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Black bars and backlights

The main reason why I wanted a Philips TV specially was that they have the built-in Ambilight feature on most of their TVs. The Ambilight is a feature that adds an array of colourful led lights to the back of the screen. The leds light up the wall behind the screen making the viewing experience more immerse. The lights aren't stationary, but adjust to the colours displayed on the screen making it look like the picture extends beyond the TV.

Sick leave binge

It started with an occasional coughing yesterday. Night went okish and I didn't feel too bad in the morning either. Still I knew I shouldn't go to the office feeling the sickness raising. I had planned to have full day of face to face meetings at the office, so I didn't really have much of anything to do of I couldn't go there anyway.

It didn't take long until my condition got much worse. Good thing I didn't leave the house. The worst part is the cough fits that keep folding me in half and have also make my muscles sore.

Miniled vs. OLED

My first impression was that the thing is BIG, really big. My original plan was to get a 65" one, but somehow the size just jumped up to 75". I did plan to get OLED at that time too, so the price range was still the same. In the end it was wither 65" OLED or 75" Miniled. The 65" miniled option wouldn't have been noticeably cheaper. And bigger is always better?

The biggest TV in Finland

Our new TV arrived today. While it might not be the biggest TV in Finland (I found up to 97 inch screen from the local webshops) it reminded me of a song from the late nineties. It was a song about the biggest TV in finland, one that needs to be transported by truck and doesn't fit through the door.

Back then the biggest TV screens were barely over 30 inches diagonal. The only two measures they beat the modern TV's were thickness and weight. Even those 30 something inch screens weighted more than our new 75" flat screen.

Adding colours to the calendar

In many calendar software there is an option to have different events highlighted by different colours. I know for example that many of my colleagues use different colours to distinguish meetings related to different clients or projects with different colours.

I have survived this far by just having all the events in single colour. I've only used different colours to separate whole different calendars from each other as I usually have several open in the same view.

Odd dates

Our calendar system has been widely accepted as a standard despite it's quirks. It is rather systematic and the few anomalies like the leap year too are following a set of rules. As it is, the hard part in the datetime math is usually the time part. And even with that most of the complexity comes from the timezones.

But there are dates that are used in somw contexts which do not follow the usual convention. For example January 0th can be used instead of December 31st in some cases.

Dilemma of toppings

Today, while making sandwiches I found out there wasn't enough toppings for all of them. There was just enough cheese and sausage for one slice of bread!

I was hungry enough I knew I needed two slices. Of course I could have made one with cheese and the other with sausage like I often do on this kind of situations. But there is the certain hope of finishing with the best combination of fillings.

Counting toes

My brother recently got his first child. In Finland it's customary to celebrate a new baby in "varpajaiset" which loosely translates to "counting toes event". It's a bit like baby shower, but with the male relatives and friends and a lot more drinks.

The etymology is actually misleading. Originally it has nothing to do with toes or feet, just a bit lost in translation. Originally it's a loan word which meaning had already lost in the original language and turned to relating to feet which in turn turned to toes in Finnish.

TV shopping

Our trusty old TV has started to show it's age. Sometimes it keeps a worrying buzzing noise, it has started to fall apart externally as well and there are a few scratches on the screen as well. It's also a bit small by today's standards and the picture quality isn't up to date either. No wonder as it's already 10 years old. A quality product never the less, but even then they aren't build to last forever.

Familiar faces

I haven't been that often to the office since the beginning of the pandemic and even when I have it's often been by car. Those few times I have taken the train have also been maybe not the most common times.


Recently I've found myself falling for the feeling of nostalgia. The latest example being the LEGO/Back to the Future case. I'm finally coming to an age that those childhood memories are distant enough to feel the yearning back to those days.

What to build next?

Now that I got to taste yhe joy of building LEGO sets again I don't want to leave thst to just this one. I just haven't decided yet what do I want next.

What drew me to the DeLorean set was the nostalgia. Of course the whole LEGO thing is pure nostalgia for me, but doubled it's even better.

Tolkien discourse

One thing I like about the Rings of Power is the discussion it has incited. There is a lot of debate going on whether the series is true to the source materials or are they taking too much liberties twisting the story to appeal to the wider audience.

There is a lot of details brought forth from the various writings by Tolkien to prove this or that. But the fact those stories are getting discussed is more important than the outcome of the debate. It also shows how vast of a background the word of Middle-Earth really is.

Double tickets

I shouldn't have been so worried about the Rammstein tickets. Sure enough they sold out in minutes once again, but in the end we got the tickets. In the end I actually got tickets for the both days as my youngest one afterwards told me they had also acquired tickets for me and them. Luckily for a different day.

Sure there is an active aftermarket for the tickets and they would no doubt sell fast if needed. But I don't mind going twice.

Another year passes by

As of yesterday I have now completed 44 full trips around the sun. That's a bit over 41 billion kilometers travelled. Yet I'm once again right where I started.

Well, not exactly. Taking into account also the speed our whole galaxy travels through the space I have come nearly 320 billion kilometers away from my birth place. That's quite the distance.

Ticket stress

Rammstein is coming back to Finland! They will continue their stadium tour including two gigs in Helsinki olympic stadium. The stadium is probably the biggest event stage in Finland with capacity up to 50000 people.

If their past concerts are of any reference the 100000 tickets will be sold out in minutes. Last time they were here in Ratina stadium they sold out the allotted 60000 tickets in 2 minutes. So while there might be a minute or two more time it will still be a challenge getting the tickets.

Return to the Moon

Artemis I was supposed to be launched recently. Unfortunately there was some hydrogen leaks detected and the launch was postponed. The next launch window will 19th of this month if everything goes well and the issues are being fixed by then.

The Artemis program is really exciting endeavour. While the first missions will focus on getting back to moon, the long term goal of the project is establishing a moon base and taking humans to Mars.

Cost of cutting edge tech

People want to live on the edge. Developers want to work with the latest cool technology, customers want to buy the new hotness. What's often forgotten is that most of those new cool technologies will be forgotten and discontinued in a few years. It's tricky to predict which ones will be around still after years.

Brick to the future

(Alternative title: Brick & Marty)

It's been awhile since I've got any new LEGO. We got some minifigs some years ago for our DnD campaign, but actual LEGO sets? Must be nearly a decade ago when my wife got me the then new Mindstorm EV3 robotics kit. It was a childhood dream come true as the original Mindstorm set was something I always wanted, but never got.