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Worldcon programme

The schedule for upcoming Worldcon programme was just released today. After a quick skimming through it seems there will be a lot of interesting sessions to attend.

But the whole thing is 150 pages long! Just going through it with a though will take couple of days.  It's a shame it was published this close to the event itself. There is not much time to go through it all properly to make sure we won't miss anything important.

On the other hand, it's great that there will be a lot of things to choose from. I'm sure it won't be a boring trip. Only thing is that I was planning to go around the city as well. There are so many interesting things in Dublin I would like to show to my daughter as well. And we might have situations where we have conflicting interests as well.

We just need to plan well ahead and maybe make some compromises. It might mean long days. Or simply the fact that we will miss some of the things. After all, it's not meant to be a race to go through everything possible in such a short time.  It's better to enjoy fewer things properly than dash through everything without actually experiencing anything.