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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Close call

Last week yet another of our cats got sick. Initial examinations showed expansion in his heart. Fatal condition that might be treatable for a while giving some extra time for him. With medication he's not that fond of taking.

However the vet we went didn't have the ultrasound equipment required to make more closer examinations so we had to book another appointment to a better equipped vet. And yesterday we went there, expecting the worst.

To our surprise it turned out everything was fine. The initial examination showed an unusually big heart for a house cat, but turns out, as he is rather big cat, that  it's still within normal boundaries for somebody of his size. There wasn't any signs of anomalies in his heart found on those follow-up examinations and the vet promised we could cut down the medication and see how it goes from there.

It was a huge relief. It would have been quite devastating losing yet another cat within such a short timespan. Sure, he begins to be quite old already. But few more years is always welcome. The only worrying finding now was that he's a bit overweight and we need to put him on a diet.


Useless information

I love reading and learning about obscure things. There are so many fascinating things I want to know more of. And so little time. 

In a way, studying those things is a complete waste of time. Where would I ever use such knowledge anyway? I would be much better off learning about some useful topics.

I do that as well already. Sure, could focus on only those useful things. But what's fun about that. There is enough room for both.

And I'm sure at least some of that information will come handy someday. If only I can remember it anymore at that time. It could come up with a casual conversation, or just on some trivia game. 

It's actually already useful. Or at least as useful as any other time waster for me. Its an entertainment. A way to pass time without worrying too much. And as such I think it is way above anything else.

Reading about such variety of topics will also broaden your view. You might get new ideas out of those. New combinations connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated matters. I can never remember everything I have read, but there is always the faint knowledge of knowing about those things. And in these modern days  I'm always able to pull up that knowledge whenever need it.

An attempt was made

While I wasn't busy doing nothing today I decided to go through some of my stuff. There is quite a lot of it and I'm pretty sure I would do just fine without majority of it.

I like getting rid of those extra things. But at the same  I'm a collector at heart. It's not that easy to get rid of, well, basically anything.

Anyway, despite knowing this I did go through couple of cabins. Weeding out everything that had become obsolete. Trying to get rid of as much junk as possible. It wasn't a great success at the end. I found possible uses for almost everything.

In the end I managed to fill almost two full plastic bags with that stuff. So it wasn't such a big failure after all. Maybe I just need to do it often enough if every time I get a bit more stuff thrown away. As it seems my ability to throw things away is limited to the most useless ones come while going through all that stuff. So every time I do there will still be the most useless things among them.

 I'm just worried those things will be replaced with new ones before I have the inspiration to go through all of it again.

Self time

Today I have had the rare opportunity to spend some time just by myself. Well,  not that rare after all, but usually during those shorter periods of time I have something else to do already. 

It's nice to have some peace for a moment to be alone. I do care about my family, but I do need my own time as well.  Especially being an introvert that's almost vital.

I don't really know how I should spend this time. But that's not actually even important. I don't need to do anything special I can't do while there are other people around. I don't think I have any of that kind of things.

As a matter of fact, I want to do fewer things while I'm alone. I don't want to waste that time doing things I can do whenever. I just want to enjoy the silence and solitude. 

Even if have stated it multiple time that it's hard for me to be without doing anything, when I'm alone I actually enjoy actively doing nothing. It's a different thing after all. There is the slight differentiation between those two.

And tomorrow,  have another day of this precious commodity ahead for me until the evening.

I'm pretty sure I wrote about it already

I was about to post a reply to a post today including a link to my own post had written earlier. Or so I thought.

When I tried to find that post couldn't. There is a chance it's still there somewhere among all the rest. I didn't go through all of them as there are so many. It might also be so that I used some clever title that wasn't apparent to catch the topic quickly skimming through the list of titles have written.

I should probably invest some time implementing better search for my blog and/or go back and add some tags to all those older posts.

But this is a great example of those occasions (assuming I indeed write the post in question) when I remember doing something, but actually didn't. I have a clear memory thinking through that topic (which, I'm pretty sure actually happened) and thinking about writing it down to a post. I even remember thinking about the post structure and some sentences beforehand. Which I don't do that often. Not at least most of these as hoc topics as I have no idea what I will write prior starting.

Well, that's another topic I could still write one day.