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Sleep no more

Last night I woke up just after midnight. I was so refreshed I thought it was already time to get up. After checking the clock I realized even if I felt rested enough at the time  would regret it sooner than later.

After what felt like eternity I finally managed to fall back to sleep. Six hours later when the alarm finally went of I felt like I could still sleep for a while, still tired.

No matter how long I have slept it always feels better to wake up on my own. Somehow the alarm always manages to interrupt the sleep at worst moment. Even if I only wake up half a hour earlier feeling refreshed but thinking I still have time to sleep. After that half an hour, if I manage to fall back to sleep  will be more tired when the alarm rings.

Better to get up then instead having that additional half an hour of sleep. At least I should have gotten enough sleep unlike when waking up after just two hours of sleep. Then it's not a good option no matter how rested I feel. And I don't want to spent a few hours awake at the middle of the night.