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Common courtesy

I know the train will be full. I know you want to get a seat. But it won't be that full. Not yet at this station. There will be room for everyone. And I too would like to sit on the window side.

Yet, I don't rush in. I let you go first as it seems you are in a hurry. Trust me, the train won't be any earlier despite you rushing in. And it won't leave you at the station. At least you could let people stepping off the train do so first.

But no, you need to rush in. Like your life depends on it. Pushing through people. Cutting in line. Why is it so hard to let others some room to move out of the way first?

We are in this together. So we should consider other people as well. Making it more convenient for everyone. Small things carry a long way. It can set the tone for the whole day. It doesn't take much to be considerate towards other people. It might make their day. Maybe they even pay it forward and will be kind to the next person they encounter.  After all, it's not really anything away from you.