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Leading by example

As a leader, I feel like I need to show an example to my team. Being there doing the things that are expected from them and showing them how to do all those things. But the fact is I can't do everything. I admit I don't even know how to do all the things our team is responsible anymore.

So no, leading by example is not about showing how to do things first hand. I need to focus on bigger things. I have no time to worry about every little detail. I don't have time to learn all that. Not do I have time to become an actual expert on everything.

I do have my past experience and specialities where I can proudly claim to be an expert. And that's the example I need to show to my team: you can't know everything and it's ok to admit it, but you should focus on fewer things and become an expert on those. My job is to nourish this growth and ensure we, as a team focus equally on all our areas to cover all the needed skills in a good enough level.

I need to show an example of how to become an expert, not how to be one.