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It's relatively easy

Everything is easy after you have done it enough times. You learn to do it without thinking, in the most efficient way. While seeing you do it others might think it's easy as well after seeing how effortlessly you do it.

You might lose the relativity after becoming so accustomed to do something complex. Telling others it's easy when you know what to do and then trying to show and teach them might reveal a surprise. No, they are not incompetent! They just don't have your experience.

Same goes the other way around. If something seems easy done by others it might not necessarily be that easy for you. Not unless you are ready to commit a formidable amount of time to learn to do it easily.

This is especially important when choosing tools to do something together. A tool that you find effortless to use, after using it for years might feel easy enough for others to use. But you forgot all those countless of hours you spend learning to use it. Others don't have time for that.

Easy is relative. It depends on your experience level. What might feel easy for an expert can look intimidating for the uninitiated.