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Quick decisions

It usually takes a long time to make a decision. Too long sometimes so that you actually end up deciding against doing it. You might also take too long to thing so the opportunity to do the thing might have already passed once you finally reach the decision.

The more you think the more negative things you might find against the decision. And that just makes it more unlikely to end up doing the thing. But if you don't think carefully, you might end up doing something that you shouldn't do. 

Proud, but sad

Out of the over 14 000 applicants, 180 swimmers only 77 made it through the Piscine period and was admitted to the Hive school. And my son was one of those few who made it. I'm so proud of him. I had no doubts he wouldn't get in. He really worked hard and gave his everything during the Piscine.

Vacation, the last few days

This part of my vacation has passed almost as fast as the first part. There were those couple of days before the trip. But those were mostly spent preparing and waiting for it. And now there is just this half a week left.

I was planning on not doing too much during my final days. But at the same time I was worried how can I pass the time without anything to do. There was this one event I knew was coming this weekend. But then other things started appearing into my schedule. Soon I had rest of the week full already.

Getting out of the city

This was my fourth time visiting Dublin. And like all the previous times,  didn't get out of the city this time either. Except on my way to and from the airport.

There is a lot to see outside Dublin. Many things I would really like to see. But there is never enough time to arrange a trip there. So far, every time I have been in Dublin has been because of some event.  And during those events, there is hardly enough time to go around and see some of the closer attractions. And there are many of those as well.

Time makes the difference

After a long day, the last day I thought of relaxing first watching a movie before writing. Then realized the movie would run until after ten o'clock local time. That wouldn't be too late normally. But here, we are two hours behind my normal timezone. So it would be past midnight already. Too late to keep my streak alive.

Sure, I could have just changed the timezone to keep up with the time difference and not to worry about it. But why bother. It's better to get this done anyway now. It's the last day anyway before returning back home and to the normal time.

Travel exhaustion

It's been three long days. Feeling a bit tired with all the walking around and spending most of the time on my feet. Surrounded by all the people.

And we are only halfway through. Still three days before getting back home. Feeling homesick already. There is still plenty of time not feeling the sorrow of this experience coming to an end.

It has been great none the less. Still plenty of time to enjoy our stay. It has also been enough already not feeling bad if we would miss out the rest. It has been all worth it.

A day in the city

It seems like a nice, sunny day outside. So a perfect day to take a moment off from the convention and head out to the city and do some sightseeing.

First stop will be the Marsh library. A nice little place I found accidentally last time I was here. After that we'll just see wherever we happen to end up. There are plenty of things to see, but nothing "must see" before we head towards the Trinity college and it's much bigger library where we have a reservation for a tour so we don't need to stand in yet another queue.

Worldcon, day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Worldcon here in Dublin. It's nice to be both at the Worldcon and Dublin again. Maybe even more so about the Dublin itself. It's always nice to be here. As I have said before, it's one of my favourite places abroad.

Annoyingly safe

Our flight was delayed for over an hour due some check light going off during the pre-flight checks. And it wasn't even anything vital, just some trivial secondary system.

Sure, it was annoying just waiting there on a runaway while the technicians went through the systems trying to figure out what was wrong. But on the other hand it was assuring. It's a good thing all those security protocols are being followed and the plane won't leave the ground even if there is only one minor error light turning on.

Travel preparations

We have an early departure ahead of us tomorrow morning. There isn't much time in the morning so everything needs to be as ready as possible before going to sleep. 

I've got most everything packed up already. Packing most of the things is easy, despite the feeling I must have forgotten something. But preparing for the trip is no longer just about making sure you have everything you might need during the trip packed up and with you.

Loud noises and bright lights

Last Saturday we went to see Rammstein on their stadium tour with my brother and son. It was a great experience and not least because of the time we had a chance to spend together. But this is more about the show itself.

I think it's a bit of a stretch to call what we experienced there as music anymore at those decibels. Some might even say it's not music, to begin with. Everyone by their tastes. But we all three like their music and we're really excited to see them play live.

Going deeper

I have accumulated quite a long list of topic ideas I want to write about. But when there is a moment when I don't seem to come up with anything to write and need to resort to my list I usually find myself skipping most of the topics in it.

It's not because I don't want to write about those things. Quite contrary. They are topics I want to dive in deeper. They are things I want to write more than just two hundred words. I don't want to waste them for some random post I need to write just to keep the streak alive. I want to put a real effort on those.

Not about this again

I'm tired. I have postponed today's writing until now. I want to go to sleep. And yet, I have to write. I just want it done, but I don't want to write about it yet again. 

But still, here I am. Writing all over again about the same topic.  Haven't I learned anything from all the previous times I have been in this same situation?

Ok, so this is not like all the other times. I won't write about it anymore. Instead, I'll write something else. Something completely different. Something that is not just a boring repetition of the same old topic.

The two-month vacation

My second part of my vacation just started. The first two weeks was right after midsummer and now I'm having another two. Leaving yet another two weeks to spend during winter as I had couple of days left over from last year.

But these past five weeks have felt almost like vacation as well. Most of my colleagues as well as our customers have been on vacation. There hasn't been much of anything to do at work during this time. Or at least the regular doing.

Common courtesy

I know the train will be full. I know you want to get a seat. But it won't be that full. Not yet at this station. There will be room for everyone. And I too would like to sit on the window side.

Yet, I don't rush in. I let you go first as it seems you are in a hurry. Trust me, the train won't be any earlier despite you rushing in. And it won't leave you at the station. At least you could let people stepping off the train do so first.

The more things change, again

It's that time of the year again when the next Android version is just around the corner. After careful consideration and reading through reports I decided the current beta is already stable enough for me to try it out.

I have to admit, I did hesitate a while longer this time. I knew there will be changes. And I was pretty sure there would be plenty of those I wouldn't like. But there was also this new gesture navigation that really intrigued me. Maybe I hoped too much.

Reading for pleasure

I hardly remember the titles of few last books I have read. Even less about their authors. I might even not remember the plot of those books.

When I'm reading fiction  I don't care about such things. Its not a huge loss for me to forget details. I read for the moment. Its an entertainment for me, a way to pass time.

Overgrowing demand

Internet is not green. Yes it is more environmentally friendly than some alternatives and digitalization of services does save the environment. But at the same time we consume more and more entertainment that consumes bandwidth, server resources and CPU cycles.

And we havent even reached the full global adoption of the internet. There are billions of people who are not here yet. And of those who are,  only a small fraction out of them that consume the most.

Small deviations

It doesn't take much to get off the track. Especially the stronger the routine the easier it is to derail. As long as you let that small thing interrupt you.

So it's better to ignore everything else as far as possible until you are through your routines. Else, it might be hard to get back. Those routines are usually there exactly because they are the hardest things to make ad hoc. You really depend on the routine to get it done.

Your day is what you make of it

Today wasn't much different from yesterday. I think I got couple more tasks done. I also got some rest, spend time purposefully doing nothing.

Despite this, feel today was a good day. I don't feel quilt from not doing more. I don't regret taking time of. Instead, I feel like I did exactly what I intended to do today. Nothing more, nothing less.