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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Getting closer

After three apartment viewings I think we have pretty good idea what is available in our preferred size- and price range. The quality does seem to vary a lot and the condition and location does affect the offerings.

From the three apartments the one we saw today is definitely the best with it's spaces and it also had a look we liked. It was also in relatively good condition considering it was also rather spacious. Judging only from the interior this could have been our new home, despite the small imperfections here and there. But the location is a bit off and it wasn't that nice place from the outside either. If we would be in a hurry I think we could pick this one. We could live there. But we are not, and there are things we are not happy with it. So I think this one too will be a pass.

There is however a new apartment that became available just today. From the first look it seems a lot better fit for us. Without seeing it there is only one downside to it: it's a bit further away from the city center than we were looking for. It's also a bit smaller than we would have hoped for. But if the place lives up with the expectations set by the images and information we have seen this could be a real deal. Luckily we are able to see the place live already tomorrow!

Long week

This week has felt really long. It's hard to keep track of time on vacation when there isn't that regular daily rhythm to keep up the pace. On the other had I already feel like there is only two weeks left from my vacation.

Even though I promised to myself I can have this vacation, not only from work, but from my own inner obligations I have been doing quite a lot. Searching for a nee car and home do take time. With all the calculations and planning, background studies and everything it's a lot of work. I've also been doing random tasks around the house and not just been watching movies. Which, I do have done a lot during the past week, more so than in a long time.

Couple of days also went while my sister in law and her son, our godson were staying over. It was a nice change and maybe the fastest part of the week (unfortunately).

Next week will be busy, and fast as well I assume. There is a lot more happening during the upcoming week, and in the beginning of the one following it as well. Maybe it's better just go with the flow of time and enjoy instead of worrying it taking too long or passing too quickly.

More vacation movies

Last evening I wasn't even planning to watch a movie. It just happened to be so that there was a movie running on the TV which seemed interesting so I just ended up watching it.

The problem is, those movies are usually shown at the late night slot. And I have become not an evening person. So it's hard for me to stay up and focused long enough to keep up with the movie until the end.

Luckily these days almost every movie can be found from one of the many streaming services. After a quick search the movie I was watching was indeed available in one of those services (even the one we are subscribing). I don't even know why I bothered watching the movie so far with all the ads disturbing my viewing in regular intervals. I was just happy to know I could go to sleep any time and continue watching it the next day.

Back in the old days you could also postpone watching anything on the TV. You just had to record it for later viewing. Sure, it was a bit of extra effort, but it worked.

It's funny how nowadays I didn't even consider the option. Sure we don't even have any recording equipments anymore. There is not really need for that anymore as most of the things are available on demand anyway. The channel surfing had become more of a tool to discover something to watch. Sometimes it's just easier to check what's on than browsing the endless catalogues of those services.

Smart home

Looking for a new home has made me think about all the thinks how to make the new home smarter. There are so many possibilities, but there are also the threats. I don't want to install updates to the lighting system first thing in the morning before I can turn on the light. I don't either want to give "access" to my home to outsiders through connected devices with vulnerabilities or outright backdoors.

The "smart" home I want to build is about smart design. I want functionality and practicality. Things need to work right, even without electricity.

Achieving this might need some level of renovations. I doubt anybody has build an apartment complying with my requirements. Or at least complying with our taste at the same time.

On the other hand we don't want to do big renovations. That would be easier doing everything from the scratch on some older apartment that has been left mostly to it's original state, like a blank canvas.

Maybe there is the good enough compromise out there waiting for us. Something that isn't too far from the ideal and can be adjusted to be close enough without too much effort.

House hunters

It seems we might switch our apartment after all. At least we have been eyeing on what's available on the market and been refining our requirements and hopes for the new home.

Today we went to see one potential apartment. It seemed okayish on paper and pictures, but it was apparent almost immediately after stepping in that this wasn't our new home. Too many things were off and the price really didn't leave room for the required makeovers.

Next monday we are going to see the next one. After the disappointment today my hopes aren't that high for the next one either. But you never know. It's hard to tell from the pictures how the actual apartment looks like. It's so easy to take the pictures in auch a way that everything seems perfect. Even the space can look bigger than in reality in a picture taken from a correct angle.

We are not in a hurry, so we can keep looking for the perfect one. No point in moving into an apartment that is sorta there. Better wait for the right one.

Besides these two there didn't seem to be any good options available at the moment. So if the next one isn't a hit we might be in the long game waiting for the correct one to become available.