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I try to keep my privacy as much as possible in today's surveillance economy. Often it comes at the price of giving up some comfort or services and sometimes the benefits do overcome the price to give a little bit about myself in return.

Due to all the actions I have taken to ensure my privacy I don't see much ads. There are only few places there is room for them, because it would be too inconvenient to block all of them and it would just be too much to give up using the service. 

The god question

The cornerstone of human intelligence is our desire to learn the explanation why things are as they are. The desire is so strong that if we can't explain something we come up with some imaginative explanations for those things: we invent gods.

Reading like a writer

To become a better writer I have gone through a lot of material about writing. Knowing about those things helps me pay attention to such things on my own texts. It's also good to read a lot and pay attention how others write. But there is a problem when this has become such an automatic habit to me that I read basically all text which such critical view.

I thought I made a mistake

Yesterday I wrote about some wealthy individuals. Later thinking back to that post I realized I had made a mistake stating Rockefeller as wealthiest man in modern history. The fact wasn't about his ranking, but my use of the time period. 

Now, I recalled modern history only starting from 1945, eight years after his death. So it would have been a stretch to state him as wealthiest in modern history.

The art of giving

If I donate 10€ to the charity it's not much, both for my personal finances and for whatever organization would receive that money to share it with those in need. It's not much and considering I belong to the top 10% of the wealthiest people on earth I should share what I have. Still, I don't earn that much so that I could give much more than that without it affecting my or my family's finances.

Weird dreams

It's not uncommon for me to see weird dreams. Sometimes I even remember parts of those dreams when I wake up. Like this time. But this time it was weird for a different reason (in addition to just being weird, that is).

Posts from the future

After the latest update and change from cowriters to writelier it seems I have been writing posts from the future. For some reason the posts show the next day as their publication date. I haven't checked whether this is only an issue with posts written later in the evening (which would kind of make sense) or all posts regardless the actual time of writing.

Time estimates

One of the hardest thing in software development happens already before any code is being written. Estimating how much development time some feature might take is, at it's best, a guesswork.

No matter how generous estimates are being made they are still almost always too optimistic. Even after the original developers estimate is doubled. Twice. On the other hand, on those rare occasions when the estimates are being beat they are being beated big time. In a longer project these are almost enough to compensate all the underestimates. 

Shipping up to Finland

It's great to live in todays global economy. You can order almost anything from anywhere around the world. If only you are willing to pay for the shipping.

It costs a lot to get anything shipped here in Finland. At least outside Europe (and mostly from China as well), but that has an additional burden of import fees and taxes added.

Extra time

After cutting down my time spent online I now have some extra time at my hands I don't know what to do with. If I don't come up with something more productive quickly it's easy to slip back to the old habits.

It's not like there would be any problems finding new time wasters online. Even without resorting to those same old ones there are plenty of new temptations options available. And it's so easy to start looking for something new when you have exhausted the now limited allowed ones.

Digital diet

I once again took a closer look at my digital media consumption, mainly inspired from watching the Social Dilemma documentary. This was not the first time I have done something like this, but for some reason there seems to be new sources of wasting time accumulating all the time. So it's probably better to make this into a more recurring occasion than being ignited by some random external stimuli every now and then.

In defence of Tiktok

Disclaimer: I'm still not recommending anyone to start using Tiktok due to alleged privacy concerns.

There is something different in Tiktok and the oriental social media landscape in general. Where western platforms seem to cause negative addiction, anxiety and polarisation the Chinese counterparts seem to be spreading more positivity.

Of beards and days

I think I haven't gone without shaving for this long ever before. I'm not sure how long it has been already, maybe a month. Not that long anyway. I look different. I hardly recognise myself in the mirror.

I used to shave every day, or every other. Whenever I was leaving the house. I might have skipped shaving for up to around a week during vacations or when sick. 

Now, during the Covid times those periods have become longer and longer.

I'm thinking of ending things

Just another movie review. No need to worry, I'm not actually thinking about ending anything. There has been more than usually of these lately.

It's hard to describe this movie. It's hard to tell anything about it. Not because I don't want to spoil any plot twist but because I'm not sure what I just saw. It's all just too weird and confusing. It's like you are just about to grasp what's going on, but then you're not. You are just waiting there hoping that everything will come together at the end. That there will be some conclusion. 

Relative perception of time

When you are having fun the time flies while having nothing to do feels like being stuck in an anomaly in space-time where time doesn't move at all. While there might be some physical possibilities for time to move on a different pace that however requires either some extremely massive object being nearby or moving at relativistic speeds. And I doubt no amount of fun can make you move that fast.

Retrofuturistic predictions

Science fiction is full of predictions about future technology. While some of the predictions sounded wild at their time many of the inventions predicted in early sci-fi from late 19th and early 20th century has already become real. In some cases we have even surpassed those predictions by centuries while other inventions might still be another century or two away.