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Reading for pleasure

I hardly remember the titles of few last books I have read. Even less about their authors. I might even not remember the plot of those books.

When I'm reading fiction  I don't care about such things. Its not a huge loss for me to forget details. I read for the moment. Its an entertainment for me, a way to pass time.

I have noticed others bear pride speaking about the specific books by the specific authors. Like it's a meaningful thing. For me, the stories and the experience is more important. If the concept of book is intriguing I sure remember the general concept of it. Those ideas shape my thinking. They remain there, in the back of my mind.

Of course sometimes this can backfire. Its hard for me to answer such questions as "have you read that book" or "what do you think of this authors writings". But I  don't care. 

The only think that irks me on those situations is that  it's hard to to take part in those discussions. Sometimes I can recall a specific book after hearing parts of the plot or general setting of the book. Sometimes I want to recommend a book others but just can't remember the name or author of that book. In such situations I wish would have paid more attention to those things.