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So tired

It has been a long day, or weekend more so. Actually, the whole week has been long.  But not it's finally over. 

While being a long week it still went really fast. And it was a great week. But there was so much happening during that time that now I feel there is nothing left of me. I have given my everything. And then some more.

It was all worth it. There would have been good things to make two or even three weeks great if they would have happened during such a timespan.

A busy day

It has been one hectic day. I haven't got many moments to even stop and sit down. It has being flying from one place to another. Something to do all the time. And when there have been those rare moments when I didn't have anything urgent there has been something else going on around me that I haven't wanted to miss.

What is a traininglarp? Part 2

So, after the three months of focused training and character building it is time for the actual game itself. We kick of the game with the challenge the players set for themselves at the beginning of the season. This year there are various goals like running 10k (one player even set her goal to a half marathon), swimming 2km or passing a military obstacle course.

What is a traininglarp? Part 1

I have probably mentioned it more than a few times before. And there has been a lot of questions about it. So it might be better to explain a bit about what I have been involved myself in.

Traininglarp is a live action roleplaying game concept that combines roleplaying and training. The game is decided in two separate phases. But before that the players will both have their character for the game and their personal goal for the training season.

Last minute panic

It has been half a year, even more that we have been planning and preparing for the upcoming weekend. But still, three days before it feels like there is so much still undone.

The panic hits in. Despair creeps closer. It feels like I want to call it off, cancel everything. How can it be so that everything has been left into the last moment? We had plenty of time.

Fast mornings

Lately, I have been much more efficient in my morning routines. Basically, I still do all the same things before leaving to work. But for example today I was already ready to go almost half an hour earlier than I used to be. Enough to catch the previous train.

Artificial hammers and data nails

Machine learning appears to be today's Maslow's hammer. As I have been following closely this field I have noticed that there seem to be new areas where machine learning is suggested to be applied every day. 

Sure it has the potential to transform many industries or at least make them more efficient. But still, it's not the Deus ex machina that magically solves all the problems. Those nails are still needed. Without them, there is nothing to learn from.

I just dont get sports

There appears to be some sort of hockey games going on at the moment. Apparently, it's a big thing. Everybody is watching them. Except me.

I can understand why others might be attracted to such things. I do have my own things which might not excite others at the same level. I guess everyone has those. 

But the sports seem to be something everyone loves. At least some, be it hockey, football or something else. Everybody has their favourite. And then there are those who follow whatever there is available, everything goes.

200 words under the influence

As requested, @Lucjah here we go. Or not. Unfortunately, these painkillers aren't the kind that enables any kind of altered thoughts @Rawhead. Or at least not the interesting kind.

Mostly they make me weary and dull-minded. Might not have been a good idea taking them this morning as I'm returning back to work and have a full day of meetings ahead. The pain is also much bearable now so I might have survived without them. 


Now that I have had plenty of time at my hands I have noticed I don't have many time wasters. Sure, I do have some of those, but nothing that would be enough to fill these past few days. So they have ended up being quite boring. So boring that I actually did things that can't be actually considered resting. But as my back has gotten better I felt like I could start doing something productive already.

Sick leave

So, due to my sudden back pain I'm going to be on a sick leave for couple of days. Rest, the doctor said is the best medicine for it. And the drugs. Got some muscle relaxants that do ease the pain but also make me a bit weary. So need to write this now that the previous doses effect has worn off and the next one hasn't kicked in yet. The options are writing through the pain or under the influence of those drugs. And I prefer writing sober.

Another challenge writing

There have been different obstacles on my way go this point on my streak. But during those years I haven't encountered this one before. How many there might still be ahead of me?

Today, a sudden pain started radiating on my back. Since then it has been hard to find a posture where it doesn't hurt too much. So it has been even harder to be able to write.

It was supposed to get easier

Even after years of writing daily, there are days when I struggle with the writing. You would imagine after so much experience it would be easy to just write anything anytime.

While it is true that in some areas it has become a lot easier to write. For example I feel a more competent writer technically. It is also easier to just write. I can get into the flow and write. I don't suffer from the empty page syndrome anymore.

Silent moments

It's hard to stop and appreciate those rare moments when there is nothing going on around you. There is nobody nearby, no sources of distraction, nothing. Just you and the silence. Enjoy it while you can and take everything out of it.

Investing happiness

To be happy now or later, that's the question. It's so easy to gain a little bit of happiness immediately with zero effort. But the price for that might be a lot more later.

On the other hand, happiness is living in the moment. Enjoying your life as it happens. No matter how much you have invested in the future none of it matters if you are unable to enjoy it. All you are left is the bitter feelings of what could have been.

Cold spell in spring

It has been a nice couple of weeks here in Finland. The sun has been shining and almost all the snow has melted. Until today.

The land is white again. Not much of now but enough to make the land white again. You can never be sure the winter is done here. There is always at least that one setback until the winter gives up.

Usually, it hits during the mayday, when everybody is about to celebrate the spring. This year it was a couple of days late. But never the less, you can almost count on it. Sooner or later it will hit.

I've got nothing

Too late, too tired. I don't know what it is, but this is hard again. Had a hard time coming up with any topic to write about. And even then I managed only to write a sentence or two about it. Nothing more. So I had to try the next one, and the next and so on. Nothing worked, I just couldn't get anything out.

Circadian digression

No matter how late I stay up I usually get up rather early at the regular time. At max, I can usually sleep a couple of hours longer. And it doesn't affect my rhythm that much. After a day or two, I'm back to the normal rhythm.

But if I need to wake up earlier it all goes wrong. Waking up early means I get tired earlier as well and need to go to sleep sooner. And I just can't sleep more than around eight hours a night. So it's gonna be another early morning all again. Rinse and repeat. It seems its a lot harder to turn the rhythm back this way.

Early departure

I'm generally an early bird, I can't sleep long even if I try. But even for me, there is the too early. No matter how early I go to sleep it's rough to wake up at this time. It's funny how a couple of hours makes such a big difference.