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Last week of vacation

My last vacation week starts tomorrow. In a way the last three and a half weeks Have gone really fast. At the same time, looking back it feels like my last workday was ages ago.

It's the paradox of perceiving time again. When you have nothing to do time seems to crawl and while you are busy time just flies by. But afterwards it's the opposite. The busy times feel like a long time while the lazy times was just a blink of an eye.

Safe landing

The final run of our game is now over. Tomorrow there will be only debriefs for the last batch of players and on Monday we hand over our spaceship to another larp association which will borrow it for a day to run a children's larp there.

New music

Today I finally had some free time. First time suring my vacation. It's been. While since I have been looking for new music, so decided to spend some time going through the discover weekly and release radar playlists in Spotify to check if there is anything new to listen.

After going through both list and finding nothing I was disappointed for a moment, until I remembered I can male my own music. Another thing I haven't had time to do lately.

Final run

Today the third and final run of our game will start. It has been hectic time building, running, resetting and repairing the "ship" over the past few weeks. If everything goes as planned and there are no issues during the final run today was my last day visiting the site before we start to tear down everything next week.

Different stories

During our open doors tours oir visitors got to experience a "real" visit to a spaceship. We tried to create an immersive experience from the moment they stepped in. The ship we staged in itself with all the light and sound effects and props would have been immersive enough, but in addition to that we had people from our staff playing various roles of the crew around the ship.

Open the pod bay doors EVA

Today we opened the doors to our spaceship to general public. We didn't promote the event that much (besides to our friends, families and colleagues, who mostly came already yesterday). We only had the event posted on a local events listing page. Of course we also had all the media coverage we have gotten from all the major news outlets.

Space technology

While we have built a lot of props and software ourselves for our game we tried to use as much ready made stuff as possible. There has been enough work to just modify such things to our need and we barely made it all in time that doing everything from scratch would have resulted in much less feature rich systems.

One of the software component we use was partially used due to it's origin and real world usage over other similar options: the OpenMCT mission control framework. It's developed by NASA and used in many of their real space exploration missions!

Boardgame weekend

Our godson and his brother have been staying at my place over this weekend. For the past several years it has been a tradition for them to visit us every year. Like us, they too like to play boardgames and these visits are often filled with long boardgame sessions. Over the weekend we have been playing at least 5 different boardgames. Many of them several times.

Missing the beep

Yesterday I rented a van for moving. The one I got came with manual transmission. I thought that would have been the weirdest part driving a different car now that I have used to drive automatic for so many years. But the decades of operating a car with a stick sift have imprinted that practice in my mind so it came pretty much naturally. I think I only forgot to press the clutch once or twice.

Moving around

We have multiple movings going on during the summer. First, our youngest one, who have been living with me but still had their own apartment due to one year minimum lease time moved away from that apartment. They have a new place, but at the time the previous lease ended they still didn't have keys to the new place. So we had to move their staff to a temporary storage. The new apartment also is a bit smaller so not all of their stuff will fit there so part of them will be staying in the storage.

Round two

Our second run of our grand larp started today. We had a few days in between runs to reset everything to the starting point, fix restock any single-use items, fix all the broken stuff and even do some improvements. It was a busy times getting everything ready again before the players arrived yesterday afternoon.

No-time time

One of the benefits (or challenges?) of being on vacation is that there are no schedules. I don't have to be anywhere at certain time. I can sleep as long as I want (or can). I don't have to worry about time or watch the clock all the time.

Active vacation

There hasn't been shortage of things to do for me during my vacation so far. Every day there has been something to take care of. I have tried to slow down and not work long days to also have time to get some rest and relax.

On the other hand I would like to get all those things done as fast as possible. That way there would hopefully be some days left when I could actually just relax without worrying to get things done. I'm not sure which one would be better: doing something little every day or work hard to get everything done out of the way.


I originally developed in a couple of weeks almost 4 years ago. I had great plans back then for the site, but after working for another four or so months finalizing the basic features of the site I concluded it's good enough and instead decided to retain the simplicity of the site.

Now, I haven't touched the codebase for over three and a half years. There hasn't been any major issues I would need to have had to fix. There has been a few things that I have had in mind to remove to make the site even simpler. But I haven't gotten around returning to the codebase.

Game over

Our first run of our game is now over. What was supposed ro be 48 hours of intensive play turned out to last 49,5 hours! There were still so many loose ends at the 48 hour mark we decided to let the players to finish any loose ends before closing the game for good.

That wasn't the only unexpected thing that happened. As anticipated, players' ingenuity led ro some unexpected outcomes to some of our plotlines. It's nice to see such creativity and realize just how complex and flexible the game os despite writing rigid plots and storylines.

Behind the scenes

The first run of our game is now ober half way through. While building the set was a lot of work, running the game isn't walk in the park either. Evan though we have tried to prepare for everything there is always something missed or that go wrong.

Cooling off

It's common to go and ait out side to cool off after sauna. But now it has been so hot outside that if tou go there (with or without sauna) you start to sweat immediately. So it really doesn't serve the purpose at this time. It would be better to sit outside for a while before sauna to get some pre-heat.

Extreme heat

The temperature topped at 29 degrees today. I know it's not much compared to some actually hot regions on earth, but it's pretty much in here. Doesn't get much hotter in here and I think the record isn't that much higher.

Stepping up the game

I thought yesterdays 22000 steps was a lot, but today I accumulated nearly 5000 steps more! The day started with moving all my younger child's stuff to a warehouse. They are moving to a new apartment next month and their current lease ends already at the end of this month. So had to find a place to store all their furniture and other things somewhere for the time in between.

After 12 hours

Today I left early to our building site. We should have everything ready by tomorrow afternoon when we are hosting an event to the representatives of both media and our partners of what we have been doing. While things have been progressing smoothly there is still a lot to do before we are ready (and some finalizing work will continue until Thursday when our players arrive).