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Words to actions

Couple of days ago I wrote about my daily news consumption problem. I had identified it as mostly a waste of time due to a huge number of low quality sources where I usually ended up reading only a fraction of articles, if any.

Sure, it's good to identify such pain points, even write about them. But it all doesn't matter unless it leads to an actual action taken to fix those issues.

And that's what I have done. Since writing about it I have now managed to cut down the amount of articles to about fifth of what it used to be. That is a huge improvement and should save me some time. It's almost like cut them all out as some suggested to me. Which wouldn't have been a bad option either, if only there wouldn't have been some professional topics I really need to keep myself up to date.

In the end it was actually quite easy. I already got two thirds cut out by dropping two of the noisiest sources. Thanks to the available statistics found out I ended up reading less than a present of articles from those sources. Definitely not worth it. 

From there, rest was a bit tougher. But after evaluating the importance of a few topics and feeding out sources that mostly we're basically all posting about same topics I was able to drastically reduce the amount of topics and increase the average quality at the same time.