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Reading the Internet

At the end of the nineties, the early days of the internet it was, until some point at least theoretically possible to read all of it. Then, just all of the personally interesting content. Today, it's hard to get through just the comments for whatever new content I'm following.

Just at the tip of my tongue

Tip of the tongue phenomenon (TOT) is a memory deficit where a person is certain they know the piece of information, answer, name etc. but just can't recall it at the moment. There are two main explanations for it: direct-access view and inferential view.

The former can happen when the memory of the information isn't strong enough itself, but there is still a memory signal that you have come across the information at some point. It just hasn't been actually committed to your memory. 

Autumn falls

After summer we are now heading towards the end of the year. The period called as autumn, or fall, depending where you come from. In agricultural times also known as the harvest season. Despite their difference they all have the connotation of the passing towards the end. Where autumn derives from Etruscan autu-, fall is simply the fall of the leaves, or the year (contrast to the spring of the year). In Finnish September is 'Syyskuu', literally the 'autumn month'.