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Black Friday deal

Even though I'm not a big fan of the Black Friday (or any other commercial / capitalistic events) I did pay a special attention this year. There is a lot of purchases we need to do for our new home and it would be foolish not to take advance of those great discounts.

I already had a quite definite list of things we need with the best alternative makes and models I had already evaluated beforehand. This way I wouldn't be blinded by just the great prices. I also had a prior prices checked so I could avoid all those sneaky bump and dump deals.

Seasonal cravings

Reading @therealbrandonwilson's latest post about bacon and eggs made me crave for hotel breakfast. Haven't had a chance to stay at a hotel for quite a while now and while I don't enjoy that much staying at the hotels I have enjoyed many great breakfasts. Usually including bacon and eggs.

How to keep a fool in suspense

I'll tell you tomorrow...

Oh, wait! I can't. Unfortunately there has been some delays regarding the matter so the thing won't be public information until sometime next week (I hope).

I know the reasons for this delay and it makes all sense. It's better to make the things the right way. I don't like it, but I can wait a few more days and get through it even though it might be tough.

Captain, it's Wednesday

There is a popular meme where a beat up captain Haddock from Tintin says "huh, what a week" and Tintin then remarks "Captain, it's Wednesday".

Sometimes when things are rough, or you are just waiting for something the passage of time feels like slowing down. I don't know that much about the rough times, but I usually don't bother waiting for things that are in the future. I just let the time to catch them and be surprised when the time has suddenly came.

Skewed rhythm

During my life I have been night owl and an early bird, and everything in between. I've used to go to sleep at the time that during the other part of my life I used to wake up. It's funny how things change.

The only time I haven't been sleeping (regularly) are the late afternoons. That's the time for the naps.

Until recently my rhythm has been progressing towards the early bird. Until recently I used to regularly wake up at six the latest. It was also easy to fall asleep around 10 in the evening. I usually was pretty tired already at that time.

Winter sneaking upon the drivers

I had a chat with a colleague today while waiting for rest of the team to join a meeting. Not surprisingly the topic quickly turned into the weather and upcoming winter forecast has promised snow this week).

Logical next step was discussing the preparation for winter, more specially car and the tires. That can be a controversial topic as there are those with strong opinions regarding are the friction tires or studs a better option. As my colleague told me he hasn't changed his tires yet it was obvious to me he's a studs guy.

Black Friday week

It's that time of the year again: the black Friday. Except it's not about the Friday anymore. The "black" season seems to be getting longer and longer every year. There is no hurry getting all those great deals. Even those that the shops advertise will be available for subscribers earlier so you can ensure you get one before the stock runs out. (It never does).

One thing that is still tied to that particular Friday is it's anti event: the buy nothing day. Makes it easier to participate in both and keep "clean conscience" while enjoying the great prices.

Pampering myself

I was not prepared for the treat I had booked for myself yesterday. I knew beforehand that the barber shop I was going wasn't the average one, but I wasn't expecting anything like that.

After I stepped in I was asked whether I had a booking and on what name. The guy behind the counter quicky checked the booking from the computer and acknowledged it telling me my seat would be ready in a minute. Meanwhile I was offered coffee or beer (yes, they had complimentary beer!) and pointed to make myself comfortable on the couches they had at the front of the shop.

Full beard

For as long as my beard has grown I have kept a tidy goatee and occasionally tried some small alterations to it. But I've never grown a full beard. With my beard growth I have had to shave daily to keep my fave somewhat tidy and at times it has felt like a lot of work.

Another "minor" milestone

A year ago I posted my first official post in my freshly launched platform. After writing for years just by myself on my own platform I wanted to create something for other like-minded people who also want to write daily.

Today there are only three of us writing here, me, @therealbrandonwilson and @Peter Dannock . Those two have been here also from the beginning, keeping up their streaks (despite the occasional bugs that try to cut them short). Well, they are a few days behind because I unfairly took a head start before officially launching the site.

Land without country

Most of the countries are founded on s territorial claim. There are also a country equivalent that doesn't have any land and another one that is in danger of losing all of it. Then there are numerous cases of individuals or groups claiming tracks of land and proclaiming them independent. So far none of these micronations have gained any official international recognition.

Under the sole payment of a falcon

In the year 1530 Emperor Charles V and his mother Queen Joanna, the rulers of Sicily granted a feudal tenure over Tripoli, Malta and Gozo to a chivalric Order of Saint John. An order that was a continuity from the Knights Hospitaller and is today better known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The original order dates back to the era of the crusades and was founded on Jerusalem in the year 1099.


I was going through some of my notes today and noticed they contain quite a lot of typos. While autocorrect might help at some situations often it's not even recognizing the word or offers a completely wrong word.

While the autocorrect might not understand all my mistakes it's often easy to me to know what word did I intented to write, even after a long time. But today I found a word I wasn't sure what I had written. It could have been just a spelling mistake, but it could have been a word that I wasn't familiar with.

Lol gas

When the first Tesla's came out I remember seeing all those pictures of snarky vanity plates line 4GET OIL, BYE ICE and LOL GAS. Today I can really relate when I read the latest news about the increasing gas price.

We haven't had the fully electric car for that long, but last time I had to buy gas it was around 1,60€ per liter. Now it's closing the 2 euro mark (the high octane kind is already past that).

The post I can't write

I have something I really want to write about, but can't. Not yet as things need to happen in order. It's going to be long two and a half weeks before we are there. And that is only if everything goes as planned.

There are things I can't, or want to write about. But those are usually things I also don't want to write about. Things I have contractual obligations to not to talk about or personal things that don't belong to anybody outside the persons they concern.

Fixated on the details

I had pretty clear picture of our new kitchen in my mind before we started seeing those kitchen designers and show kitchens they had on display at the stores. Seeing all those I still mostly kept my mind on the initial design. Especially after those professionals didn't see anything wrong with my plans. Except one thing: the underlights for the countertop.

Mind over taste

Our culinary experience improved drastically since we found a new wok sauce with Teriyaki and sesame oil. I was fine with our old wok recipe, but with the addition of the new sauce it has become one of my favourite dishes. I just shouldn't have read the ingredients of the sauce.

While never diagnosed I'm pretty sure I'm trehalose intolerant. Every time I've eaten mushrooms I've suffered from it. Due to the symptoms even the thought of mushrooms can make me feel nauseous.