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How to keep going

It's been almost a year now when I started this blog. Not many posts since...

Getting started is one thing,but keep going doing something regularly is different. There is a difference between starting a blog and start blogging. I think I completed the former task almost a year ago, but actually newer started the later. Starting a blog is a good example of a task that you can start and finish. There is clear definition of done attached to it. But some tings just aren't meant to be finished, like blogging, exercising, eating healthy. You just start those and then keep doing, keep going. You need to form a habit. You need grit!

Now I'm not going to tell how to form habits or anything. A time for that is probably later when I have actually figured that stuff out and applied them successfully. But that's what I'm going to do next. I'm going to start forming a habit. A habit of writing. The goal is to get more comfortable in writing so that I could write more of those blog posts, maybe something else too.

So I'm going to start yodeling. A yodel is kind of a tweet, only bigger, louder. So my yodel posts will be short writings max 1400 characters. I try to write one every day. I don't pay attention whether they are well written, I dont even care about spelling mistakes. I just write. Anything that comes to my mind. Let's see how it goes and if I'm successful forming such a habit I'll write that actual blog post on how to form a habit.

Until that time there will hopefully be a lot more updates here, only shorter.