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Professional tools

You can get quite far with a set of quality basic tools and for some ad hoc jobs even the cheapest consumer tools does the trick. But some jobs just require tools that are made for the job.

Even getting the cheapest tools for a small job might cost quite a lot. And the quality of those tools are what you pay for them. The cheapest ones might get the job done, but the end result might also end up cheap. Also the investment in such tools might be moot as there probably isn't going to be much opportunities to get any return of investment later.

Non-smart home automation

I don't want everything in my home to be connected to the internet even though the possibility of controlling everything remotely sounds intriguing. Working on the software industry and having a good understanding of the state of security I definitely don't want to expose anything not absolutely necessary to the internet.

Rough week

This week have had a lot going on. From time to time I've had the feeling that I'm not on top of everything. I think this might be closest ever for me to actually feel stressed. Hopefully this doesn't keep going on for too long or I might actually finally find out what s real stress feels like.

Getting the message through

It feels like no matter how many times I repeat a message there is always somebody telling me this was new information. It's hard to get everybody on the same page on any organization or group of people with more than a few members.

Repeating the message is one way. But it leads to a situation where growing number of people is just getting tired of hearing the same information over and over again. This leads to them not listening to you anymore. Even if you have new information to share! They just join the group of uninformed and the repetition cycle begins.

One series to rule them all

The Rings of Power was just announced as the name of the upcoming Amazon series based on the Lord of the Rings and other works by J.R.R. Tolkien. Unlike the previous films by Peter Jackson the series will be set on the Second Age, thousands of years before the events happening in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Final stretch

Things are moving forward again regarding the renovations. During the weekend I was able to return into action and now there is only a few things left for me. Mostly those things are waiting for other things before I can start with them.

From sales pitch to delivery

I have been working on both the sales and the delivery side of our business, but not that many have had the chance to do so. I think more should.

One of the things I miss from my diminishing developer hours is the excitement of having a chance to do some new and interesting. The best of I was also a part of selling the solution to begin with.

Lately I have been mostly only involved in the sales side. There has been a couple of those really exciting projects I would have loved to also be part of implementing them.

Endless stream of stuff

It's been one and a half month since we got the keys to our new apartment. I've been visiting there quite often during this time. Not every day, but multiple times on other days. Almost every trip I have made I have had some amount of less frequently needed items with me to get the moving going a bit faster. No point in driving with an empty car there.

Coffee or tea

I used to annoy my friends when I was visiting them and they were asking "would you like to have some coffee or tea" by answering simply "yes". While technically adequate (after all, you can also answer no to that question and it would be perfectly fine) the answer doesn't really give what the questioner was after. Even if I honestly just was looking for some hot beverages and didn't care which one it was.


Sleepy times

While I haven't been hit by any serious symptoms form COVID I do have been pretty tired lately. Probably due to the infection which my body is using all the energy to fight against. So rest is the best cure and I should definitely do that (which I mostly have).

Time travelling vikings

Beforeigners is a Norwegian HBO original series with some interesting premise. It's a mix of nordic noir with it's gritty detective pair and my favourite flavour of scifi: time travel.

The premise is that there are random people from the past popping up on modern day world. This creates interesting take on immigration and problems related to it. The show also manages to throw in some historical facts, but isn't too strict on overall historical accuracy. However it does offer perhaps a more realistic view on the vikings in certain level.

The benefit of writing

Why do I still keep writing daily? After five years you would imagine I've already written enough and be out of ideas. Of I was writing just to improve my writing that should also be plenty. That is unless I would like to become a professional writer. I've learned a lot over these years and that has definitely been one of the biggest benefit. But the biggest one has been learning to think in words.


Back in the school bookkeeping was one of my favourite subjects. It was one of those voluntary courses available for those interested. I don't know whether my interest was purely based on the fact that it was the fee courses we had a chance to work back then rare computers or just the pure joy of applied math.

Halfway there

It has been two weeks since the James Webb Space Telescope was launched. In these two weeks it has already travelled over a million kilometers away, roughly three quarters of it's total journey into it's destination in orbit around the L2 point. It's still travelling at supersonic speed (although no one can hear it), slowly decelerating on it's uphill path. It will take another teo weeks until it finally reaches there.

So long, shoes

One of the benefits of having plenty of time to move to the new home is going through all the stuff and weed out the unnecessary. Especially in our current situation where in the new apartment there will be slightly less storage space.

Today we went through some outdoor attire. Seems we are quite terrible at throwing away any worn out or broken stuff, so there were plenty of it. Especially the shoes.

The ABC of COVID-19

There are currently 5 notable variants of the coronavirus causing the pandemic. The virus itself is identified as SARS-CoV-2 and is similar to the SARS-CoV-1 that had an outbreak during 2002-2004 causing SARS (the disease). SARS meaning severe acute respiratory syndrome and CoV meaning simply corona virus. The number just denoting the identification as major strain.

Unexpected delays

I might have COVID, but I don't feel too sick. Of course even if I don't have any severe symptoms I don't want to risk others. So I need to stay in quarantine.

While I'm still capable of doing the renovations (actually spend a day at the new apartment today), there isn't that much left for me to do without getting some more materials. And of course I can't go and get them now.

There is also all that work that was supposed to be done by professionals. But I need to postpone those too as I can't be there to go through the plans.

Stay positive

After two years I was really looking forward to this year making the turn back toward more normal life. The pandemic has been going on long enough and we have managed to survive free of infection... until now.

Wife just got a positive test result. I obviously need to go get tested as well, but it's quite certain I have it too by now. I had the flu a while back, might have been the COVID after all. If so, the good thing is the symptoms have been really mild no doubt thanks to the vaccines.