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The End is Dark

The world ends tomorrow. At least the world of Dark, the Netflix show. It's an exceptional show in many ways. Not least by how it aligns the events happening in the show with the real world dates. Like how the end of the world happens on a day the third and the final season of the show will be released.

I just finished watching the show the second time. Just in time, and also aligning most of the episodes of the second season with the actual real world dates (mostly by coincidence).

This show definitely deserves the second viewing, maybe even a third one. The second time was more relaxing when I didn't have to strain my mind too much trying to follow everything going on. There was time to pay attention to all the small nuances going on in the background. The amount of details is just astonishing.

It was also nice watching it this time with my wife. It was interesting to note how different things she paid attention to. Things that I didn't catch even on my second watching. There is so many different angles to it too.

It was also curious to notice how I remembered some things. Mostly of their timing. It felt like some things happened way earlier than I remembered while others were left much later than I thought. But the show isn't exactly linear, so maybe it was just my mind trying to make it's own timeline that would have made a bit more sense.