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In between time

From moment to moment, what goes between time?
Clock goes tick tock, a moment passes.
Time flies, passes by,
Or is it us that pass the time?

Before me the stream of time, all history, past of mine.
Memories clear and sound, but also shadows of things that could...
have beens, what ifs, mistakes, regret.
Can't return, not again, it is done, written. Learn, accept!

I turn back, to the future.
It's cloudy, the path is hidden, unsutured.
Visions of infinite possibilities, my hopes, my dreams... My fears.
I cant go there, i don't know the way. Not yet.

I look down, the path is clear.
I take a step, the road is here.
Another step, I can walk through time.
In this moment, forever, now.

Clock goes tick tock, a moment has passed.