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Best man for the job

What follows might sound arrogant, and in a way it is. But the fact is, its the truth. I might not like to talk about it too much, or bring too much attention to myself. Sometimes I just need to remind myself how awesome I am, to actually be that good in those situations where I'm expected to shine.

This week alone I have sat in three meetings where I was The Most Knowable Technical Guy. I had to have the confidence to tell the customer what we can do and how we'll do it. And why our solution is better than everybody elses. All this while sounding credible. 

Only way to succeed in this is to tell the truth. And I'm proud to be able to tell the truth about our capability to deliver challenging technical solutions. Where the uncertainty steps in is when I need to believe in myself. I get doubts about my own competence and knowledge.

But then the questions start and I ace them all. I know my things. I don't need to doubt myself. And the funny thing is, when I'm confident, I don't need to know all. I can easily admit I don't know everything.