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Close call

Last week yet another of our cats got sick. Initial examinations showed expansion in his heart. Fatal condition that might be treatable for a while giving some extra time for him. With medication he's not that fond of taking.

However the vet we went didn't have the ultrasound equipment required to make more closer examinations so we had to book another appointment to a better equipped vet. And yesterday we went there, expecting the worst.

Useless information

I love reading and learning about obscure things. There are so many fascinating things I want to know more of. And so little time. 

In a way, studying those things is a complete waste of time. Where would I ever use such knowledge anyway? I would be much better off learning about some useful topics.

I do that as well already. Sure, could focus on only those useful things. But what's fun about that. There is enough room for both.

An attempt was made

While I wasn't busy doing nothing today I decided to go through some of my stuff. There is quite a lot of it and I'm pretty sure I would do just fine without majority of it.

I like getting rid of those extra things. But at the same  I'm a collector at heart. It's not that easy to get rid of, well, basically anything.

Anyway, despite knowing this I did go through couple of cabins. Weeding out everything that had become obsolete. Trying to get rid of as much junk as possible. It wasn't a great success at the end. I found possible uses for almost everything.

Self time

Today I have had the rare opportunity to spend some time just by myself. Well,  not that rare after all, but usually during those shorter periods of time I have something else to do already. 

It's nice to have some peace for a moment to be alone. I do care about my family, but I do need my own time as well.  Especially being an introvert that's almost vital.

I'm pretty sure I wrote about it already

I was about to post a reply to a post today including a link to my own post had written earlier. Or so I thought.

When I tried to find that post couldn't. There is a chance it's still there somewhere among all the rest. I didn't go through all of them as there are so many. It might also be so that I used some clever title that wasn't apparent to catch the topic quickly skimming through the list of titles have written.

I should probably invest some time implementing better search for my blog and/or go back and add some tags to all those older posts.

Charting new technologies

As an architect and technology strategist, it's my job to choose the technologies we use in projects. It's not always easy, especially when you meant to move forward and explore new technologies while still keep the delivered services robust. At the same time we should be innovating and choose stable, boring technologies.

 It's a challenge to balance those two. But in the end moving forward is the only option. New technologies need to be evaluated and tested. Not everything will end up in our toolbox and most importantly not everything should be changed at once. 

Relaxing at work

These past two weeks after the vacation have been quite relaxing. There isn't much of anything important going on at work as most of the people are on vacation and projects on hold.

It's not like haven't got anything to do. Quite contrary. The doing has just been something different. Things that have been long overdue, but haven't got done due not being "business-critical" or otherwise urgent.

Reading my own posts

I should read more of what I write. Despite knowing it is easier for me to write after all these years I don't have an idea whether I have actually become a better writer. It's not enough just be able to write when needed. The quality should also matter.

Upcoming talking gigs

I have known it for a while now, but finally can say it publicly: I'm going to Amsterdam in October to talk about green tech thinking in Drupalcon! I also just heard the same session is accepted for Drupalcamp Helsinki held earlier this autumn.

It's been a while my last talk gig and now I have two of those upcoming still this year. I might even submit another topic for the X-con coming up at some point later during the year. And then there is still the possibility to get to talk more about the green tech on WWF meetups.

Why do I keep doing this?

I very well knew I wouldn't have much time to write in the evening. And I had plenty of time in the morning, even during day before I left. Still, I didn't write. I just spent all the time doing other useless stuff.

Now this is just another hastily written post rambling about how bad I am managing my time and doings. Yes, I do get the things done. But I could do them so much better if I took a proper time for them instead of doing them in a hurry at the last possible moment.


It's over. Everything is done. Well almost. I still need to return some stuff we borrowed. But anyway, this project has come to an end. And I don't have anything else to work on for now. I don't even have the next project in sight.

Maybe it's a good time to sit back and relax. Take a while and consider all the possibilities through. I mean, even if I don't have anything for now I do have plenty of opportunities to choose from. And even more ideas that I could start working on. Not to mention all those unfinished projects.

The last voyage of ESS Odysseus

It's over now. The last run just ended couple of hours ago. After three successful voyages our beloved starship ESS Odysseus is set to be commissioned starting tomorrow.

It's a sad moment. Everything we have been aiming for during the past two and a half year is now coming to an end. It was an amazing journey. We accomplished something great, something that will be discussed during the years to come.

Tired ramblings

I'm too tired to think about anything sensible to write once again. It's been a long day even if there hasn't actually been that much anything extra. I just don't know why it feels like that.

So that's pretty much it. I'm all out of ideas what to say next. So brace yourself, I have no idea what's coming up next.

Seriously, I don't. It's all completely blank. I'm just trying to reach the goal here. Adding words after words. And autocorrect seems to be confused as well as it looks like it's suggestions don't make any sense anymore.

Calm before the storm

In less than an hour, the third run of our game is about to start. I guess it's a good sign that I don't have much to do before that. All preparations have been done and everything is ready.

After only these few times everything is already running smoothly. Everybody knows their routines and there isn't a lot of hassle going on during the preparations. We have also been able to do some improvements to our systems and processes so its a lot easier now to get everything ready. It will also be more effortless during the game.

Back on schedule

It's been only two weeks, but it seems I have already forgotten my normal schedule. At least partially.

Even after not having to wake up to the clock I haven't slept too long on most of the mornings, as usual. But I haven't woken up too early either. No 6 am jumps out of bed. Despite, today I was up five minutes before the alarm.

End of vacation, part 1

It's the final day of my vacation. At least for now. I only had two weeks at this point and still have another two coming up in a month.

Despite these two weeks being quite busy, I still feel refreshed. As I already wrote earlier when I had a couple of days without anything to do I was getting bored. If I would have had those other two weeks now in a row I'm sure I would have bored to death now that I wouldn't have that much to do anymore.

The follow up two weeks in August will be spend mostly travelling to Dublin for world on, so no danger of getting bored then either.

Two down, one to go

Second run, the first international one of our game just finished few hours ago. In one week this all will be over. Over a halfway through already.

Even though we have made some adjustments and improvements to the game the biggest difference still comes from the players. After all they make all the decisions and those choices can lead to widely different outcomes. Even though this particular game is quite heavily railroaded. But there is an illusion of choice still given to the players.

In major news

Our little game has been featured in almost all major national news media. It's nice to have such recognition for our efforts. Previously not many games have been there. Mostly they have been small mentions in some local newspapers at best.

We have also gotten some other attention of the general public. On our open doors day between the first and second run we got almost 500 visitors who wanted to see what have we done.

Missed milestone

I have been so busy lately. The game has been mostly what I have had time to think about, save the few occasional other things somewhere there in the middle.

And in general, it's also a thing that I don't pay too much attention anymore these days. I live day by day with this writing habit without a close track of how far have I gotten.