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Clowns can be funny too

We just came from watching It: chapter two. I try not to spoil the movie too much, but  don't think there is much to spoil anyway.

The movie was many things,  except the one thing it was supposed to be. Save the few jump scares it wasn't scary at all. With all the jokes and gags running around it was more like a comedy.

So clowns can indeed be funny, even when they really try to be scary. I guess it works better for the American audience, where, for some unknown reasons it sounds like being afraid of the clowns is a thing. Or maybe that is also a picture painted by the entertainment industry. At least  haven't ever met or even heard of anybody who would be afraid of them in the real life.

So it had its moment. But despite all the laughs, some beautiful shots, all the references to Kings other filmatizations and the cameo by the man himself it was a mediocre movie at best.

Says a lot about the movie when I'm halfway through the two hundred word review and I don't have anything more left to say. If you are looking for some light comedy this might work. For those looking for a horror movie, unless you are seriously afraid of clowns, this is not the movie you are looking for.