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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Relational NoSQL

NoSQL databases were nothing new to me when I started the Writestreak project and decided to go with the Firebase realtime database. The new thing was just the realtime part. I've really enjoyed working with the realtime concept but at the same time I've gotten a reminder why I have mainly stayed away from the NoSQL databases in general. Maybe I've just used the relational ones so much that it's hard for me to live with the features I have learned to take as granted with them.

It's just that I really love the realtime part. If only there were a relational database with similar reactivity. But knowing the details behind the scenes for both technologies I know this might be next to impossible to achieve. At least in full. The result would be somewhat s compromise, not perfect in either area. And I'm not sure that would be good either. Maybe the real solution is to use both side by side, each for features depending on their greatest strengths.

But that would introduce quite a lot of new complexity. At least for small projects like this it would be too much. Better stick to one and just cope with it's weaknesses, trying to find alternative solutions or implementing workarounds instead.

Perfectionist's month

It's already March! The February is already gone and I almost forgot to write the curious property it had this year: a perfect 4 weeks from start to finish of the month forming perfect rectangle on the calendar. Of course this doesn't apply to those odd people considering any other day than Monday as a start of the week.

Of course this isn't that rare occurrence. Most of the Februaries are exactly four weeks long and as the days in the year isn't divisible by seven the days move around over years in a cyclical manner. Of course, for the joy of all those doing datetime math this isn't that straight forward either. It doesn't happen every 7 years for example as there are the leap years causing anomalies to the cycles. Instead, it usually happens every 11 years when there is two leap year in between. But that would be too perfect as well. On top of that there are also some special rules for the leap years as well. But all taken into account these perfect months happen on average every 9 years. Next one happening already 6 years from now in 2027.

Twisted legends

Arthurian mythology is one of the most adapted concept throughout literature and movies. Games might be the only area where it might come second after the Lovecraftian horror. But now there is a new game bringing more of that into the scene: Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms.

This board game offers dark and gritty alternative to the more common glamorous and heroic stories of knights and chivalry. The characters we get to play are not the great heroes of those fabled tales. Instead you get to play these troubled characters with their flaws and troubled past.

We didn't rest long after finishing the Etherfields already jumping in to this new came the next day. It's still early to say much about the game except the setting looks promising. It takes time to fully get into the game as there is quite a lot of rules and game mechanisms to learn. Even after our short foray into the game I can already say that the story is what makes this game great. I'm not so sure yet about the mechanisms, they feel a bit heavy and distracting. I hope after a few more sessions the rules will become familiar enough that we can fully start focusing on the story itself and the game mechanisms are just a way to carry that story forward.

The second awakening

(Well, 3rd actually as we did one during the first campaign). Warning: contains spoilers for the boardgame Etherfields!

We did it! We finally completed the second campaign of the core Etherfields box. After the pleasant surprise of realising there is more content left in the box it took us close to another two months to finish the remaining content. While it took more time to go through this second campaign there wasn't as much content on this one compared to the core campaign. It just took us s bit longer to finish it due to not having extra time like the Christmas holidays to speed us up. But there were still plenty of content and I would even say it was even more interesting than the first one. Especially the ending delivered actual challenge. Luckily we were well prepared at that point.

Now starts the long wait. There is additional content coming up, but due to the delays caused by the current global situation there is no word on the estimated delivery date yet. Better start with the next game in between rather than keep waiting. The table looks hopelessly empty without a game laid out on it.

100 days of Writestreak

I can't believe it has already been 100 days since I posted my first post on this site. At that time it was just a barely functioning proof of concept, inly the core features finished to the state that it was actually possible to write the post here.

During this time the site had already undergone some big changes. There has been numerous new features added, some which have also already been removed after my decision to take the minimalistic route. Much of the underlying code has also been rewritten. The few lines of original code still running in production are already waiting to be replaced as I'm nearing my complete rewrite.

It's also been quite smooth ride. There has only been a couple of issues with the site. I'm happy with the stability and performance of my code. But there is still room yo improve, especially on the later.

This passage of time also reminds me of how fast the time flies. And how easy it is to reach such achievements line 100 days of writing. After years of writing it shouldn't be such a big deal, but 100 days isn't a small feat either. Just showing up daily gets you there before you even notice.