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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Didn't I write about that already?

Whenever I get an idea of a topic I could write about I write it down. Even though I write daily I have managed to accumulate rather long list of potential topics. There seems to almost always be something to write about.

On the rare days I can't come up with anything I then resort to this list. Sometimes it's hard to remember what I was thinking about writing some of those few words I have scribed there. Other times I find topics that feel oddly familiar... I feel like I have written about this already.

Some of the topics I've actually written about. The ones that I just forgot to check out from the list. Others I might have written even without looking at the list, either coming up with the same idea again or just remembering it just because I had written it down. I have also found myself writing down the same idea over and over again. Even if I write it once and remember to remove it from the list there are still all those other copies of it lurking somewhere down the list.

One bite at the time

If it would be just the kitchen the amount of decisions making our new home would still be huge. But unfortunately that is just a fraction of the whole extent of the choices that we need to make.

Sure not every choice is necessary, we could just leave things as they are (as many things will be) or make them like they have been in our current home.

This is however an opportunity to improve all those things. When we settle in it will become harder to do those changes. We haven't really changed anything here either since the initial setup back when we moved in. Things just become part of the place and they are harder to see any other way.

On the other hand bringing the good, familiar things from the old place to the new would ease the transition. It's easier to get used to new things one or a few at the time instead of changing everything at once.

There is no hurry in making everything "perfect" right away. We just need to keep up the momentum and go through the change gradually.

Small annoyance

It's been almost three months since we updated our car. I wrote about all the small differences earlier and so far I've already used to all of them. Except one! I still have yo make a conscious effort to use the media buttons on the wheel. The fact that the next/previous switch functions opposite from the previous model is driving me crazy.

The old setup was just natural: up for next and down for previous track. It just worked intuitively, there was no "getting used" to it. I have no idea why such a seemingly small change was made. Probably it wasn't "designed" this way. It was just another software spec that wasn't described well enough.

Most of the things become natural and automatic over time when you repeat them over and over again. I'm sure I too will eventually get over the natural instinct and get used to flick the switch down when I want to skip a song. Probably somewhere around the time it's again time to het a new car (which hopefully will have this the right way. I don't even care if I need to relearn it again in that case!).

Daily accomplishments

Since I stopped obsessing about my streaks I now view the tracking of those task quote differently. Earlier it was a task list that I had to complete daily, causing anxiety to complete them all so that I wouldn't break any streak.

I still have all the same tasks in the list. I still try to complete as many of them as possible. But instead of checking them out as I go and checking what's still left now I go through the list at the end of the day.

It has become a new ritual for the end of the day. Expressing gratitude to myself on things I managed to complete today. Looking back at the day also brings forth other things I did during the day and seeing all those completed things at the end of the day is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Even the days there aren't too many checkboxes on the list it's still a good moment: I have accomplished giving myself a nice day off.

Endless stream of choices

Designing a kitchen is easy: refrigerator there, oven there, sink and some cabinets. Just need to make sure everything is there and have their own places. There is the kitchen triangle between the sink, fridge and the stove and so on. Sure there are many options but there is finite amount of things that need to be placed and lot of constraint that limit the choices. But that's just the start.

Once everything is in their place in the plan the real work begins. What materials to choose, what colours should everything be. And that's just the overall look and feel of the whole. Then there are the cabinet mechanism (once you have managed to choose between the traditional door cabinets or the drawers. Should those have the pop-to-open mechanism or handles, or maybe the pulley groove on top (or bottom). What kind of handles?

The lighting is also important part of the functioning kitchen. But were the material finishes too reflective? Should there be more indirect lighting?

What about the appliances? What are the must have features? What about the nice to haves that would add that little premium feel. Do these all fit into our budget?

And in the end all these choices should satisfy the both of us.