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Another thing I forgot

Well, by some twisted turn of fate, just when I wrote about forgetting things today I managed to forgot my laptop at home. I remember checking all the things when I was heading out from home: glasses, keys, phone etc. except the laptop. Now  it's there and I'm here, wondering what to do.

Sure, in a normal day, I could just head back home and do the rest of the day from there. But today  I'm heading to Ropecon after work. So not much point in all the way back home and then coming back again.

Maybe there is something useful I could do around the office. Something that doesn't require having computer. Just trying not to waste the whole day either here or travelling back and forth.

Good thing it's summertime and there isn't anything urgent I really need to get done today. I could just arrange things a bit around the office. Or I could pick up one of the older laptops around the office and do what little I can with it.

Hopefully from now on I also remember to check that my laptop is with me when heading out to work. But at least have managed this far without forgetting it.