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Didn't I write about that already?

Whenever I get an idea of a topic I could write about I write it down. Even though I write daily I have managed to accumulate rather long list of potential topics. There seems to almost always be something to write about.

On the rare days I can't come up with anything I then resort to this list. Sometimes it's hard to remember what I was thinking about writing some of those few words I have scribed there. Other times I find topics that feel oddly familiar... I feel like I have written about this already.

One bite at the time

If it would be just the kitchen the amount of decisions making our new home would still be huge. But unfortunately that is just a fraction of the whole extent of the choices that we need to make.

Sure not every choice is necessary, we could just leave things as they are (as many things will be) or make them like they have been in our current home.

Small annoyance

It's been almost three months since we updated our car. I wrote about all the small differences earlier and so far I've already used to all of them. Except one! I still have yo make a conscious effort to use the media buttons on the wheel. The fact that the next/previous switch functions opposite from the previous model is driving me crazy.

Daily accomplishments

Since I stopped obsessing about my streaks I now view the tracking of those task quote differently. Earlier it was a task list that I had to complete daily, causing anxiety to complete them all so that I wouldn't break any streak.

I still have all the same tasks in the list. I still try to complete as many of them as possible. But instead of checking them out as I go and checking what's still left now I go through the list at the end of the day.

Endless stream of choices

Designing a kitchen is easy: refrigerator there, oven there, sink and some cabinets. Just need to make sure everything is there and have their own places. There is the kitchen triangle between the sink, fridge and the stove and so on. Sure there are many options but there is finite amount of things that need to be placed and lot of constraint that limit the choices. But that's just the start.

Arctic bear

The brown bear is probably the most bear of all bears. At least if you judge by the name. Ursus arctos, it's binomial (or Latin) name is literally bear bear from Latin ursus meaning bear and arctos being bear in Greek.


I would assume that many companies that does any kind of software development has had some internal tooling developed along to help streamline various aspects of the job. Our biggest such project is definitely our internal development platform.

At some point such tools can grow big enough to warrant their own teams. They need to provide internal support for all the employees using the tools. It also need to be maintained and probably even developed further. When the company grows these requirements for the internal team also grow.

Playing live

Our DnD playgroup got together today after quite a long time. It was nice seeing these people I play with almost weekly in person after so long time. It's just not the same over a video call.

Since our last live game we have also gained one new member to our party. While she has been playing with us already quite a while this was first time any of us has met her in the real world.

Planning intensifies

Now that we have secured our new home it's time to kick off the next round of planning for the renovations. I've been planning these things already for a while. I have a lot of plans ready, but they are all based on my estimations and rely on my memory of the place.

Next step is to start asking for quotations for the various tasks that need to be handed out to the professionals. It's also a good idea to go through my plans with the people who know more about these things to make sure my plans are valid.

We got the deal

Our purchase offer for the apartment was accepted yesterday. We have a new home!

Of course there are still a lot of practicalities and conditions to meet before we are actually going to sign the deal. We still need to officially secure the mortgage and the house needs to be inspected so there aren't any hidden issues for example within the structures. In case something alarming is found in the inspection we still have the option to withdraw the deal.


We might be in a lucky position that we will get access to our new home before we need to move out from our current one. Even if we get this one sold right away we could still agree with the buyer to have the handover a bit later. Of course it could also be so that we haven't even sold this place yet at the time.

Past future

Reading near future sci-fi is sometimes scary. Even if the ideas might be wild they are still plausible enough on a short term that they might as well turn out to be true predictions.

But things really get interesting when reading a story set to current time written a while ago. When they start telling about the things exactly how they are right now you get hesitant reading any further. Or at least double check the publication year. If they got all the things right so far how bad it will turn towards the end of the book and whether that could become a reality too.

Things are moving fast

We are about to enter the second round of offers with the current owner of our new home. They countered our initial offer, but that was a bit too far from what we had in our mind so need to counter their counter offer. Had to also secure a bit bigger loan promise from the bank to make sure we can actually offer enough as our initial offer was already close to the max of what we asked for and got the promise earlier.

A regular morning

It's been a while since I've last time sat on a train in the morning heading to the office. Like I wrote yesterday I need to be present there today and as my wife started a new job where she needs the car I'm back at train commute.

While I was fine driving to the office, especially now that there weren't that much traffic, I think I still prefer sitting on the train. I can already start working (or writing) and save some time off of the day that way. The traffic through the city, even with these quieter times, is still something that demands a lot of attention.

Conflict resolution

I'm going to visit our office again tomorrow. It's nice to see colleagues again and it's also nice that I manage to get myself more often there again.

Howevever I'm not looking forward to all of tomorrow. The reason I'm going there is s situation that escalated in one of our project teams. One that is sort of under my jurisdiction. So I'm going there to settle the conflict between the participants. I believe this kind of situations are better handled when all parties are physically present.

Min vs. Max

I have been doing a lot of calculations related to all this apartment buying and selling. Financially we are looking for reduced total cost of living so it makes sense to maximize the mortgage time to get the lowest possible monthly payment. Of course a long payment period will most likely bring us into an era where the current super low interest rates are history. So in this sense it would make more sense to try and pay the mortgage off as soon as possible.

Don't be like me

Part of the yesterdays programme on out company day was a thank you session for our current 7 acting guild leads. Our first two-year term is coming to an end at the end of this year and some of us, including me, have decided to step down from that position. So after the acknowledgements the new guild leads were also announced.

Each acting lead received some nice words collected from our respective guild members and there were also few words given by our head of talent. Then he host asked us a question or two.

They said it can't be done

We had our annual company con today, the WunderCon. Last year we had to skip it due to lockdown. This year looked more optimistic just a few months ago, maybe we could have a live event at last. But then the things changed to worse again and we were back to the square one: keep postponing the event until we can get physically together once again or held a virtual gathering.

House for sale!

Well, not the whole house, just the apartment we live in...

We did it! We put our home up for sale. It feels like a really big step. Even though this is already the second time we are putting our home for sale it's something different. Last time we did it out of necessity as we had to move after my job to another city. This time we are making the decision without such incentives.

All-purpose tools

It would be nice to have a tool that can take care of everything for a certain context. But more you think about it there is always more connected things that still need to be taken care outside even the most multi-purpose tool.

At some point there just becomes the limit what a single tool can do. After that it's all about how well it integrates and works together with everything else. The more one tool can handle things the more generic it also becomes: good enough to handle all those things but not great in any.