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The forgotten web

New content is created in the internet at an ever increasing rate. At the same time a part of it is getting lost and forgotten. 

I have been creating content to the net over two decades. Many of those early websites I made during the later half of nineties and early 2000's aren't available on the net anymore. Some of those I might have saved up on some old backups. On old disks and cd's that might or might not still work.

The content doesn't have to be even that old. Just today I was going through my read-it-later list, checking some older yet to read items. Many of those articles weren't available anymore. And some of them were as recent as from 2016!

Of course a lot of the content is getting outdated. Some of it was ephemeral to begin with, only relevant for the time being. Other part of it is getting moved around or rewritten. So not all of it is lost.

I'm sure there is a lot of content that could still be relevant or interesting that is long gone. Like my own content, there might still be a possibility that they are too stored on their creators archives somewhere.