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Neural transmission

What we see with our own eyes is what we accept as real. But we can only see up to a limited distance. We can extend that distance with optical devices like binoculars or telescopes. With them we can see surprisingly far in other places. With a good telescope even so far that we can see things relativistically from other times as well.

But when we watch something through the screen it's a different thing, another kind of real. Something that has happened somewhere else in a different time. Or it might not even be real. It's different from when we see "with our own eyes" even if it would be through some optical device. It feels more real that way.

In the end both kind of information is anyway transmitted to our brains through our eyes. There is no difference where it originates. The eye basically works as a screen for our brains anyway and the images in our mind are just interpretations from that.

Would it be different if we could just "write" those images into our brains skipping the eye completely? Would that be considered more accurate as the eye can also lie, or be tricked. Just like the screen.