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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Serial streak addict

I was deceived at first by the @brandonwilson 's post the other day until I realized it was a follow up post one year later. The streak matters and we who are still here one year later are a living proof of that.

It's the combination of discipline, showing up every day, and the force of habit. It's surprisingly hard to quit once you get going, like an addiction.

Daily writing was my first serious streak and still the strongest one as it's going on fourth year now. Since then I have started many other streaks. They have been more or less successful, but thanks to them I have achieved many great things.

Some time ago I wrote how I have another kind of record streak going on. I had multiple longest streaks going on at the same time. Instead of just keep going with those I have already reached a few more longest streaks going along with those. I just can't bring myself to break them down anymore.

For you, who are keeping up your streaks: keep up the good work! For those who have broken their streaks: just start a new one. And everything else: give it a try.


Easiest job ever

Almost half a year into my latest position and I have become into realization that this is probably the easiest job I've ever had. Despite all the responsibility and high level stuff I need to manage it still feels unreasonably easy.

Half a year ago I wouldn't have believed anything like this. It looked like the biggest challenge so far in my career. A lot of new things I had never done before, or at least not much.

Compared to my previous leadership positions this just feels natural. Big part of that is probably the team I'm managing. Before, the teams have been mostly junior and mid level developers, maybe some aspiring senior there as well. I felt like I had to know more, show them how to do things to be able to mentor them and lead them up. 

Now everybody is highly skilled seniors. There is no doubt they each have their core competences where they clearly outshine me. It's relieving. I couldn't advice them even of I'd like. Not on those kind of things at least. I can focus on them instead. Showing them the direction they want to go and providing support on their way there.

Legend of the bird man

When talking about Easter Island everybody knows the moai​​​, the strange stone statues scattered around the island. There is a lot of mystery behind those statues alone. But there is a lot more to the island than a strange stonework.

The isle of Rapa Nui is one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth. The closest inhabited place is 2000 kilometers away and the nearest continental point in Chile is over 3500 kilometers away. So it truly is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by empty ocean. So it's a wonder that humans found their way there in the first place.

The island has been inhabited at least from 12th century. The dominant theory suggests Polynesian origins, but there are competing theories like Thor Heyerdahls theory of South American origins, which he proved possible with the famous Kon-Tiki voyage.

During the half millenia between the first settlements and when the island was first "discovered" by Spanish explorers the Rapa Nui people developed interesting culture. The maui are from the earlier era, assumed to be part of the tradition honouring ancestors. The bird man cult is the later development before the final collapse of the civilization before the arrival of conqerors which further affected the collapse and disappearance of a lot of evidence from the earlier culture.

A good example of this is the rongorongo, an unique pictographic writing system. There are only 26 known writings left today, mostly due missionaries wanting to destroy all evidence of earlier religions. The fact that it was usually written in pieces of wood made it also easy to get rid of the writings. To date it has still not being deciphered and the last person who knew the language died almost 200 years ago. Now only Makemake knows.

Finland is open again

As of today the most strict pandemic restrictions have been lifted here in Finland. Bars and restaurants are allowed to open their doors as long as there are enough room to keep the safe distance, it's allowed to travel abroad (to those countries allowing impound traffic). Schools opened already a couple of weeks ago.

It's still not fully relaxed but authorities hope the public will act carefully and maintain the safe distance and proper hygiene. Also the bigger gatherings and events are still forbidden.

We Finns tend to behave, follow the rules and regulations so it will be interesting to see how this all goes. We didn't have massive demonstrations demanding the basic right to get a haircut or anything so far. The most severe lockdown breakers are those people who disregard the travelling recommendations within the country by travelling to their cottages. So those who are distancing themselves even more from others!

The restrictions have worked. The growth of new cases and deaths have ceased and everything is looking good. Now we just need to wait a couple of week and hope the relaxed rules don't lead to the reversal of the trend.

More is less

After the 200 word limit was dropped I decided to loosen my own targets as well. Before, I tried to keep also as close as possible from the upper bound to 200 words, not just keeping it as minimum. Back then I rarely wrote more than 250 words.

Now it had been a while with the new rules. Looking back there has been a few posts a bit below 150 words and few more below the magic 200. But what's interesting that there has been lot more of those 250 plus posts, multiple posts over 300 words, even a couple of post with over 400 words.

At least the worry that I would write less if I allowed that to myself has been proven wrong. Instead ot seems I'm writing more than ever. There are still those moments when even the 200 feels too much. But now I don't have to artificially stretch them with unnecessary filler words.

I don't either need to watch my word quota that closely anymore. That means I don't have to use words so sparsely anymore either. But will that lead to inferior results? With all the extra words and winding sentences could lead to posts which aren't that clean and neat anymore.