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The many layers of reality

What we see is not what's out there for real. It's just our brains interpretation of the light reflecting from all those things we "see". Based on that interpretation we then make our mental image of the real world. 

There is a lot in this world we can't perceive directly. All the things happening outside our own little bubble of reality. Still, we know a lot about that world out there. All the stories, articles, pictures and videos give us a glimpse of that. The information is conveyed to us through other peoples interpretations. It's like the broken phone we used to play as kids: the information gets twisted along the way.

As far as we could tell, the world could be completely different in reality than what we think of it. More different as the conveying layers increase. And that is if we choose to trust every one in the chain abides telling the truth, or at least their interpretation of it instead of altering it to suit their own needs.

And still, with all that information we receive it's still incomplete. There will always be something missing, no matter how thorough we try to be. So in the end we still need to fill the empty spots with information derived from the rest.