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Welcome to the Yodeller: my ongoing project to try and write something every day. You can read more about the background from here. If you are a new reader you might want to start from the beginning.

Horrible day

I participated today in an event. It was a high profile match making and networking event where our company decided to participate and send our best people to contact with the executives and decision makers of the top Finnish companies.

It goes without saying that I hate these events. In general, and this kinds of marketing events in particular. What made it even worse (along being a virtual event) was the fact all the meetings were 1 on 1. Me, talking to a stranger, in a video call. Horrible. And I should be presenting the best of our company.

Well, it wasn't that bad. If I didn't want to hold up my grumpy appearances I could almost say I enjoyed most part of the day. These people were rather laid back, and there were always something to talk about. 

I definitely learned something new about myself once again and also gained some new confidence acting in these kind of social situations. And on top of it all I managed to agree couple of follow up meetings with some potential new customers.

What a horribly wonderful day!

Biological singularity

The artificial singularity, the point when the machine becomes capable of besting us and start improving itself hasn't happened yet. Or it might very well be already underway. Contrary to the popular view ot doesn't have to mean the machine suddenly becomes much smarter than us. It doesn't really have to match us in all accounts, just need to be able to improve itself in a meaningful way. The difference can be miniscule.

To compare the next singularity we can have a look at our own singularity, the point when we took of and left the animal world behind. We learned to improve ourselves over generations, passing our knowledge forward for our offsprings to build on top of it. 

We aren't actually that far ahead of other animals, or at least we weren't back then. Unfortunately we still haven't gotten too far from those days. We are limited by our biology. Despite all the advancement in knowledge we haven't been able to improve ourselves in any meaningful way to truly pull us apart from our kins. 

Real satire

It used to be so that you could tell satire from real news. It used to be entertaining to read those stories that were a bit too weird, a bit too good to be true. Nowadays you can't tell anymore, the world has gone insane.

Critical reading isn't a bad skill. It has become quite essential in these days of false news. Being able to question whether something you read is true should be basic skill for all of us. But when the line between real things and satire gets to the point when you read something completely ridiculous and you have to doubt whether it's actually true it's a completely different thing.

Sometimes it's not even close. The things in the news, the real news are so over the top sometimes that no satire writer would ever come up with something that ridiculous, it just wouldn't be plausible enough. 


During my professional career I have held many different roles. They all have required certain level of education which I have mostly acquired through self learning. While somewhat related there has been quite a spectrum of what I have done. But one thing has remained my core competence: infrastructure management.

Despite having done that over two decades I think I have had to learn it over and over again. Unlike the other things I have done it has been evolving so fast that the cutting edge from five years ago is current industry standard and ten years ago it didn't even exist. You just need to keep up the speed or fall out.

When I started it was about managing the actual server hardware and networks. Soon those were mainly virtualized. Then came the containerization and while it's still settling in we are already moving towards the serverless world. The pace is just accelerating and I don't feel I can keep learning ever faster. Quite the contrary, I think I'm already slowing down. How many more revolutions can I survive anymore until I become hopelessly outdated. Luckily I have my experience from sales, management and architecture for when the time comes. At least I'm not giving up yet.

Tired of writing

After passing 1400 post I suddenly feel like I'm done with this stuff. I've written everything already, there is no point of keep going. It just feels pointless waste of time and energy. Why can't I just skip this and instead go to sleep already.

To be honest, I'm not tired of writing, I'm just tired. That can make everything feel pointless. Much like being hungry or exhausted can make you feel as well.

It's important to notice the distinction. You might not feel yourself tired, or hungry, but you keep acting irrationally. You get annoyed by the smallest things and everything is a chore you'd rather not be doing. Even the things you usually like.

It's better to get some rest, or eat, and re-evaluate the situation. After you take care of your basic needs those things most likely feel a lot different. Better not do some hasty decision.

So no, this is not the end. I'm not going to stop writing even if it might feel like it right now. It's just one of those days.