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Odd sight

I don't have anywhere near perfect eyesight. My other eye sees relatively well to a distance and the other is good at close up. So in most situations I do just fine without glasses. Unfortunately the area of vision of my eyes doesn't overlap. At around one meter away neither of my eyes can focus enough to make up What's there.

Due to this "blind" area I have to use glasses mostly when working on a computer. The viewing distance for an ergonomically comfortable posture falls right into my area of poor vision.

Another long day

It's weekend and there is no work! Except the voluntary ones. I started the day doing some renovations at home. The storage room finally got (most) of the water pipes installed last week so I could continue finishing the painting and other stuff there. This wouldn't be that urgent besides getting all the stuff back to shelves so it could have waited for better times. I also had to do some shop runs to get the missing things for the renovation.

Long day

I woke up around 5 this morning, started working already before 6. I wanted to finish my work day early so I could leave to my "other work" early enough as well to get as much done as possible

There is a lot of things to so and we only have limited time to get everything ready and tested before our players arrive. Everybody have their own duties, but we so help each others out. We also try to keep it so that nobody feels overworked. It's a volunteer hobby project after all.


In Chrome mobile there is a small box on the address bar that shows how many tabs you have open. I've had it at rather large number for a long while, steadily creeping up. But a few days ago I noticed it didn't display a number anymore - just ":D".

First I was a bit confused. It's a feature that has been there that I haven't paid that much attention so first I didn't even remember it was there. I was just wondering what that means. After a moment I realized it's the box where the tab count used to be. But why didn't show the count anymore? Just that weird emoji.

Freedom of movement

We haven't had two cars for over a decade. Before moving from our hometown to our current location we did need car for both due to commute, but here we didn't have the need for that. For other uses it was rather rare that we would both need the car for our own goings at the same time so it was just a matter of organizing on those few occasions.

The building begins

Yesterday we got access to the school that over the next two weeks will be turning into a spaceship. It's the same school we used last time back in 2019 so it should be pretty familiar place. But when I visited the location today I couldn't recognize the place.

Over 100000

I did some inventory updates on the LEGO sets I own over the weekend. At the end the brick counter displayed a whopping 102213 pieces! That's a lot. Sure, that count is mostly based on sets I own, assuming full sets. But still, accounting for the missing pieces (1506) it's still over 100000.

That's from 311 sets. There are less than 10 sets that I have duplicates, so I also own over 300 sets. In all those sets there is 736 minifigures. Quite an army as well.

It's getting closer

I just realized tomorrow will mark the start of my last full week at work before vacation. The following week will be shorter as the midsummer eve is a national holiday and before that I will take my extra hours of. That's about 1,5 additional days. So in total I only have one and a half week work left before my vacation!

Everything's a remix

Is there real originality? Everything we do, be it art or science is based on work of others before us. There is always some prior art or knowledge we have experienced that influences what we produce.

A.I. isn't any different. The models are trained on data we humans have creates and it's just trying to imitate us. It can derive new combinations from the data it has been trained on, but can we do any different?

Being present

With a lot of my duties at work now lifted from me I should in theory have a lot more time in my calendar. But in practice it seems it's filling as fast as before. There is still a lot of meetings my role expects me to attend.

They are not really new things. They are things I had to skip prioritizing other meetings over them. Meetings that I wished to be able to participate but just couldn't find the time.

Unexpected results

Major part creating music with the help of A.I. is coming up with the prompts describing what kind of music you want. Usually this is just listing combinations of different music genres and hoping they mix together in a way you hope.

Some combinations are pretty obvious, but if you really want to generate some unique sounds you need to put a bit of effort trying out some unconventional combinations. While there isn't much control on how strongly each individual genre comes across, especially if you use more than a few, it often requires many tries to get what you want.

What's easy for me...

I often find myself wondering what's so hard in doing something when others need to do it. It seems so easy for me, but they are struggling even with the basics. Of course those are usually things I have years of experience doing. They come so naturally to me that it's hard to realize how challenging those things can actually be for someone who has no experience.

Instant music

I'm old enough to remember when you had to wait for several long minutes to download a new song from the internet (I'm actually that old that I remember you had to go to record shop to get new music!). Back then it wasn't even mp3s we downloaded but midi and mod music. Terrible quality by todays standards, but still something to listen if you happened to find a good one.

Another May record

In addition to being unusually warm May this year it was also quite "flashy". The hot weather also caused some intense thunderstorm resulting in record number of lightning strikes during may. The total amount of lightning recorded during this may was over 23000, and most of them during the lsst eight days of the month. The average amount of lightning we see here around may is 6600.

Getting better

Just finished another song today. I'm quite happy how it turned out (despite those few flaws that probably only I notice. And it's not just me. I shared the song with my brother and some time later I received a reply from him that he's been playing it on repeat at least 20 times.

Of course the topic of the song and lyrics probably resonate with him quite well. It had some personal touches I put into it keeping him in mind. And we do have quote similar music taste as well. But he's not the only one who appreciates the song so I need to be into something.

Heat record

It's the last day of May. The exceptionally hot May. It qas already yesterday when the previous record of helle ("official hot days, when the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius) days from 2018 was broken and today we added anther day to that record increasing the total days to 16.

This seems to be a year of extreme weather. Winter was exceptionally cold at it's heart and the spring was quite unpredictable swinging from warm and sunny to raining tens of centimeters of snow overnight.

Countdown to midsummer

Our family has a tradition to gather to pur summer cottage to celebrate the midsummer every year. It has been going on for as long as I can remember. I only remember one midsummer when I haven't been there, and that was almost 40 years ago.

While it's still almost a month until it's again time to travel to our cottage the first step towards it has already been taken. The countdown to midsummer for many years bow has started when my mother asks in our group chat who's coming, what shall we eat and who brings what.

Another step outside my comfort zone

While we have been refining my new role description and responsibilities I have realized there are a few new things I need to step in. It's not like my previous role(s) wouldn't have had those, vut at this point I was assuming I have already seen it all.

While this step isn't as big as the previous one it's still something to push myself forward. While it's always scary to step into such new things it's also the thing that has kept me pushing forward. Not just becoming better on what I do, but to become good at new things.