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Artificial creativity

There has been a lot of talks about the advances of artificial intelligence, especially in the field of machine learning in recent years. Instead of bringing any real intelligence to the table most of the tools are mostly big, empty promises that can produce some kind of statistical results at best.

Small differences

There is almost identical apartment for sale currently like what we bought a year ago. There are some technical differences, but besides those looking at the pictures I don't think I would have even considered it if that would have been the one for sale a year ago instead of the one we bought.

Even though it wasn't the exact look of the apartment I did see potential in our new home right from the start. It took some effort to renovate it to meet my vision, but for me it was pretty obvious what I wanted to do from the first time I saw it.


We finished watching the much anticipated show 1899 last Friday (well, technically it was already Saturday when the last episode ended). While not really a long time to watch an eight episode show in this case if I would have had a chance I would probably have watched it already during last weekend.

The show was, and wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It was unpredictable, deep with symbolism and mystery, all the things I was looking for. But at the same time it felt a bit hollow. There wasn't the same thought provoking feeling that the Dark had.

Don't buy anything day

It's finally here again, the much anticipated day that all the stores has been blasting about for weeks now. The day you shouldn't be buying anything.

While the discounts offered might be tempting and today's purpose might be easily discarded in the lure of bright light and huge percentage signs the shops have gracefully made it even easier: the sale started already weeks early and will continue days afterwards. So even if you don't buy anything today there is still time to participate in the fest of consumerism.

Playful history lesson

Playing role playing games is a great opportunity to learn. Practically it doesn't matter which genre you play, there is always something to learn. Playing a lot of fantasy games for example has taught me the imperial units pretty well.

My latest lesson was yesterday when we once again gathered to play a Cthulhu horror game set in the year 1923. There were many details that we collectively knew about the era and could share with each other. But there were also things none of us knew.

Trekking through the stars

While most of the Star Trek shows are indeed quality shows they are not all about making journeys. There is one exception (and few debatable ones) where the series is not focusing on moving around the galaxy: the Star Trek Deep Space 9. Instead of set on a starship it follows the stories of a mostly stationary space station.

Even though the Star Trek franchise isn't infallible it stays true to it's name better than it's arch nemesis, the Star Wars. There are a lot more shows and movies without wars than there are Star Treks without a trek.

In need of vacation

It doesn't feel like it would be that long since my summer vacation, but it has indeed been almost four months already. No wonder I have felt a bit exhausted lately.

Luckily the next long weekend isn't too far away. We have our independence day coming up in two weeks and as it will be on Tuesday it's easy to take the Monday off to get a nice four day weekend.

Lost at sea

The show I have been waiting the most this year finally arrived last Friday. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to watch it eight away as I was away for the weekend. Today we finally had time to start watching it.

There hasn't been too much information about the show prior to the release. But the fact that it's from the makers of the show Dark has been enough to ensure there has been quite a buzz around the show. The expectations are high hoping the new show would once again leave us scratching our heads after every episode.

Augmented daylight

Our winter are long and dark. The more drastic change in daylight between seasons can cause all sorts of health issues, especially during the dark times. With less sunlight we get less vitamin D for example. The changes in the level of light can also mess up with our circadian rhythm.

Playing the long game

The benefit of retreating to a cottage for the weekend to play boardgames is getting those games that take substantial amount of time, focus and dedication to the table. It's hard to be able to play some of the heavier games along the normal everyday life.

Lunch break writing

My writing routine has settled to the evenings over the past few years. Before that I used to write in the morning, mostly as I was commuting and it was a good time to write. I still do write in the morning if I'm going to the office, but that doesn't happen too often anymore. Just the old habit kicking in.

A third option I have used, mostly when I know the evening will be busy and I might not have a chance to write, is to write in the afternoon. There hasn't been too many such occasions especially as many times in those situations I have written in the morning instead.

First snow

We got our first snow yesterday! It's not much and probably won't stay on the ground long at this time of the year yet. But it's still nice to have some whiteness in the middle of the darkest time of the year.

We have a liftoff

Artemis I, the first mission on our way back to the moon was successfully launched today. After two cancelled attempts earlier in August and September it's great the mission is finally underway.

These delays will likely also push the grand goal: the landing on the moon also further. The original plan was to land on the moon in 2025, but due to the delays the new estimate is pushed back one year. There is still a chance we will get a man around the moon in 2024 with Artemis 2 if there won't be any further delays.

Digital services terminal care

Being an early adopter of the age of the Internet means I've had account in many forward thinking services that no longer exists. It has been more like a norm that such services have a limited lifespan so I've never much bothered deleting my accounts from services I no longer use.

Over the years some of those services however got so big that they just refuse to die. Apparently some people also still use them too. This causes new kind of issues when those people also assume I'm still using the service because my account is still there.

Do as I say, not as I do

I have a lot of great advice to give. I'm also willing to give it when asked, and sometimes even if I wasn't asked to. But sometimes I find myself not following my own advice.

It's a different thing knowing what should be done and actually doing so. It's easy to tell others how they should act, but when it becomes to myself it's somehow harder to take my own advice.

It's a different thing hearing the same thing from somebody else. Why is it so hard to give credibility to your pwn sayings? Ot doesn't change the fact that those things would be worth doing.


It's father's day today. A day to appreciate our fathers. But as a father I would also like to appreciate being a father.

Being a father is not a given even if one would biologically be one. There could be numerous reasons for a father not being part of their children's lives. In some cases it can be even worse, some "fathers" might not live up to what it means being a father and their children would be better of without their father being present in their lives.

The light temperature paradox

When speaking about the interior lighting the temperature of the light is one of the important aspects when choosing a proper light source. Beyond the RGB lights the temperature is commonly understood as the colour of the light. Or the colour of the "white" light.

The temperature of the light is measured in Kelvins. Below 2000K are the warm lights such as candlelight or bonfire. Average overcast daylight is around 6500K and cold winter day when the sun is shining and the sky is blue it can reach over 10 000K.

Shopping day

Today is 11.11, one of the few days in a year when both US and non-US people can agree the date. It's also a singles day , yet another of those meaningless days made to sell more goods with an excuse of giving this special day deals.

There seems to be ever increasing numbers of these sales days. We are only a few weeks away from black friday and following cyber monday. Soon after the holiday sales begin and the year is concluded with the end of the year clearance sales.

One on one's

Common advice given to leaders is having frequent one on one's with your team members. There are many benefits in this practice: you het to know your team members better, you know what they are working on as well as what are their current challenges, it gives a good opportunity to give feedback and above all it shows your appreciation towards them.