pronouns a language can get and English went for separating genders instead of individuals.

Archer's paradox

Shooting a bow is simple. There are only three parts: the bow itself, the string and an arrow. You hold the bow in one hand, put the arrow to the string, pull and release. That's all.

But if you are ever seen or held a bow you know that the arrow will end up pointing a bit to the left (or right, depending on which side you are shooting from). There are two lines now: one following from the string and the middle point of the bow, the other parallel to the arrow. Which path will the arrow take?

Archery studies

I think archery might be the perfect hobby for me. I have no ides why I haven't picked it up earlier.

On a surface it seems simple. But it's a lot more than just hurling pointy sticks with a string and another stick through the distance.

Visual defects

I never considered myself a visual person. I don't have much graphics skills or an eye for design. I'm usually not bothered by small visual defects... except when they are on something I have made.

I'm sure most of the time those flaws only bother me. Others might not even notice them. But for me they stick out like a sore thumb. They are all I can think about when looking at my creations. The little perfectionist in me is taking control.

Peruvian pears

The etymology of potato is quite interesting. The English word potato originates from the original Tainoan word batata trough Spanish patata. Now both of these words actually mean sweet potato, but in English it has had to accept the sweet part for itself.

In other European languages potatoes were originally known largely as either earth apples or earth pears. For example it's still pomme de terre (apple of the earth) in French.

As bad as I expected

I didn't expecting much and I wasn't disappointed. The nee Mortal Kombat movie was no masterpiece. It wasn't either bad enough to be good in that campy way.

Without a top end budget it's hard to cast people who can both act and fight. This being s fighting movie the later is an obvious choice. And it definitely shows. Stunning fighting scenes are loosely tied together with poor acting. There isn't much of character development outside our protagonists unlocking their arcana powers. Without knowing the back stories from games the characters would be left thin and distant.

Time flies when shooting arrows

I finally got started with my latest hobby when my bow arrived today. I've been meaning to start archery for a long time, but never got myself investing enough in it to get all the proper equipments. Now, after a nice bonus from work and not having any other extra expenses insight I decided to bite the bullet arrow and get myself a nice bow.