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Odd pieces of cutlery

For some reason everybody appears to have those random pieces of cutlery. There is the nice set or two of different kind that all other pieces belong to. And then there are those odd pieces that nobody doesn't even have an idea where they came from.

It's not just being the only piece of the set, looking strange among all the others. They also feel strange to use. Somehow wrong. It's not the same feeling that you get when eating somewhere else with their different kind of forks and knifes. It's different. It's like they are yours, but not exactly. Not the ones you are most comfortable with.

They are also impossible to get rid of. What do you do with an odd spoon. It's still a perfectly usable piece of equipment. It would be shame to throw it away. And no matter how many other pieces you have, that one extra is always handy to have around. Even if you happen to be able to get rid of them, somehow a new piece will appear in it's place sooner or later. It's a constant of nature that every single cutlery drawer should have at least one random piece that is different from the others.