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Does every goal need to have an end

I don't like setting goals. I rather think them as directions. When I want to become better on something, or change things I just start working towards it. I don't set any definitive criteria for when I have achieved something. This way even a small improvement towards the "goal" is an achievement. There also isn't a point when I could stop improving, I can just keep going and become better and better indefinitely. Downside to this approach might be that some things never gets finished. But then again, that might not be the most important thing anyway.

Of course there are goals that have a clear target. Some things just can't be kept doing without an end. Those things just need to get done and that's it.

I'm sure these both approaches are valid. But they don't necessarily fit for everybody. People have different motivations and mentality on these things. While others get things done easier when there are clear goals, people like me thrive when we just keep going. Those are both evenly good goals for correct persons. And nothing stops you from picking goals from both styles. Sometimes either or another fits better for certain things.