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I couldn't do it in my sleep

When something becomes so easy to do it's common to say "I could do this in my sleep". But have you ever tried to do something super easy in your sleep.

For some reason our mind work in a mysterious ways while we sleep. Most of it doesn't make much sense, but there are those moments of clarity when the dream feels like real. Until you try to do something normal and it goes horribly wrong. It's a good way checking whether you are sleeping by just doing something common. If it doesn't work as intended you are most probably sound asleep.

Something meaningful

I want to write something meaningful, something thought provoking that will stirr up the waves. But most days I write boring stuff from my own life.

I don't mean my life would be boring, at least not for me. But maybe it's not the most interesting thing to read about either. Besides, I don't want to be that kind of influencer anyway. It's not about selfishness of being an egoist. It's a simple fact that it's just something that happens to be "at hand" when thinking about the topic to write about.

This page intentionally left blank

Is the page that is left blank except for the notice it has been left so intentionally really blank?

This statement has been used in many printed materials to ensure the reader is aware there are pages that are supposed not to contain any content. Otherwise they might think there has been a mistake and they have received a copy with missing content e.g. due to a printing error.

Busy schedules

Getting people together to any activity is quite challenging as people tend to have busy lives. It requires a lot of careful planning just to arrange a few hours every now and then not to mention having a whole weekend together.

We will have another of our gaming weekends with our play group this weekend. Aligning the calendars of six people and finding an open slot for the cottage isn't an easy task. We started the planning already several months ago to get there once again.

Car versus train

It's about sixty kilometers from my home to the office. The two options for me to get there is either by car or by train (in theory there is a third option by bus, but that's not really feasible because it would take twice as long as the other options).

First run of the spring

The nice weather lured me outside for a walk. I would really liked to run, but it has been a while since the last time. I also got a new pair of running shoes today, so not the best idea to drive them in by running straight away.

My old Vibrams finally broke down two years ago and for last summer I intended to replace them with a new pair of barefoot shoes. I ended up being cheap and bought some unknown brand shoes which turned out to be barely walkable. Last summer was also a lazy one for me, didn't do much of any sports or exercising (I could have blamed the shoes).

Looks a lot like summer

Looking outside it seems nice and sunny. If you avoid the lingering piles of snow and the bare trees you could mistake the scenery as summer. It's still a nice weather going outside. Warm if you are doing something. But it's not yet warm enough to just lay there and enjoy the sun.

Our cats have been eager getting outside. Even they seem to recognize the change of the season. They weren't that into getting outside during the winter. But even they don't enjoy spending too much time out in the catio.

Honour among roleplayers

We went to see the new Dungeons & Dragons movie today with the whole family. As avid roleplayers we were looking forward seeing our favourite game inspired story on the big screen. I had my own doubts, still remembering the previous attempt from over two decades ago that went horribly wrong.

Sorting a million pieces

I've been going through the huge pile of LEGO bricks that contain all my childhood LEGOs and all my kids sers as well. A million pieces might be a bit exaggeration, but comparing the amount to that of the new Rivendell set I got it must be at least ten times that. And it's not a small set, one of the ten biggest sets LEGO has ever released at over 6000 pieces. That puts the total estimate somewhere north of 60 000 pieces. So sorting all that is not a small task.

Lost childhood

Lately I have been pondering a lot of my childhood. Latest today my wife asked what I was like as a child. I couldn't really tell her anything. There seems to be a lot I just can't recall from my childhood. Maybe that's thr reason I have been so keen with all the things from my childhood, to get back at least a piece of it and hope it could trigger some deep memories.


Until recently computer systems have been quite reliable producing facts. If they have been wrong they were always logical errors, or errors in the source data. But we could be certain the machine didn't make up things.

The new AI language models are a different thing. They can provide facts and produce other useful content. But sometimes, when they can't come up with a "correct" answer they are also capable of coming up with completely plausible sounding but utterly wrong answers. They can make up things.

Lost triggers

After Corona lockdowns when I was finally visiting the office again occasionally I was proud how easily the old habit of writing on my way to the office kicked in. Some time later I'm still rarely visiting the office and for some reason the trigger has faded.

This morning I only remembered I should write when the train was already approaching my destination. I would have had time just enough to write something real quick, but then decided not to, promising to myself I would write on my way back home.

Random notes

Despite me trying to be as organized as possible there are still a lot of unorganized random notes in my books. There are several hundreds of them, ranging from random numbers to long texts describing some wild idea. At least all those ideas and tibits of information are stored somewhere.

It's better to write all of that down than trying to keep it occupying my mind. Even though most of them just end up being buried there among all the other thoughts. Gives my mind room for coming up with more of those.

Optimal conditions

We drove back home from the cottage today. It was nice and sunny spring day, the roads were dry and there wasn't too much traffic along the route. I especially chose the more "scenic" route to avoid the heavy traffic on the main roads that is to be expected in days like this after a long weekend.

AI Luddites

While many are embracing the advent of AI there are those that aren't so welcoming to our new machine assistants. Besides many high profile technologist warning us about the dangers of AI and suggesting pausing the development of any more advanced model there are also those who don't understand the potential and capabilities of such technologies.

Retaining battery capacity

One worry with an all electric car is battery capacity. Batteries tend to lose their maximum charge capacity over time. I've lived through the time when mobile phones were new and the battery technology wasn't that great yet. It wasn't uncommon for those batteries to lose max capacity relatively fast. Luckily back then the phones had replaceable batteries so it wasn't such a big deal.

No words for emotions

Alexithymia is a psychological condition or personality trait where a person is incapable of identifying and describing emotions, others or their own. It doesn't mean these individuals wouldn't experience emotions, they are just not able to put those emotions in words.