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Topic dilemma

Writing in itself isn't that hard. Coming up ideas about what to write could be. Thinking about writing something everyday starts to sound scary again when I think that I have to come up with 365 new topics during the next year. And then another one again after that. Quite a lot of things.

I didn't worry about this when I started. I thought I have plenty of ideas, plenty to write about. Don't worry I still do. But more important than having a ready list of ideas is to keep thinking. I need to collect new ideas along the way. I don't think that'll be too hard either. This topic is already a good example of that. I didn't thing of writing about coming up topics when I was thinking about topics to write about.

I can always use that original list. Expand it as ideas come by. Or maybe I should start trying to come up the daily ideas every day. And I still have things from my list to be used as a backup if I can't think of anything for the day.

I have been writing pretty informative post so far. Maybe I should write something else every now and then. Opinions, thoughts, diary, fiction, poems. That's what this is about. I should challenge myself.

So for a change, tomorrow I will write a poem. It's about time.