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Easy to recycle

Recycling is responsible thing to do. There is just so many different things sometimes it's hard to get all the pieces in the correct bin, or be bothered with every single piece.

Some vendors have started to make these environmental friendly packaging which are easy to recycle. That is at least what their marketing says. Maybe there is some truth in their message.

All I have is work

I'm one of the lucky ones who can work almost like normal during this time. Some might say I wasn't lucky as I can't just stay home doing nothing. But that would just drive me crazy. Not having anything to do just wouldn't work for me. And it's not just about the money.

It's just that when there is not much else to do, no clear separation from work time and free time I tend to work long hours. Filling the days with something to do keeps the thoughts away from the current situation.

Inverse frequency illusion

Frequency illusion or Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is a cognitive bias where after learning something new for the first time you suddenly notice the same thing all the time. But there must be an opposite to this too.

I'm pretty sure there used to be things I came across frequently in the past. But then at some point they have disappeared. I don't notice those things anymore. I'm not sure if they actually even were a thing or did I just imagine it all. Maybe I just remember incorrectly.

Living by the statistics

While the epidemic is ravaging around the world we, the lucky ones not yet touched by it must live through the statistics of it. Until it touches someone close enough to you it's just all numbers.

There are all those first cases and deaths: in the world, in your continent, country, city. It's getting closer, numbers are getting bigger. All that matters are those smallest numbers. The ones closest to you.

One of these days again

For some reason I haven't felt like writing today. Quite the opposite. Haven't had these for a while now. Especially after I started writing in the morning again.

Maybe I'm just too tired. We did stay up quite late last night. But I did sleep well. The whole night actually. First time in a while I didn't wake up in the middle of the night. And didn't wake up early in the morning either. Slept until nine, which might not sound that late, but it surely is for me.

Green pandemic

Current lockdowns and recession has reduced carbon emission drastically around the world. In some areas the emissions have dropped by up to 25 percent due the heavy industry and transportation basically shutting down. 

If you want to find something positive from this pandemic this could be it. Unfortunately it's just temporary. As soon as it's safe to get back to normal operations emissions will be back up as well.

Historical and a bit less historical

Some books are written for their time and don't work the same when reading them after decades since that time has passed. Sure, they still give a glimpse on what kind of times those were.

Cryptonomicon was making strong distinction between the World war II era history and exciting new near future digital development at the break of the millennium. At the time the book was visionary, predicting the growth and importance of the internet and coming of the cryptocurrencies to name a few. Characters were also using a lot of latest high tech gadgets.

Old or new?

Picking a book to read is one of those things I can spend way more time than necessary. It's not that I wouldn't have anything to read, quite the opposite. I think I currently have hundreds of books on my reading list. It's so much that often I find myself looking for something to read outside of it anyway.

When code breaks

I just finished reading Neal Stephensons book Cryptonomicon. It waited a long time on my reading list and I had high expectations for it. 

There is a lot going on in the book right from the start. It's a bit hard to get grasp of all the different timelines and characters, but after a while it all becomes familiar enough to follow through. It even gives high hopes for where this story is heading.

Most urgent things first

First day of a new week. Lots of things waiting to be done. Once again I started the day not with writing, but getting a couple of more urgent things done first so I can fully focus on this.

It's definitely harder to start writing if it's not the first thing. After I got the urgent matters dealt with I was already looking what to do next so that I wouldn't have to start writing. I really had to drag me writing instead so it wouldn't end up being the last thing I need to do for the day.


It's that time of the year again. Clocks have been turned forward one hour. Same thing has been going on for almost 40 years here. Hopefully this was one of the last times as it has already been decided that this practice should end next year. Now, it's just a matter of deciding whether we should stay in summertime or winter(normal)time.

Not enough news

A while back I took a critical look on my daily news and article subscriptions. As a result I was able to cut  the seemingly endless list of topics down by more than 80%. Just scrolling through those took earlier a formidable amount of time, but now I had time yo actually read the interesting ones.

Now I have plenty of time at my hands. I could go through more new information. But there isn't that much of it anymore. Even the sources I left in my stream are either producing less content or writing about the COVID-19. I don't want to read any more about it.

Too much working

I usually work longer days when remoting and balance those hours on office days. But that has become quite hard now that there are no office days. I have already accumulated several hours of overtime during the past two weeks. This week has also been exceptionally busy due a big project release preparations.

Too busy to write

Some mornings I feel like I'm too busy to write first. There are so many things I need to get done that it feels like a waste of time. It almost feels like I'm forcing myself to procrastinate instead of starting to do those more important things.

But writing is important as well. If it isn't done it will linger on the back of my head for the whole day and I can't give my full focus on anything else. So it's better to stay disciplined. There is rarely anything so urgent and important that it couldn't wait for fifteen minutes.

Old topics

I was going through my notes and found some old topic ideas from the time I was just about to start writing here.  It was a page full of items with majority of them stricken-through already. Rest were mostly something I have been written later on. After all those there were only a a couple of topics left. Topics that I don't remember writing before.

It will never be easy

Some things will remain hard no matter how much you practice. Usually it just doesn't feel hard anymore when you have enough experience. Being good at something doesn't mean that it's easy and everybody could do it like you do. They don't have your experience in doing so.

Back to old habits

Once you have established a habit it will be with you forever. You might be able to learn "out" of it, but it will still be there. Perhaps it's replaced with a stronger habit, or it can be so that the cue isn't there anymore.

This is the shadow of those bad habits you have gotten rid of: it's so easy to slip back to them. If something happens to the replacement habit it's like nothing happened at all.

The Pandemic is over

No, not the real one unfortunately, sorry. Just the boardgame we have been playing.

Note: might contain spoilers for Pandemic Legacy seasons 1 and 2.

This week we finally finished our campaign for the season 2 with a victory. Our final game went surprisingly easy even though it appeared almost impossible at first sight. We did end up being quite lucky as well as we were just one incident away from losing.