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Worldcon, day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Worldcon here in Dublin. It's nice to be both at the Worldcon and Dublin again. Maybe even more so about the Dublin itself. It's always nice to be here. As I have said before, it's one of my favourite places abroad.

The Worldcon itself has been a bit underwhelming so far. Comparing to previous Worldcon in Helsinki, or any other similar convention there has been a few things that have been better in those other cons. The place itself is a bit confusing, hard to find all the places. And it doesn't help that the event is split up between two places, 15 minutes walk apart. It has also been quite impossible to get into any session due to huge queues.

On the other hand, there has been plenty to see and the people are nice. So it hasn't been all bad. I'm sure it'll get better towards the end.

And there is always the rest of the Dublin to spend time exploring. I'm sure there is a lot of new things to see for me still. And most of all, i want to show all my favourite places to my daughter while we are here together.