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First run of the year

Second day of summer, good day for a walk. Almost too good. I headed out for just a walk, but as it felt good I decided to give in to the urge to run after a short while. I've been going out for a while now, surely I'd be ready for a couple of short sprints.

First day of summer

It was a wonderful weather today. Warm and sunny, not the first such day of the year, but the first when it actually felt like summer.

Good time to get some yard work done. It was also time to bring out the cushions for the balcony sofa and take our summer room into use once again.

While the air was warm there was still that deep coldness radiating from the ground that was a reminder this isn't an actual summer yet. It was also apparent as soon as the sun went down and the temperature dropped drastically that it's still not warm enough to enjoy the evenings out there.

Chip towers

Latest addition to my boardgame collection arrived yesterday. No, it's not the first new one after my previous post about new games arriving. Not every game is worth writing about (except maybe on a boardgame themed blog 🤔). This one however had some special quality I thought was worth writing about.

The game in question is Cloudspire by Chip theory games. I had heard about their reputation of delivering high quality games (both component wise and gameplay) but I wasn't expecting what I received.

Here be dragons

There is just something fascinating about maps. I've always loved them. I remember spending hours in front of an atlas as a child doing discoveries around the world. Just the names of all those exotic places exhilarated my imagination. Even without the lack of those unexplored places to draw dragons on.

Fitness boost

After a rather passive year I wasn't really in shape. Luckily not in a bad shape either. While I was regularly taking care of my core strength and mobility I didn't do much of anything for longer than 15 minutes. And even that wasn't anything that would have gotten my heartbeat up.


Fun fact

We had a first retro/team day with one of the project teams I'm part of. Due to the Covid situation the team has been fully remote and even this retro was way overdue. The team also has a couple of new colleagues I haven't been working before as well as members from the customers side. So it was nice to spend a day with them just getting to know each other a bit better and reflect the past year of project work.

Badly written scifi

Scifi is probably the only genre of literature where even the badly written story can be interesting. Sometimes the novel idea can carry even the most boring story through. I mean I do read pure scientific articles too and those aren't actually known for their thrilling plot twists.

The idea is really important though. I might be more forgiving on the writing itself than for a promising idea that doesn't hold up to the end.

Can public data be leaked?

Clubhouse is just the latest of many social platforms hit by hackers to leak their (well, actually their users) data. These platforms are good at harvesting the personal information of millions of users. It's a convenient way for them to deny any data leaks or getting hacked by just claiming the data was public anyway. They really should respect that data and their users better.

Historical units

I mostly associate units like inches, yards and pounds to history or historical settings (and fantasy). I believe this is the same for the rest of the "metric" world. They just sound archaic compared to the commonly used metric units.

But in fact, metric system is oldest of the three major unit systems used around the world today. Dating back to the times of French revolution in 1790s it's actually three decades older than both the imperial system defined in 1824 and the U.S. customary system from 1832.

Car fever

There is nothing wrong with our current car... except it's still tunning (mostly) on gas. Sure the hybrid tech has reduced the amount of gas it guzzles up, but still it would be nice to switch to something even more environmentally friendly.

Thank god it's Monday

If this would have been a regular week I would have been already working today. But due to Easter today was still a public holiday, a nice extension to my vacation.

While I was happy to have a vacation I'm also happy to get back to work.I was already getting a bit bored with nothing to do. On the other hand, the boredom only came at the end of the vacation, so there really wasn't time to start anything new either. Luckily today was action packed so didn't have to suffer from boredom any longer.

Low battery anxiety

Past two decades have brought us to a completely new mobile age. We like being connected, while not being tied to the wire.

Despite the huge advancement in battery technologies most the devices still run out of the juice after just a day of use. We demand more powerful, lighter devices that keeps the long running times nearly constant.

Slightly healthier option

Potato chips aren't exactly a healthy snack. But sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

There are many options to choose from ranging from different flavours and cuts and probably some other things as well. The chips shelf in our regular store is approximately 20 meters long. Few of the options promote themselves as more healthy option. Having less fat or something, I guess.


Statistics are an important tool for a lot of things. But they can also be easily misused. Picking just the favourable metrics can skew the results any way you want. It's better be vary any time statistics are used to justify something. Better dig deeper and verify what was measured and what is the whole truth.

From inch to action

Time for yet another badly translated Finnish adage! "Tuumasta toimeen" means roughly "from idea to action". In Finnish tuuma can mean both inch and an idea / thought and this adage is sometimes humourously used to purposefully misinterpret the meaning.