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It's getting Dark again

Only two weeks until one of my all time favourite series is getting it's final season released. The Dark is such a deep and complex show that it definitely deserves a second watch. Especially as it's been a while since I watched the first two seasons. There is so much going on that it's good to refresh my memory of all those things before jumping into the final season. I even got my wife interested watching it with me. At least she promised to give it a try. 

It's sure sad that the show will run only these three seasons. I would have enjoyed watching it way longer. But on the other hand many similar shows have suffered the decline of longed production producing bad quality as soon as the main idea of the series dries out. Even worse are those series that keep stretching the plot season after season. Only progressing the main storyline a few episodes per season and filling the rest with something completely unrelated.

Having the full story spanning three seasons planned from the start and focusing every episode on the main story is the thing that makes this show stand out. If you haven't seen the first two seasons I highly recommend you to give it a try. You have two weeks to join us in the Dark!