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Exploring the 7th continent

During the weekend we had finally time to test out one of my most recent addition to my board game collection when we sat together and had a session of highly appraised 7th continent. In addition to that we actually managed to try out two other recent acquisitions as well.

But lets focus on the 7th continent for now. It's an interesting exploration game where your goal is lift off a curse that has fallen on you during your last expedition to the newly found land in Antarctica. It's a cooperative survival game where you need to explore new areas, gather resources and try to solve clues that hopefully will lead you to get rid of that curse.

The map builds up gradually as you move around the island offering new places to investigate. The play mechanism is somewhat unique but intuitive enough to grasp quickly. One thing in particular that I found nice is the fact that, as a campaign style game, it's easy to end the session any time and continue where you left later. There is also easy way to adjust the players either between the sessions, or even during one which is usually quite a challenge in other similar games.

It's hard to give any thorough review of the game yet after just one session. But so far, the experience has been nice and I'm definitely looking forward to our next session.