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The end of piscine

Haven't seen much of my son for the past four weeks. He has spend almost all his time at the Hive school studying programming. Today that period is coming to an end. After the final exam and we'll deserved celebration.

In the end, the time went really fast. I'm sure the next two weeks will feel much longer waiting for the results whether he gets accepted to the school.

I'm proud of him getting through the intense period. It was quite intense, but as far as I have understood he really enjoyed it. He has learnt a lot and also found his passion. This is really what he wants to do. I truly hope he gets in.

When you get a chance to study something you are passionate about it doesn't feel that much work. Same after the graduation: you get to do what you love for a living. It definitely makes a difference.

You can read more about his own thoughts and feelings from what he wrote here: . Let's all hope him the best of luck. He definitely deserves to get in.  I'm sure he would be happy there and give his best. But for now, all we can do is wait.