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Surfing? In Finland? In November?

We don't have much of a places to go surfing here in Finland. And even those few are viable options during our very short summer time. If you want to go surfing you basically need to head down to Mediterranean, or even further.

Still, I just went surfing yesterday with my colleagues. Well, flowbosrding to be exact, so not the real thing. But I'm sure it's close enough. I don't really know as I haven't gone surfing ever. Some say it's abit of a mix between surfing and snowboarding.

The idea is quite simple. You have pumps pushing water uphill to the slope, generating kind of a constant wave you can endlessly flow down standing on a board. Or rather until you fall down or your feet become too tired to keep the balance.

It looked easy enough. At least when we watched some pros doing it before us. After a few tries I was also up and running. Holding my balance for a while. Couple of more times and I was already going up and down the slope along the stream. I know it wasn't much yet. But at least I managed to stay on board for a while every run and enjoy the ride.