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Peering into abyss

The release of the first images of James Webb Space telescope is still a couple of weeks ahead, but the telescope has already been busy taking those pictures. Nasa has been promising some 120 pictures to be released on 12th of July in the first patch.

Not much is known yet about the targets. The only promise they have made is that there will be some images peering into furthest a man made object has ever seen, close to the birth of the universe. There might also be some images of an exoplanet. Really exciting stuff indeed.

Vacation project

While there is no shortage of tasks around the house the main project I'm focusing during my vacation will be the catio. In our previous home we had a balcony where I setup the net to keep our cats from jumping off of it. 5hey really enjoyed having a little bit of room outside as well and it was also easier for us to spend time outside when we could let the cats out as well.

There is no balcony in our new home, but there is a big terrace in the backyard. Plenty of room to dedicate some of it for the cats too.

Home again

Today it was getting a bit colder and windy at our cottage. Thunder storms were also possible. So it was a good time to leave back home. Although I do love thunder having a colder weather made it feel like I'm not abandoning that good of a weather. On the other hand it was better getting home if the heat wave continues as we do have AC at home (but no lake to dip into).

Gifts of the wind

One of my favourite things to do as we arrived to our cottage when I was kid was the treasure hunt. I would sprint to the beach as fast I could straight from the car. Walking our beach end to end (and a bit of neighbouring too) looking for all the things the wind had brought there.

Most of the stuff found was quite mundane: feathers, planks and other "interesting" pieces of wood, pieces of string and so forth. Rocks too, of course not brought by the wind, but exposed from under the beach sand.

Stay true to yourself

My youngest child is turning 19 today. I can't believe it has already been so long since I first time held them in my arms.

I'm really proud of them. They are the most real person I know. There was a time they went through the phase trying to fit in and wear whatever was the current trend. It was not for them, they were not comfortable trying to be something they were not.

Too hot

It's only been a few days of hot, sunny weather and here I am, already complaining about the heat. Very Finnish problem. It's not even that hot yet, during the night it still gets comfortably cool unlike towards the end of the summer when during this kind od heat wave the temperature stays excruciating even through the night.

I'm not really complaining. We have to take what we get. It's just a matter of adjusting to the situation. By the lake there is also always the option to dip into the lake to cool yourself for a moment.

Summer at it's best

Sun is shining, no clouds in the sky, gentle summer breeze. What better time to enjoy midsummer. It's not given the weather here is this nice. Sometimes it has been even below zero!

The best place to enjoy such weather is at the cottage, by the lake with good company and delicious BBQ. In the evening drinking beer at the beach until sun sets... or rises. Up here it barely dips below the horizon at this time of the year.

Improved insurance

It's nice to leave on a long roadtrip as I just received s message from our insurance company telling they have improved our car insurance coverage. The changes are especially geared toward electric cars. Changes I already queried last year when we got the new car as while comparing insurances I noticed some other companies already had those points covered.

The improvements now cover properly the car battery, chargers and most importantly towing costs in case the battery happens to run out on the road.

Preparing for time off

Tomorrow will be my last day at work (half day actually as I'm taking some extra hours off) before vacation. This year I took almost the full vacation at one go during the summer. Left only one week for the later time.

Starting this early I still get to enjoy a week of July at work. It's usually the most quiet time there as everybody wants to have their vacations then. For me it's like another week of vacation when I'm able to do some low level stuff there that I don't usually have time due all the more important stuff.

The man who swings the sword

Today I had to inform the effect of my decision to the person it concerned. We wouldn't continue their contract beyond the trial period.

This was the first time in my career in the management I had to do something like this. I really wasn't looking forward to this ungrateful responsibility. I even got two offers from helpful and more experienced colleagues to take care of it for me.

Tough decisions

Last Friday I had one of the best days in my professional career. That was mostly because I was able to tell a prominent junior their trial period is over and they would be promoted to full time employee. I was ending it early not solely because they were doing great job and also showed good progress. They had the right attitude and I saw them bringing a lot to the company not just technically, but building a better workplace. The relief I saw on their face when I told the news just made my day.

I don't have time for it

It always feels like things are let undone because I don't have time for them. If I just had more time I could do everything. But that's not true. I do have time and I can arrange more of it if needed. The real hold back is energy.

It's not enough to have time to do something. It doesn't help if you don't also have the energy needed to put into it. Sure, time can allow you to gain more of that needed energy, but it's not given either.

Early in the morning

It was almost 10 am when I woke up this morning. I would probably have stayed in bed a while longer if my wife wouldn't have come to ask whether I was about to get up any time soon. It was about time as my in-laws were supposed to come visit at eleven.

I can't remember the last time I would have slept this long. I didn't stay up that late last might. And even when I do I still get up much earlier.

Summer beard

For the past two years I have been growing my first full beard on and off. Until the end of last year I didn't really keep it that long, basically cutting it off any time it got long enough it needed some grooming.

Now I have been practicing keeping it tidy for over half a year. I made the commitment and got the necessary bear products to make that possible and am slowly learning to keep it neat.

To all my readers

I know I've had some loyal readers. I know some of them have given up along the way. I also have some of them coming back. And there is always some new ones.

I mean, reading a blog every day can be quite a chore on it's own. Even if it's just 200 or so words. I don't blame them to stop following me. I mean I'm not that good writer that it would be worth it to read everything is write just for the sake of it. Even the topics are mostly not that interesting.

Timing on the market

About a year ago I started looking for replacing our car with fully electric one. Gas was still reasonably priced back then, but had been raising steadily. But the electricity was dirt cheap as well (comparing to todays prices). The decision wasn't made on saving money, it was mostly ecological one.


Few months later we also started looking for a new apartment. That decision was mostly economical. While the electricity was cheap, it was still quite expensive to use it alone for hearing. The maintenance costs on our old apartment were also relatively high.

Bermuda's triangle sandwich

Why does a sandwich cut diagonally into triangles taste better than uncut? There jas even been studies verifying this is actually true that people prefer the taste and experience eating triangle sandwich over any other cut.

One theory is that there is more exposed fillings when cut diagonally. Others state that it ensures the fillings stay between the bread better this way. The most common explanation states that it's just easier to eat the sandwich in that shape and the eating experience also affects the perceived deliciousness of the food we eat.

The seventh me

Seven years of misfortune is a common superstition that dates back to over 2000 years in the ancient Rome and Greek. After they learned to manufacture mirrors it came a common place to believe breaking one would cause seven years of misfortune.

The misfortune itself comes from the belief that mirrors were gateways through which gods could observe the mortal world. So it was considered highly disrespectful to break one of gods windows to the world.

How many years of misfortune would breaking a space mirror bring?

The JWST which is nearing it's operational status just gor hit by a small meteorite. That's the risk when sending something to space. Even though the space is really, really big there is also a lot of stuff flying around.

Luckily the damage caused by the collision were not severe and should not prevent the telescope from operating fully within it nominal values. The team that designed the telescope had taken this kind of events into consideration when designing it making sure there is enough toleration for minor damages.

Sidetracking from side quest

While the main story of Diablo: Immortal is easily played through in a couple od evenings that doesn't mean there would be shortage of things to do. Even the story kinda continues as it's just a setup for the multiplayer part of the game.

First there is the exploration part. While this is nowhere near the biggest gameworld I have seen there is still plenty to explore before you get 100% mark on all the zones.