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Victory, at last!

Last night, we were driving back home in silence with my son. We were coming back from the latest Magic the Gathering set prerelease tournament. The first one we have ever won after all these years we have been participating in those.

Normally, on our way back home we would have been discussing about our mistakes. How we could have done better and where to improve. Learning a little bit after every loss. But there were little to discuss this time. After winning every single match in the tournament there weren't much to analyze. There wasn't much point of trying to figure out how we could have done any better. It wouldn't have helped to place us in any better ranking.

But there is always room to improve. So after a while we resumed our analysis. We still identified some sub-optimal picks and such. Regardless our good finish it still wasn't a perfect game. We can do better next time. Luck is always part of the game, and next time we might not be as lucky. We aren't the best in the world yet. Far from it. But it's a good start. And clearly shows that with determination and deliberate practice you can achieve great things.