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Getting closer

After three apartment viewings I think we have pretty good idea what is available in our preferred size- and price range. The quality does seem to vary a lot and the condition and location does affect the offerings.

Long week

This week has felt really long. It's hard to keep track of time on vacation when there isn't that regular daily rhythm to keep up the pace. On the other had I already feel like there is only two weeks left from my vacation.

More vacation movies

Last evening I wasn't even planning to watch a movie. It just happened to be so that there was a movie running on the TV which seemed interesting so I just ended up watching it.

The problem is, those movies are usually shown at the late night slot. And I have become not an evening person. So it's hard for me to stay up and focused long enough to keep up with the movie until the end.

Smart home

Looking for a new home has made me think about all the thinks how to make the new home smarter. There are so many possibilities, but there are also the threats. I don't want to install updates to the lighting system first thing in the morning before I can turn on the light. I don't either want to give "access" to my home to outsiders through connected devices with vulnerabilities or outright backdoors.

The "smart" home I want to build is about smart design. I want functionality and practicality. Things need to work right, even without electricity.

House hunters

It seems we might switch our apartment after all. At least we have been eyeing on what's available on the market and been refining our requirements and hopes for the new home.

Today we went to see one potential apartment. It seemed okayish on paper and pictures, but it was apparent almost immediately after stepping in that this wasn't our new home. Too many things were off and the price really didn't leave room for the required makeovers.

Writestreak development

I haven't touched the Writestreak codebase for almost 4 months now. As I'm on a vacation it obviously has crossed my mind whether I should use this time to do some coding again.

Looking at the Trello board I wasn't even sure if it was up to date. There were some items on the doing column that I'm pretty sure I did already fix. The bigger problem is I found some todo items I wasn't sure anymore what I was after with those.

Range anxiety

My quest for new car is basically at the point where we need to choose the color and sign the papers. We have actually agreed to meet the dealer tomorrow to discuss the final details. But now I'm starting to get some last moment doubts.

Endless dish soap

Years ago there was a Fairy dish soap commercial where a boy wanted to build a rocket using the empty soap bottle. Of course the Fairy dish soap was so plentiful that fay after day the boy was disappointed hearing from his father doing the dishes: "there is still plenty left".

I have been that boy for a few weeks now. I don't want to build a rocket, just want to throw away the old bottle and replace it with the new one I bought weeks ago in anticipation of the soap running out soon.

Movie weekend

I've embraced the laid back "do nothing" vacation mode. At least for now. Although I did do some small yard work and laundry today but that can hardly be counted as doing something.

I've spent most of these two days watching movies and listening music. I think I have actually watched more movies during this weekend than the whole year so far. Four so far and currently watching the fifth one (only with a half of an eye, as I've seen this one already before).

Cool and normal

Last night was the coolest for a while. The lowest point was around 13 degrees and it was still only 17 degrees in the morning. What a nice change. After weeks of excruciating heat it almost felt like too cold while normally those degrees would still be considered rather warm.

Vacation time!

Today was my last day of work before a three week vacation. I "left" the work early as I had some extra hours in from the past couple of months. I've been working shorter days the whole week to get my balance down to zero. It was definitely nice to be able to do shorter days at it started getting quite exhausting working on this heat.

So today was almost a vacation day already. And I already got so bored I almost ordered us a new car! In the end I settled to only ask quotes on couple of options.

Yesterday I woke up today

I had a brief moment of confusion yesterday morning when I checked my watch. It showed the date 15th of July. I don't always remember exactly what date it is and for a moment I was just ok with that. But then I was like wasn't the 15th supposed to be Thursday. I was also pretty sure the day before had been Tuesday. Had I skipped one full day or did I just remember the date wrong?

"See you soon"

Warning: contains spoilers for the Disney+ Marvel series Loki. If you haven't watched the whole first season and indent to do so you might want to skip this post until you have done so.

The Loki season finale aired today and obviously we had to watch it as soon as possible. Sure it also means it's over sooner and there is no more new episodes to watch until next month when the next Marvel series What if... starts streaming.

Information revolution

My generation is the last generation who has gone through not only one but three information revolutions. Something that didn't change much in the past couple of thousands of years have gone through some drastic changes over just a few decades.

When I was old enough to read whatever information I would need had to be looked up from books. Just like it had been for ages. Just the availability of those books changed throughout the years from rare private collections of the wealthy to basically every household having a multipart encyclopedia sitting on their bookshelf.

Space race

So Richard Branson (and couple of other persons) went to space yesterday. Or what a small part of the world calls "space". There is a debate whether the 80km altitude Branson's spacecraft reached is actually considered space or does the space only start at the more widely accepted 100km altitude mark. Anyway, they only spend there a couple of minutes enjoying weightlessness before turning back towards earth.

Broken streak, finally!

A while ago I reached an one year streak with 10 9 daily tasks. At that point I decided I didn't want to continue with all of them. While beneficial, it was sometimes stressful to complete them all in a single day. The purpose was to break them (almost) all on purpose soon after that one year mark.

In the end I couldn't bring myself into doing it. I just kept going. There wasn't a real reason not to. I had become so accustomed to all those habits they just completed themselves automatically.

Stumbling upon a solution

There are plenty of problems, big and small. You can't have the solution for them all and it might not be worth it to search for the solution right away. Some problems might even have a solution available at the time.

But it's important to listen and know about those problems. If you don't know them you don't know to keep your eyes open for the solutions. When you do, those solutions could come up anywhere, anytime.

Old classic

7 wonders is one of those older classics we used to play a lot over a decade ago. I never had it in my own collection as the copy we played was my wife's sisters then boyfriends.

Years later when I gor more serious with boardgaming and collecting it was one of those games I wanted into my collection. Unfortunately it was long been out of print and really hard to find. Until recently the second edition came out. Obviously I had to get it right away.

Back to the home region again

This will be yet another weekend we are visiting our hometown, third time within a month already. That's more than the whole year before that! Even before the COVID times we rarely came here this often ( yet maybe a bit more regularly).

Part of it is probably due to the fact that the restrictions are a bit more relaxed now and people are starting to have at least the first round of vaccinations. So it's just nice to finally being able to visit relatives we haven't seen too much lately.

Marvelous day

You don't get a new Marvel production every day. Nowadays they only come every week (with some longer breaks between the series). But today was a special day: we got both the fifth episode of the Disney+ series Loki and a new MCU movie Black Window (there was a preview in the theatre today, the official premiere isn't until Friday).