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Stuck in my head

According to some random internet statistics 90% of the people experience earworms.e.g. getting a song, or usually part of a song, stuck on repeat playing in your head. Sometimes it can also be just a word, a thought or memory. But why does this happen?

Sealing the deal

I went to see another Ioniq 6 today from another dealer. I have been discussing about this car and the deal for a while already over the emails with the dealer, but wanted to see the car in person before making the deal as it was from the beginning a better deal even though the cars are almost identical.


The home feels empty, silent. My youngest one, who had been staying with me/us since autumn moved back to their own home yesterday. There is just me living here now. And a cat. I was left with one.

It's weird. I have never lived alone in my life. We moved together with my wife, then girlfriend straight from our parents houses. While she was studying she did live away during the weeks, so that could be considered living alone. At least part time. But I didn't realize the implications back then. We were still living together, she was just away a lot. It was different.

Brand loyalty

I'm not the type of person who always picks the same brand just because it's the same brand. I know some people do, sometimes even to the point that they are making actual bad choices just because they pick their favourite brand even if there would be better choices available.

Many brands do earn their fans. They put a lot of effort to not let their hardcore fans down. And it does make things easier, no need to compare dozens of options when your favourite brand has only a few, or even one available.

Test drive

We went to test drive the new Ioniq 6 at the local dealership today. It's the car I habe been waiting for ever since the first details of the Prophesy concept it is based on were published. It took a long time to get into production, mostly due to the redesign they had to do as the initial model didn't have much of any resemblance to the concept. Of course the concepts are always done with no limitations while the production cars need to abide a plethora of regulations. Despite the changes I still love the final design.

How much was written by AI?

Today I posted a big announcement about one of this years action plans in our company's general Slack channel. Afterwards I got a few private messages asking how much of that post was written by AI. We do have a policy that every piece of AI written ot assisted texts should be clearly marked as such and I do also follow that rule.

Market watch

Since I started my latest collection hobby I have picked up a new habit: skimming through the listings on a local second hand marketplace. At least it's something else than doomscrolling what's wrong with the world today.

The good thing of having a long wantlist is that there might more often be something from my list for sale. The bad thing is that there is almost always something to buy. If I just wanted to buy any of the items in my list I know other places where I could get them right away. But the thrill is in the marketplace there might be really good deals occasionally.

Net positive trip

Finally back home! The four day trip was quite exhausting. All the driving, sleeping in different bed and meeting all the people left me quite tired. But it was also nice getting away from home for a while and meeting all the people.

It would have been easy to just stay at home. No travelling, comfort of own bed, own space and not having to meet other people. I don't know if the last one if any good. I have become quite antisocial and not really looking forward to any social situations. So it's good to force myself to get into more interaction every now and then.

Basic physics

We drove the last leg to the borth of our trip today when we visited my parents at our "cottage". Getting norther the weather was getting even colder, it was almost -30 degrees at our destination.

Even if the trip wasn't that long and we were avle to start off with full battery I wanted to save some energy and minimize charging times along the way. This is a day trip that at warmer weather could easily be done with full battery without any additional stops with our current car.

Car fever

It's not just the extremely cold weather that I have caught this fever to get a new car. We have already been discussing it earlier. Now that we are living separately having just one car that needs to be charged quite often is a bit challenging when it can be charged only at one home.

A second car would have been an obvious option. Would make it easier when the car doesn't have to be passed to whoever needs it. But both of us needing the car at the same time is still rather rare occasion, so the other car would be mostly sitting useless at the parking lot.

Long drive

As we weren't able to visit our home town last week we decided to have another try this weekend. I'm already at work, but I can always do remote work, so I can do it as well from a little further away.

The only problem is that it's really cold outside. In some part of the country it's record low temperatures! With electric car it's a challenge. Not because those wouldn't work in such low temperatures, but because you need to use so much energy just to heat up the car. There is no excess heat from the engine.

Visual thinker

There is a mnemonics in Finnish how to identify a moon phase by drawing a line on the left side of the moon. You can tell the moon phase depending whether it forms a letter "p" or "k". The problem is there are two words in finnish that start with both letters and are opposite of each other and I never which ones are correct.

Back to work

My vacation and holidays are over. Even though it was just over a week I don't feel like it was gone too fast. It was just enough to get some rest, me-time and hang around with the family.

Just another year

It's a new year, yet another one. At this age the years seem to come and go. Hard to keep up. Past few years have been very much like so globally. The pandemic seemed to change the perception of time for many. Last year was the first one returning pretty much back to the "normal".

Yet, it's the post pandemic times. A lot has changed. At the same time nothing really changed. The new normal is just the old normal. Things are falling back to the old tracks rather fast. In a way I was hoping for a bigger change. A change to the better.

Last post of the year

Ever since I switched from writing in the morning to writing just before going to bed I've had those few occasions when I've had to break that pattern. Usually when I know I will be up past midnight. It's hard ro remember to write in those occasions in time. In addition those occasions usually also mean I'm going to be intoxicated so it makes even easier to remember and the quality of my text might also suffer a bit.

Missing bricks

When I restarted my LEGO hobby I just went through the part list and collected the parts I had per set, marking the missing parts to a list. The problem with this approach was that it soon become difficult to remember where those missing parts were ment to go. Especially for the sets I was too eager to build to wait for the missing pieces to be found, or delivered.

Clone wars

That's no (rebel) moon

I'm not writing about the Clone Wars, thw thing that happens in the Star Wars universe. Today we watched the new Rebel Moon movie that attempts to be the new Star Wars.

Even though it is not necessarily consciously trying to be the new Star Wars the similarities are obvious. There are the evil empire, lost princess, even light sabres (katanas actually) and of course the rebels. Even the visual style somehow feels familiar.

Hobby bookkeeping

Today I spent some time in excel (Google sheets actually), putting all my LEGO acquisitions in the books. It can be an expensive hobby collecting all those sets and I don't want to just spend money aimlessly.

Having all those numbers in place allows me to track my budget and also see how my investment will be doing over the years. LEGO sets can be one of the most stable investment with average set value going up 11% per year after they are discontinued. Of course selling for profit isn't my goal, but it's still nice to know how am I doing.

Let the vacation begin

Even though I have been off from work for five days technically today was my first vacation day. The first two days were a weekend and then there were two more public holidays. It's a great time to take some vacation as there are usually so many public holidays during this time of the year.