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Getting out of the city

This was my fourth time visiting Dublin. And like all the previous times,  didn't get out of the city this time either. Except on my way to and from the airport.

There is a lot to see outside Dublin. Many things I would really like to see. But there is never enough time to arrange a trip there. So far, every time I have been in Dublin has been because of some event.  And during those events, there is hardly enough time to go around and see some of the closer attractions. And there are many of those as well.

Maybe some day will be able to come here just for the sake of it. Spend a week or two just strolling around the countryside. Visit Belfast as well once I have time as have heard it's a nice place too.

I don't know when would I have a chance for such a holiday. But when do I sure have plans ready. The problem is, it seems I find new things every time so once I finally get to it, there might not be enough time for all then either. Maybe I need a whole month to hang around, or two.