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The story begins

"Why now", you may ask. I have been meaning to start writing for a while. I even went so far as to start this blog almost a year ago. But for some reason I just newer got the habit of keep up writing. I didn't actually know why. There was many reasons to start: I wanted to get my thoughts and ideas out, people were encouraging me to write, telling me they would like to read more of my writings. I got good feedback for whatever I wrote. A lot of reasons. But it apparently didn't help as I just didn't keep up writing.

Until last friday. We have all those nice perks at my work, but for me the latest one definitely trumps them all: we have personal coaching sessions! I told all this, I wanted to write, I like writing, I have been encouraged to write... And all I got was this simple question: why not?

"Why not?"

That changed everything. Yes I had all those reasons why, but I newer thought about the reasons why I don't write. It's much easier to overcome your obstacles when you can clearly identify those. Then you can analyze and resolve them. I didn't write because I didn't have a habit of writing. I didn't have certain clear goals to achieve. I was uncertain of my writing skills. I was anxious publishing my writings, my thoughts and ideas. Pretty easy to fix when you can list them. Just set goals, let go and start doing!

You might guess that there weren't that big of a reasons why not. This is already second post I'm writing today, and what I actually promised during that coaching sessions was that I'll start writing on monday. Couldn't wait anymore.

More tomorrow!