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Travel exhaustion

It's been three long days. Feeling a bit tired with all the walking around and spending most of the time on my feet. Surrounded by all the people.

And we are only halfway through. Still three days before getting back home. Feeling homesick already. There is still plenty of time not feeling the sorrow of this experience coming to an end.

It has been great none the less. Still plenty of time to enjoy our stay. It has also been enough already not feeling bad if we would miss out the rest. It has been all worth it.

So today, instead of going to the venue or around the city we have just stayed at the hotel. Resting, recovering and strength of go through the rest of the journey. It has been raining anyway, so not much to enjoy outside anyway.

Tomorrow it's time to enjoy the last day of the event before heading back home on Tuesday. As always, travelling and seeing new places, meeting new people is nice. But above all it's nice to get back home with all these new experiences.

And there is still time to do something today. Maybe nothing more than go out to eat or something equally mundane.