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A moment of panic

This morning when I woke up I had a moment of panic: I wasn't sure if I posted my daily writing yesterday. It's rare for me to even doubt that I wouldn't have written even if sometimes I can't actually recall what I wrote just a day earlier.

I clearly remembered starting to write. It's something so automatic routine I don't even have to think about it. It just happens. But this time I was interrupted half way through and had to leave the rest for later. I just didn't remember whether I actually finished and published the draft afterwards!

Navigating to familiar places

It's great to have a navigator when driving to new places I have never been. It's hard to even recall the time when we had to write down the instructions or have a paper map in the car to look for directions (or just memorize the directions).

But the modern navigators are usable for more than finding those new places. With the aid of traffic information they can also point out alternative routes to avoid roadworks and traffic jams. So you could get faster to your destination even if you know the way.

Legacy of the ten streaks

Since I passed the one year mark with my ten streaks and desired to start breaking those streaks I have gotten down to three. There isn't much to break anymore, but I'm not worried about those anyway.

While keeping up those streaks were great and I got s lot of things done it was still a bit stressful to keep up with each one of them. Since I broke the streaks I was also worrier that I might not keep up doing any of those things anymore without the motivation from keeping up the streak.

This or that

We tend to polarize things. Picking a side and sticking to it is our natural instinct. Our ancestors didn't have much other choices, it was either kill or be killed, eat or starve... Them versus us.

It's more efficient to divide things into just two different sides. Everything else in between just makes things too complicated. Back when our survival depended on quick decisions ot was vital to recognize the danger.

Doing my own research

I don't want to write any baseless statements that I learned from some random article or post. If I'm about to write something I've just encountered or learned about I definitely want to dig deeper into the subject to make sure I'm not spreading any false information.

This van sometimes lead to a situation where I just have to abandon the subject due to the massive research it would require to make sure I know enough about the topic so that I could confidently write about it.

Where have all the forums disappeared?

In the good old days of the internet most of the online discussion happened in forums. Sure there were also the IRC and mailing lists which both still have some loyal followers around some more niche topics. But those are a bit different form of communication.

What forums were good at is capturing information. All the discussion and answers were there, available years after the original discussion to be found again when needed. And if you didn't find the answer the same place worked for asking the question too.

I see things

I believe I'm pretty good at visualizing things in my mind. It's easy for me to imagine how things would look like or how they fit together. It's also easy for me to recall things that I have seen.

This visual thinking also expand to more abstract things that traditionally don't even have any shape. I just put them into a map and can easily navigate them or point out the things I need.

This kind of thinking undoubtedly helps me figure out things and come up solutions efficiently. But it alone isn't enough. And that's where I fall short.

I to the MAX

I went to see the new Dune movie yesterday in our one and only IMAX theatre here in Finland (as it was intended to be seen). I gave a praising review to the movie, but I don't know how much of it was influenced by the IMAX experience (I might need to see the movie in a "regular" screen too). The IMAX viewing experience was an experience of it's own.

Work of passion

Finally an adaption worth of a masterpiece that the Dune is. Villeneuve definitely nailed the work. Even though I set unfairly high expectations for it my first impression is that it might even have exceeded those.

The movie is visually stunning. Villeneuve wasn't kidding when he suggested seeing it in IMAX. The experience was fantastic. Even if it wouldn't have been based on one of my all time favourite book series I would say it was a movie worth seeing.


It seems my fears were true. The apartment we went to see today was really nice. It has been recently renovated with good taste and quality materials. But no matter what, I kept comparing it to the other apartment again.

One step ahead

Even though we haven't even made an offer for the apartment I already have a lot of plans for it. So much that it would be shame if we wouldn't end up purchasing it. It also makes it harder to even think about any other options as of course my plans wouldn't fit in those places.

Yet another apartment

We saw yet another apartment today. Even on paper it didn't sound too promising and seeing it live just confirmed the impression.

It was basically too big while at the same time being too small. On paper it had a lot more square meters than our current too contender, more than our current too. But it didn't feel that big. The bedrooms were small, only the master bedroom was slightly bigger but still smaller than our current one. There wasn't big spaces, no open floor plan.

Epic boss fight

We had a sort of conclusion to our long running D&D campaign tonight, or at least some sort of turning point. The final boss fight was quite dramatic with a lot of challenges, but eventually we were able to defeat the enemy and it's hordes of undead soldiers.

Escape in the rain

Today we visited one of the world heritage sites here in Finland: Suomenlinna (the castle of Finland. It's an 18th century fort in front of Helsinki.

It has long time been on the list of places to visit. Despite it being only about 50 kilometers away from where we live (plus a short trip on a ferry) for a reason or another we just haven't gotten around getting there earlier.

Looking at the weather today it seems like an odd day to visit such an outdoor attraction. It was raining most of the day. Luckily it got down to a small drizzle when we got to the island.


Past few days I have been going through every piece of information I have gotten my hands on related to our potentially new home. I've requested more info from the seller (through the realtor) and I've tried to recall every little detail from our short viewing of the apartment. At the same time the list of open questions just keeps growing.

At the same time I'm already planning how to furnish the place and what renovations needs to be made. I'm also planning all kind of home improvements I'd like to do.

Carefree or minimal expenses

When living in an apartment it usually comes with a maintenance charge. In bigger housing companies it means a dedicated maintenance contractor takes care of basically everything and the residents can enjoy a carefree living. For example in our current apartment we are only required to take care of our own small yard. This of course comes with a price.

Oddly specific words

You only need to know the basics of the language to be able to understand average conversations and text. You can also easily express yourself with rather limited vocabulary. The words are ment to be compostable, few basic terms can be used to express any complex information.

With enough exposure and effort you can expand the knowledge of a language with more words. More specific ones that can be used to be more efficient. To a point ot makes sense to expand a language. On the other hand those obscure words make the language more interesting and expressive.

When did we stop dreaming?

Lately I have been dreaming of the new home. But I don't remember dreaming much of anything else lately.

I remember decades ago I would stay awake until wee hours dreaming of whole new worlds. I would imagine 6 impossible things before breakfast.

Maybe I just value more of my sleep these days. Or maybe I'm just too tired to dream. And even when I do, it's about the believable, mundane things.

Maybe it's just the constant stream of entertainment. There is no room for new things anymore. Everything has been imagined for us, ready to be consumed.

Too far and too expensive?

When we started searching our new home there were three major requirements: single floor, closer to the city center / railway station and cheaper price & expenses (with set maximum price). The first one is absolute requirement but the later two are negotiable: cheaper can be a bit further away or we could be willing to pay a bit more if the location is perfect.

The one we saw yesterday fulfilled the first requirement, but failed on both of the other. It's about 10 more minutes away from the station than our current one and it's also around 10% above our price range.

Seems we are moving

No, we didn't even make an offer yet. But we went to see the first apartment that our realtor had found for our purchase order and it already looked promising. So good actually that we decided it would be good enough for us if the next few ones aren't any better.

The one we missed proved there are apartments that satisfy our needs. It also taught us that the good ones go fast. The one we saw today wasn't as good as that one, but it was pretty close. But unlike the former which was available in open marked this one we can think about safely for a while.