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And then there were four, again

Our latest cat Nandini, or Ninni joined our family on Friday. After a while we have again four cats. The set is, hopefully, complete again.

She has already settled in quite nicely. At least she knows the feeding times already. That didn't take long. She has also been curiously exploring around our apartment and comes along really well with all the humans.

Our other girls have been a bit reserved towards the newcomer. And the feeling seems to be mutual. There has been a lot of hissing and murmurs going on during the weekend. Luckily Mörri, the oldest one has been much more relaxed about the kitten. He has used to having new cats being around. After all, Ninni is already the sixth cat that has joined the pride while Mörri has been around.

I'm sure it doesn't take long until she will be relaxed around all the other cats as well. Even tempting them to play around. Just when they started to be old enough to begin a bit less wild. At least that keeps them in shape for a while. Unfortunately, that probably doesn't help keeping our house plants safe. Just when they started to recover and grow back.