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Yesterday I learned

Learning happens all the time. It's hard to choose just one thing I learned yesterday, there were so many. Mostly they were small things. So small that without paying attention I wouldn't even have noticed them. But when I had to keep it in my mind I started to notice many occasions where I learned something new.

Learning doesn't have to be big and remarkable as long as it's continuous. It's not even possible for us to take in too much information at the time. We need some time to process and adapt that information as well. Otherwise, we'll just lose that information.

Of course, learning about all those little things leaves me in a situation where I need to do a hard choice. Which one should I write about? Should I write about Stanislav Petrov who, in 1983 saved the world from full blown nuclear war. Or maybe about the different use cases when it's more appropriate to use AWS Fargate instead of Lambda to host your applications. Should I focus on more professional knowledge or resort to my personal curiosity?

Maybe the biggest takeaway from all this is the fact I learned about the learning itself. It can happen all the time when you are open to it.