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Here we go again

Wow, 2 days in a row. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's my personal record. It's even twice the amount of previous record. Truly an arcievement! And tomorrow I'll make a new record again. Not as big but record still.

If I keep holding this streak I'll be doing new records every day. Over time the exitement might tone down quite a bit. The arcievement just doesn't feel that great anymore.

The streak... after the feeling of breaking the records slowly fades, hopefully the streak keeps me going. Made famous by Jerry Seinfeld and also known as the Seinfeld method keeping the streak is one of the popular productive methods. It's specially good when forming new habits. You just keep going without breaking your streak.

The problem with the streak is: eventually it will break. No matter how hard you try something might come up and prevent you from doing your thing for a day. It can feel devastating after a long streak.

But you shouldn't give up. Just start over, another streak. Great opportunity for a new record. Finally something worth working for. Can I beat my record this time?

Sure you can define conditions that allow you to skip days without breaking the streak: being sick, on vacation... you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Just keep your dicipline, keep going. And if you break the streak get back up and aim for a new highscore!