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Keeping on the road

Our current car is the third one that has the active lane keeping assistant feature. Over the past decade the development of such assistive technologies in cars has been quite rapid. Looking back at all the cars I have owned prior to those the difference is quite remarkable.

Good bye range anxiety

Today I had a lot of driving around once again. At some point I caught myself occasionally checking the remaining range estimate and doing the math in my head whether it would be enough (with a safe margin) to get me through the whole trip. Even though I knew from the beginning that there should be plenty of range left even with the worst case estimates at the end of my trip. Habits just stick strong.


Searching for alternatives

From the beginning of the modern web the search has been one of the most important features to discover content. From the beginning those services have usually also been free for the users.

However as the saying goes: "if you are not paying for it you're the product being sold". Dominant search services of today are bot catering to your needs. They are optimized to gather as much information from you as possible, and ensuring you are coming back for more.

Feet up

Even though my job can be described as a traditional office job, the kind where you spend a whole day sitting at your desk I tend to stand up roughly half of the time. Having an adjustable desk makes it easy to alternate between different positions which is good for your health. "Sitting kills" they say.

Standing for too long can kill as well, at leat your feet. Sometimes when it's an intensive day I might forgot to sit down every now and then and at the end of the day realize I have been standing the whole day.

I don't want to

I don't want to write another post about not being able to come up with anything to write. It hasn't happened for a while now. Can't remember when the last time was. I just remember it wasn't just a single day, but a several days of struggling. Was I stressed out back then? Or just tired? Maybe sick...

Do nothing day

I had plans to get a lot of things done today. In the morning I was still determined to get all those planned things done and even started early (even though I slept unusually late).

I did get some things done or at least started before noon. But then the weight of the week hit me. It's been a long and rough week. Even without the extra stress from the incident it would have been quite heavy week work wise. Those extra things just made it even worse.

Just one more chapter

One sign of a really good book or a TV series is that once you are hooked it's hard to put it down. You just need to find out what happens next. Building up the suspense and then leving you hanging is borderline evil keeping you hooked and ensuring you keep continuing to the next episode.

Insurance claims

Making insurance claims is never fun. Making sure you have accurate description of damages and what happened is delicate work. With a more simple incident it's easy, but when I started going through all the damaged items in the late water incidents I was starting to feel a vit despair. There are thousands of items and I'm not sure how detailed I should list them.

Water damage

I was in for an unpleasant surprise when I finally figured out where that sound of running water was coming from. I noticed it in late afternoon but didn't pay too much attention to it at that time. As the sound didn't appear to stop I did check everything inside the house but couldn't find anything out of ordinary.

Political influence

This year seems to be big on important elections around the world. Finland is no different as we just had our second round of presidential elections yesterday. We go to the second round if none of the candidates gets over 50% of the votes on the first round.

The results were out late yesterday evening, but I didn't bother to wait for them. Both of the second round candidates were fine. In the end the situation got really close, the winner only got less than 4 percent more votes.

Big and small changes

Usually it's easier to accept and adapt to small changes while big changes cause more resistance. On the other hand it's easier ro adjust to bigger changes when they are more noticeable than the small ones.

I still haven't completely gotten over the change in media controls in our previous car compared to the ones in the one before that. The small change was the direction of the next/previous button to skip a track in a playlist. After over two and a half years I still occasionally have to think which way did they work.

Dangerous technology

Technology can gibe out a false sense of safety, or at least make some people feel like they can let tech to handle things for them while they are focusing on something else. While some people are outright stupid and irresponsible using the tech for non-intended uae the manufacturers are not without blame either. If not outright lying on their advertising about the capability of their products they might not shed a thought on how wrongly their products could be used.

Carbon-phone dating

Movies and TV series set on contemporary times can be dated based on looking at different technologies used on them. Especially during the times of rapid technological progress in certain areas for example looking at the computers or phones.

For the really old movies it's harder to get down to a span of few years. The really old landlines didn't change that much for decades. The old rotary phones also stayed for decades, but at least you get a little closer. The era of phones with number pads was even shorter, but still you would only get down to a span of decade or so.

It's getting easier and harder

Finding the right pieces for the LEGO sets I'm putting together from my random mixed piles of bricks has a certain limits of how easy it is to find the correct pieces. I just need to find a good balance between the speed and the effort.

The thing is the sorting, how granular I want to go. I could sort every single type and variant of pieces on their own, even by colour. But then it would be a lot of effort to find the correct container for the right piece. Not to mention the amount of containers to hold all those different kind of bricks.

Good, bad scifi

The spectrum of "hardness" of science fiction stories is vast. From the true hard scifi where everything is based on real laws of nature, or at least plausible theories to the stories full of handwavium that doesn't even try to follow any of those laws.

And that's okay. There are fans for each of those subgenres, tou can even enjoy all of them. They are just entertainment. And even if the story makes up all it's "science" it can still be thought provoking. That's the quality I value the most in those stories.

Storage challenge

A problem I'm facing with all my different collections is they are starting to take quite a lot of storage space. Sure I could just stove them away to the back of my garage, but I don't want to hide them away. I want to keep them on display to show off my collections and above all being able to admire and enjoy them myself.

Down with the details

When I was test driving our first Ioniq, the one before our previous one I was already sold to the car, but what impressed me the most was the small details in usability.

One such thing was the side mirrors which would turn slightly downwards when you put the gear in reverse to allow better view to where it matters. I don't know if any other automaker has this feature nowadays, at least I haven't seen or heard if they do.