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Serial streak addict

I was deceived at first by the @brandonwilson 's post the other day until I realized it was a follow up post one year later. The streak matters and we who are still here one year later are a living proof of that.

It's the combination of discipline, showing up every day, and the force of habit. It's surprisingly hard to quit once you get going, like an addiction.

Easiest job ever

Almost half a year into my latest position and I have become into realization that this is probably the easiest job I've ever had. Despite all the responsibility and high level stuff I need to manage it still feels unreasonably easy.

Half a year ago I wouldn't have believed anything like this. It looked like the biggest challenge so far in my career. A lot of new things I had never done before, or at least not much.

Finland is open again

As of today the most strict pandemic restrictions have been lifted here in Finland. Bars and restaurants are allowed to open their doors as long as there are enough room to keep the safe distance, it's allowed to travel abroad (to those countries allowing impound traffic). Schools opened already a couple of weeks ago.

It's still not fully relaxed but authorities hope the public will act carefully and maintain the safe distance and proper hygiene. Also the bigger gatherings and events are still forbidden.

More is less

After the 200 word limit was dropped I decided to loosen my own targets as well. Before, I tried to keep also as close as possible from the upper bound to 200 words, not just keeping it as minimum. Back then I rarely wrote more than 250 words.

Now it had been a while with the new rules. Looking back there has been a few posts a bit below 150 words and few more below the magic 200. But what's interesting that there has been lot more of those 250 plus posts, multiple posts over 300 words, even a couple of post with over 400 words.

Big and small things

It's quite easy to write a 200 word post on average things. It's enough to tell the overview or focus on some smaller detail. It seems to be a sweet spot foe an average thought.

Digging more into the topic requires more words. That's easy as I can split the topic into multiple posts. Just focusing in one aspect of it at the time and following up in consecutive post drilling deeper.

A little bit of luxury

The outdoor sofa I ordered couple of weeks ago arrived today. It is now filling our balcony which has until now been mostly unused. There hasn't been any proper furniture there until now so it hasn't been too tempting to spend any extended amount of time there even when the weather has been nice.

One thousand chin-ups

I used to do a lot of chin-ups when I was younger. I had a bar at the doorway to my room and used to do a couple of chin-ups whenever I walked through it (or rather swung through it). At my best I could do couple of dozen chin-ups in one go. I think my record was 27. I was also able to do a few ones with 20 kg extra weight strapped to my waist. I was never really fit in general, it was just the combination of doing that regularly and weighting way too little.

Have a taste of that

Contrary to popular belief there are five basic tastes (and they are all tastes around the tongue, there are no specific parts for each taste). The familiar four being sweet, salty, bitter and sour and the fifth: umami.

Umami was discovered in 1908 by Japanese professor Kikunae Ikeda. In 1985 it was officially proclaimed as the fifth taste describing the taste of glutamates and nucleotides. The taste itself however has been recognized and used since ancient Roman and Chinese cuisines where glutamate rich ingredients were widely used.

One thing led to another

Another day I was going through my daily news and topics when I came across a link to a Wikipedia page listing common myths and misconceptions. Sure I had to check it out, just to ensure I didn't have any. Or at least correct my knowledge in case I would have found I was wrong.

Pick your poison

Sodium glutamate is rather controversial substance. It is used to enhance the flavour of food, to bring out the umami. While it's not banned by any laws or even have any regulations from food and health authorities some organizations have banned it's usage in their food production and many food companies have been advertising eagerly their glutamate free products.

Automatic failure

Self driving cars is s hard problem. Not least due to their reception and popular opinions against them. There is a lot of discussion and debating how safe or competent and adaptable they need to be to be generally accepted.

Book by the covers

Kindle (and other ereaders as well) is a great device for avid readers like myself. It's ergonomic, lightweight way to read. No need to worry about packing those heavy books with you wherever you go. There is also majority of books ever written at your fingertips. As long as you remember to keep it charged. Reading is effortless, you just pick it up and continue straight from where you left. 

The new normal

It feels like every day is normal again. No, the pandemic hasn't ended yet and the restrictions are only lightly relaxed so far. That's actually what makes some of the days feel weird now: meeting people is something out of ordinary.

Two months isn't a long time. But we are really good at adapting. The everyday life rolls on with the new routines not unlike it did before. The routines have just changed to suit the situation.

When 3x500 is less than 1000

Reading books is a wonderful thing. One of the wonders if how it affects how you experience time. Sometimes you notice you have lost hours without noticing. Other times it feels like you have been reading for hours but only a fraction of that had actually passed.

This relative time can happen with any book. What I have noticed however is that usually it's those long 1000+ page tomes that usually end up making the passage of time feel much longer than it actually is. Likewise the shorter ones seem to have the ability to compress time.


DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) is a good principle to make software more maintainable. It can also help code to be more readable and efficient. But it can also lead extra layers of abstraction and separation from the actual logic. Pure DRY should therefore never be the absolute goal.

Missed markets

There is no shortage of streaming services. Quite the opposite. There is way too many of them and it's getting harder and harder to decide between them. There are good series in all of them and new seasons coming out at regular pace. So it's hard to even alternate between them. It becomes cheaper to just have all of them on a yearly plan.

But there is one blatantly missing from the Finnish market. The hottest new service of the year: Disney plus. Once again we had to read the bad news that the release here is postponed until autumn. Global capitalism at it's finest.


I wrote a lot about different things like I'm some sort of expert of those things. While I like to think I know a lot of those things there are people that are actual subject matter experts of those things. I'm just somebody curious about those things who also wants to understand and share the knowledge.

I might think that I understand those things, but I don't let myself go easily. The things I'm interested in aren't the most simple ones. So there is always the possibility that I have misunderstood something. 

What is black holes made of?

At the core of the black hole is the singularity. A point in space-time where the density of a mass becomes infinite. This point is so massive that it bends the whole space-time around it which curvature so deep even the light can't escape it. Yes , the light, which doesn't actually have any mass isn't actually prevented from escaping the black hole due gravity itself, but the space itself being so twisted that the light is unable to find it's way out of there.