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Information diet

About two weeks ago I decided to take a critical look on my daily information consumption. I had accumulated a lot of sources that produced hundred of articles to go through on my daily feeds, which I only ended up reading a fraction.

After the first iteration I managed to drop the amount of items in my feed by two thirds. After living with this greatly reduced amount of information I found myself more relaxed going through the list. I also paid more attention to the topics instead of just scrolling past them as fast as possible, probably missing more of the interesting articles than just having fewer items to go through in the first place. I also didn't feel like I'd missed out anything important.

So yesterday, I decided to have another go on the pruning. There were still sources that I already considered to drop during the first round, but still left intact. Looking back to the statistics since I found I still don't read many of the articles from them, so they had to go. It was surprisingly easy to let go of them.

Now, I'm down to about 20% of the original amount which is already great. But maybe there is still room to cut some more.