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Ads are ok, sometimes

I'm ok with ads on those few mobile games I play. As long as they are unobtrusive.They don't necessarily even have to offer anything extra to me for watching them. I'm all in for supporting the developers who go through the trouble creating those games.

But there are many ways to integrate those ads to the game. Main ways being displaying small banner ads all the time on the edge of the screen and having full screen ads popping up every now and then.

The former one is rarely something I let pass. They are usually disturbing and I have seen only one or two games where they have been kept in acceptable level.

Those full screen video ads can also be catastrophically horrible, or just acceptable. First mistake some developers make is forcing those ads to be viewed constantly just to be able to proceed. That's a big no from me, immediate uninstall after encountering first one of those. Best way to implement these is to make it completely optional to watch them, but in turn offer some benefits to the player. That way the ads turn into part of the game, another way to gain something in it.