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Life without a smartphone

As I have been essentially forced to come along without a smartphone for the past month it has made me evaluate the necessity of having one. I have managed to survive just fine without relying on it too much.

It would be nice to be able to live with a dumb phone instead. Those still have some essential features and such a device would greatly help me on my digital diet.

Unfortunately many of those essential features don't work on those devices. I would be forced to resort to a lot of traditional means to carry on with many everyday things: paper tickets, card payments and such. It's funny that most of the time wasters like social media and news are still available on those platforms.

Same goes with opting to a more open platforms. I would be more than happy to choose something like Sailfish Os instead of Android for example. But the necessary don't work there either.

Seems I still need to play along with the masses and stay on the verified platform. It's down to me personally to then stay away from all those time wasters.

So back to square one waiting for the release of my dream phone and practising self disciple.