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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Peering into abyss

The release of the first images of James Webb Space telescope is still a couple of weeks ahead, but the telescope has already been busy taking those pictures. Nasa has been promising some 120 pictures to be released on 12th of July in the first patch.

Not much is known yet about the targets. The only promise they have made is that there will be some images peering into furthest a man made object has ever seen, close to the birth of the universe. There might also be some images of an exoplanet. Really exciting stuff indeed.

The telescope has been functioning better than expected. Even the small hit from a meteorite didn't hinder it's ability to observe the universe. At current rate it's also expected to exceed it's planned usage age of ten years and could be operational for up to 20 years if everything goes well.

Vacation project

While there is no shortage of tasks around the house the main project I'm focusing during my vacation will be the catio. In our previous home we had a balcony where I setup the net to keep our cats from jumping off of it. 5hey really enjoyed having a little bit of room outside as well and it was also easier for us to spend time outside when we could let the cats out as well.

There is no balcony in our new home, but there is a big terrace in the backyard. Plenty of room to dedicate some of it for the cats too.

The first thing is to get some roof on top of it. A task I don't feel qualified to do. After all, it needs ro be sturdy enough to carry the weight of snow during the winter, not just keep rain away during other times. I was a bit late looking for a contractor for the roof hob. Luckily there was a cancellation of some other project and they were able to our project a couple of weeks earlier. Otherwise it would have been hard for me to finish the project before the end of the vacation.

Home again

Today it was getting a bit colder and windy at our cottage. Thunder storms were also possible. So it was a good time to leave back home. Although I do love thunder having a colder weather made it feel like I'm not abandoning that good of a weather. On the other hand it was better getting home if the heat wave continues as we do have AC at home (but no lake to dip into).

It's always nice to visit our cottage. This time I also had an opportunity to stay behind after everybody else (except my parents who live there) had left. After a busy and noisy midsummer celebrations it was a nice to have some "cooldown".

I was hoping there wouldn't be much traffic driving back home on a weekday, but to my surprise there was even more traffic than on last Thursday when "everybody" was driving to their cottages for the midsummer. At least the traffic was mostly even unlike last week when there were some quite slow congregations along the way.

Gifts of the wind

One of my favourite things to do as we arrived to our cottage when I was kid was the treasure hunt. I would sprint to the beach as fast I could straight from the car. Walking our beach end to end (and a bit of neighbouring too) looking for all the things the wind had brought there.

Most of the stuff found was quite mundane: feathers, planks and other "interesting" pieces of wood, pieces of string and so forth. Rocks too, of course not brought by the wind, but exposed from under the beach sand.

On rare occasion I would get really lucky. The wind would have carried over beach toys from some unlucky kids on the opposing beach. Sometimes I also found a few fishing lures and the grand prize was when there was this huge inner tyre from a tractor. For years it remained my favourite inflatable beach toy to spend time floating on the waves.

I don't think the wind is so bountiful these days. I don't remember seeing such treasures washing on our beach anymore. Seems most of it is just trash people have thrown away.

Stay true to yourself

My youngest child is turning 19 today. I can't believe it has already been so long since I first time held them in my arms.

I'm really proud of them. They are the most real person I know. There was a time they went through the phase trying to fit in and wear whatever was the current trend. It was not for them, they were not comfortable trying to be something they were not.

It didn't last long though until they found the courage to to be who they truly are. I'm happy they have found their true self and dare to live as themself instead of trying to pretend just to fit in to the norms and expectations of others.

They are also the most caring person I know. Always taking care of their friends, loved ones and everyone around them. I just hope they also remember to take care of themself.

I'm glad being able to offer them safe and supportive life and happy how they turned out to be as a person. It's also not an one way street. They have also made me a better person in the process.

Happy birthday my little one!