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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Expanding networks

Networking is an important part at today's work world. Unfortunately I'm pretty bad at it. But the most meaningful connections are made between people you have studied or worked with. Changing jobs is one of the best ways to gain a bunch of new people to your network.

Of course I don't want to do that either. I've been at my current job for eight years now which is relatively long in this industry. But I have no intention to leave. So no new networking opportunities either.

During those eight years there has also been relatively few other people leaving as well. But it has still been my main source of expansion in my network. Sure, recent cooperation negotiations and layoffs gave a noticeable boost to it. At least something good from that.

It's nice to see those ex colleagues secure good positions in potential future customers, or workplaces. It opens up brand new possibilities.  And after all, Finland is quite a small market. So one way or another it's quite certain that we will come across each other some day. 

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich sounds line a person that make such epic sandwiches they have been granted nobility. But it's actually the other way around. The 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu is the man who came up with the idea of stuffing some meat between two slices of bread. This invention is sometimes described as Britain's biggest contribution to the gastronomy. 

Lord Sandwich was an avid gamer and was often too immersed in his card games to have time for meals. The meat filled bread solved conveniently his problems enabling him to dine at the gambling table. 

There is also an island in Hawaii called Sandwich. Not because you can get some awesome sandwiches there nor is it made out of sandwiches, but because captain Cook named it after the Earl who had provided him with financial support for his admiralty. One could say that it's a sandwich made by a Cook.

So sandwich is just another food named after person without any deeper connection with the name and the actual food itself. In Finland we just call those as "voileipä" which translates to butter bread. There is also the term butty which apparently can be used in English which has the similar origin in "buttered bread". These both have expanded to mean all kinds of filled breads instead of just plain slice of bread with butter on it. 


Everything sandwich

Somehow, every time I make myself a sandwich an everything bagel comes to my mind. I didn't know exactly what it was so I finally had to look it up. Contrary to the name it doesn't actually contain everything. It doesn't even refer to fillings of a bagel. Instead it's just about the toppings, mostly a certain combination of them. But usually any multi-topping bagel can be an everything bagel. So it doesn't even have everything as a topping. 

I don't thing the everything bagel is a thing here in Finland. I haven't hear anyone to talk about it or haven't seen it in our bagel shops. Although I haven't been looking for it either. It's just something I have picked up from the popular culture so maybe it's s big thing in the US. 

My sandwiches however, they usually contain everything. At least everything (remotely) suitable as a filling for a sandwich. The bread itself ends up being just a nice wrapping for all those things I put on top / between it to make it easier to eat them.


Writing to self

usually writing is associated with communicating with others. There is always supposed to be an audience for the text. But sometimes that audience can be just yourself.

I've already written about how writing can be a tool for thinking. Putting those thoughts into actual words can gibe them new perspective and concrete meanings. 

Writing can also be a tool for learning. Being able to write about something requires certain amount of knowledge about the subject. And it's also great way to make you remember the things better. 

Writing things down to remember doesn't always need to mean learning either. It can be simply remainders as well.

It can also be used to express feelings. Just like with  thoughts, putting your feelings in words can help you process them.

And of course it can be used to learn to write better. When you are still unsure to show your writings to others. But I would still suggest getting feedback as soon as possible. It's the best way to improve in any skill.




Too tired to write?

No, I'm not too tired to write right now, but there has been multiple occasions when I have been so tired I didn't want to write. Last such day was two days ago after the phone hunting episode.

Usually on those days I have just been writing about not wanting to write or being too tired of writing anything sensible. Even if I would have had something interesting to write about that particular day. I just tend to postpone it. Promise to myself that I'll write about it some other day. But truth is I rarely do. It's already faded from my mind or there is something better to write about.

It's actually even harder to write such ramblings. First of all it feels bad: I feel guilty about not writing properly. It's also not a real topic so it's hard to come up with anything to write about it. And on top of all, I have written about the same topic so many times that even if there was something interesting to write about it I have already done it before.

Two days ago I was in this same situation once again. But then, I decided to write about the day despite being tired. And it wasn't that hard after all.