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When the workday is over too soon

For the past two days I have been working on a hard problem. The kind that eventually end up on my desk when everybody else have had their try. I'm the last hope, the one thing to try if all else fails.

I don't always have the answers. Actually I rarely do. At least in these kind of cases. If I would have known the solution I would have been able to teach it to somebody else. And if there would have been somebody to ask how to do it somebody would have already done so.

So I have to give it a try. Sometimes even I have to give up. I don't know everything, even after trying to study and figure out what's there to learn. I too have my limits. At least those set by my employer. After all, I can't spend indefinitely on those problems. Often it's not just feasible to do in a reasonable time.

Today, I was almost able to solve the problem at hand. I already had a solution in mind, but then the day was over. I would have wanted to finish it today, but I already had other things to do after work. Luckily, my timebox isn't used up yet, so I can continue working on it tomorrow.