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Last weekend we went to the info event about the school my son is applying. During the Q&A part, there was this one guy asking whether it's possible to learn the whole curriculum during the study period.

While I have to admit they had quite a broad curriculum and I'm sure if you really tried you could go through all of it, it would be just the top of an iceberg. In any industry the was the amount of knowledge makes it impossible to learn everything and especially in the field of it just trying to keep up to date with the things you know seems challenging. There is so much new information coming out that it's impossible to keep up to date even within a small niche.

So no, there is no way you could learn everything and be set for a career in this industry. But you can learn to learn. Every day is a new challenge, you need to learn something new, everything existing is already made so no point of recreating them anymore. Here, you truly build on the shoulders of the giants. Even if you are not doing groundbreaking innovations it's still creating something new using those innovations in new creative ways.