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And then there were four, again

Our latest cat Nandini, or Ninni joined our family on Friday. After a while we have again four cats. The set is, hopefully, complete again.

She has already settled in quite nicely. At least she knows the feeding times already. That didn't take long. She has also been curiously exploring around our apartment and comes along really well with all the humans.

Procrastinating breaking the streak

Every now and then I feel like I should break my writing streak. It's inevitable, I know. And I want to make it on my own terms.

But when I get to it I manage to postpone it. Every time. First, I at least need to write about it. I owe you,  readers, the explanation why there won't be a post tomorrow.

The next day, usually one of the following happens:

There is something interesting to write about that I just can't miss.

I have changed my mind, I still want to go on with the streak.

I forget I decided to quit.

Sleep no more

Last night I woke up just after midnight. I was so refreshed I thought it was already time to get up. After checking the clock I realized even if I felt rested enough at the time  would regret it sooner than later.

After what felt like eternity I finally managed to fall back to sleep. Six hours later when the alarm finally went of I felt like I could still sleep for a while, still tired.

Information diet

About two weeks ago I decided to take a critical look on my daily information consumption. I had accumulated a lot of sources that produced hundred of articles to go through on my daily feeds, which I only ended up reading a fraction.

Yesterday I learned

Learning happens all the time. It's hard to choose just one thing I learned yesterday, there were so many. Mostly they were small things. So small that without paying attention I wouldn't even have noticed them. But when I had to keep it in my mind I started to notice many occasions where I learned something new.

Learning doesn't have to be big and remarkable as long as it's continuous. It's not even possible for us to take in too much information at the time. We need some time to process and adapt that information as well. Otherwise, we'll just lose that information.

Today I learned

As per my new writing focus, from now on I try to write about things I have learned throughout the day. But as I also try to write first thing in the morning it turns out to be quite challenging. It's hard to have learned something by seven in the morning.

New focus, part 3

Now that I have my more technical writing goals defined I also want my content to have more focus. I don't promise to stick to it all the time, but at least I try to have more consistent content instead of writing about random things.

Coming up with what I want to focus on wasn't hard after @melakovacs mentioned it: learning. After all, I do that all the time. I try to learn something new every day, so there should always be something to write about.

New focus, part 2

After giving it some more thought, and reading some guides about improving one's writing skills I have managed to come up with some new focuses for my constant quest to make my writing better.

First, i need to get rid of those horrible long and complex sentences. I know i don't use them that often. But sometimes things can get out of the hand.

New focus

So far, when I have been writing these daily posts I have had only two things to focus on. Firstly, to write every day and make it a routine for me. Another things has been trying to improve my overall writing skills.

Over a thousand days streak pretty much tells that I have succeeded on the former goal rather well. As a side effect, it has also improved my ability to pick up any writing task and completely bypass the empty page problem.

One thousand and one days

There is always something special in every day. I don't have to wait three decades to have my next big achievement. I can have them as often as I want.

In a bit over three weeks I will pass a round number in base two. In three months I have been writing for three years. There is always something coming up soon enough.

Less, or more, the same

This is just another regular post. Nothing special about it. Just one more in an endless streak of posts.

Almost three years ago I made a decision. A decision to start writing. I didn't set any goals for myself at that time. And I haven't changed that along the way. I didn't even promise to write daily. It was just simple thing, to write more.

And that's what I have done. I have written more. A lot more. Not just these daily posts, but other things as well. 

Irresistible urge to break the streak

As of today I have been writing in an unbreakable streak of 999 days. Tomorrow would turn into a whole new level breaking the four-digit barrier.

It goes without saying that I never thought I would make this far. But now, when I'm finally here, I'm not sure I want to break that barrier.

While keeping up the streak is good incentive to keep going, some days it might also feel a liability. I just have to write even if I don't feel like it just for the sake of not breaking he streak.

Bird spotting

Another review in a row. And this one is also about a board game. As I told, we had a chance to try out several new games during the weekend. However, only these two were worth a mention.

So the second game was Wingspan. An engine building and resource management game where you need to spot birds to grow your menagerie.

Words to actions

Couple of days ago I wrote about my daily news consumption problem. I had identified it as mostly a waste of time due to a huge number of low quality sources where I usually ended up reading only a fraction of articles, if any.

Sure, it's good to identify such pain points, even write about them. But it all doesn't matter unless it leads to an actual action taken to fix those issues.

Day of many things

Today is one of those days that there is too much happening in one day. Too many options to choose from, enough to do for the whole week if they would have spread out on different days.

But no, of course everything needs to be scheduled for today. Between countless days without nothing. So had to make a choice.

First of all, it's my birthday tomorrow. So if I would have wanted to celebrate it, it would have been today. I'm not too fond of such things, so this was an easy option to drop.

Clowns can be funny too

We just came from watching It: chapter two. I try not to spoil the movie too much, but  don't think there is much to spoil anyway.

The movie was many things,  except the one thing it was supposed to be. Save the few jump scares it wasn't scary at all. With all the jokes and gags running around it was more like a comedy.

Fear of missing out

I have been trying to trim down my daily news feed. There is so many sources and different topics I want to follow. Unfortunately, there is a lot of uninteresting noise on those channels as well.

It's hard to drop any of the sources. Every now and then they do each have some interesting article to read. But most of the time barely skim through all the headlines. It would be nice if there was a way to filter those other articles out from the stream completely. So far,  haven't found any good enough solutions.

Battery problems

My trusty first-generation Pixel phone is starting to show the signs of age. I can hardly get it through half of the day with light usage. Not to mention if I want to use it more. Then the battery is empty in mere hours.

I'd hate to replace it just yet. It still serves it's purpose just fine. I  don't have needs for latest and greatest features or the top-notch performance of latest phones. 

Easy problems are the hardest

It's a lot easier to focus on the hard problems. When you really need to put your mind into it there is nothing that can stop you. As long as you can break the problem into bite-sized pieces so it won't be overwhelming.

But all those easy things. Easy enough to think that you can have them done in no time. Things that don't even warrant a for planning.