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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

So tired

It has been a long day, or weekend more so. Actually, the whole week has been long.  But not it's finally over. 

While being a long week it still went really fast. And it was a great week. But there was so much happening during that time that now I feel there is nothing left of me. I have given my everything. And then some more.

It was all worth it. There would have been good things to make two or even three weeks great if they would have happened during such a timespan.

But having that much good things isn't too good either. It is really tiring. And now I really feel the toll of the week. 

I don't know if whatever I write makes any sense. I don't care. I still have just enough energy left to get this done. Even if it feels I have been writing this for a long time. But I'm still only this far. I feel like I have written enough for a few days. Yet there isn't still enough words to reach my daily limit. So I just need to keep writing. A little bit more now and then it will be done.

A busy day

It has been one hectic day. I haven't got many moments to even stop and sit down. It has being flying from one place to another. Something to do all the time. And when there have been those rare moments when I didn't have anything urgent there has been something else going on around me that I haven't wanted to miss.

So I'm taking this moment. One of those rare ones. And write down something. To have it done so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I'm sure there is something interesting happening out there as I write this. But I can't be everywhere anyway and will miss a lot regardless.

It has been wonderful so far despite all the business. Our players have definitely been enjoying their time. And the weather has also been really nice to us. There is still a few more hours to go until a moment of rest. And then, tomorrow, the same thing continues. 

I will be so happy when I finally get back home tomorrow. But until then, I just need to push forward and enjoy the ride while it lasts. It's a tough work, but the rewards are also remarkable. Well worth the effort.

Double weekend

This weekend I have not one but two full weekend events I'm supposed to attend. There is the larp I have been organizing all year and then there is our company's own con, the Wundercon.

Unfortunately I can't be at two places at once so I'm only able to participate partially in both of the events. Luckily the main activity of the Wundercon is today and our game doesn't really start until tomorrow afternoon. So I don't have to miss too much from either. Sure it leaves others from our game team needing to do all the preparation works without me. But luckily there isn't too much to do for them after all, I'm sure they'll manage.

In a way, it's actually a good thing they are both at the same weekend. Otherwise they would have taken me two full weekends. And it seems I don't have too many of those available anyway.

It's going to be busy weekend. And I'm afraid I might be pretty tired after it. Three days of socializing and all will surely take it's toll. I might need another weekend to recover from this one, but unfortunately the next weekend is already booked full as well.

What is a traininglarp? Part 2

So, after the three months of focused training and character building it is time for the actual game itself. We kick of the game with the challenge the players set for themselves at the beginning of the season. This year there are various goals like running 10k (one player even set her goal to a half marathon), swimming 2km or passing a military obstacle course.

After the challenges have been completed the actual larp begins. There will be some physical challenges during the game as well, but the main point of the game is to celebrate these accomplishments. It's a kind of a transformational right. The players will step into the role of their new, ideal and more healthy self.

After this year's game we have had close to 150 players participating in these three games. And we have seen some amazing transformations. The players have overcome their angst against exercising and found a new, healthier way of living. Sure, there have been some setbacks and a few players have reverted back to their old habits after the game. But majority of them have continued to focus on their wellbeing well after the game. It has been really rewarding hearing these success stories and I'm really looking forward hearing more of them after this years game as well.

What is a traininglarp? Part 1

I have probably mentioned it more than a few times before. And there has been a lot of questions about it. So it might be better to explain a bit about what I have been involved myself in.

Traininglarp is a live action roleplaying game concept that combines roleplaying and training. The game is decided in two separate phases. But before that the players will both have their character for the game and their personal goal for the training season.

So first there is the training season. Each player chooses their own challenge, a goal they try to achieve during the period and finally realize it at the game day. Based on their goals the players are divided into small teams, or tribes as we call them. These tribes work as a support and accountability groups. They make sure everybody is on board and build up a team spirit. These groups are also supported by us organizers and we encourage for example arranging training time together with each other.

And it's not just exercising. We also try to guide our players towards other good habits. To take care of their diet, sleep and other things concerning their well being. 

During the training season they will also track all their training activities into the app we have made for the game. In the app there is also weekly quests the players try to complete either individually or as a team. These quests in turn tie in to the storyline of the game and by completing those quests players also build their characters unlocking new stories.

More about the gameday itself tomorrow on part 2.