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Earth's rotation makes my day

Wouldn't it be great if it would only take 360 days for us to go around the Sun. It would be perfect to make each day exactly one degree instead of being just a bit short of it. That is just annoying imperfection.

Those, who believe in intelligent design usually say there is too much order in the universe that it would be impossible to form by mere chance. Everything just falls in place too perfectly. They tend to focus on those things that actually are perfect, like Fibonacci number appearing everywhere in the nature. But they tend to omit such glaring faults in that perfect plan. How could something so intelligent to be able to design such a complex system miss an opportunity to put us rotating on a perfect cycle. In these kid of situations they either resort to stating that imperfections are like art and make it more perfect, or we are not smart enough to understand the logic behind those imperfections.

Luckily, we only need to wait another 90 million years. As the Earths rotation is slowing down due to tidal forces from Moon after that time the day has become about 20 minutes longer, resulting Earth making exactly 360 rotations around it's own axis while circling around the Sun.