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Die Apokalyptischen Reisende

All good things have the beginning and the end (and sometimes the beginning is the end). The final season of the Dark came out yesterday and we already watched the whole season. It was so captivating you just had to keep going. Given all the mysteries introduced in the previous two seasons one would have assumed the final season would be spend just explaining all those loose ends.

But not on this show! Well bast midway of the season we are still being introduced to more perplexing plot twists. I was already getting worried there is no way everything can be explained in the final episodes. There were just too many questions and too little answers.

In the end, however, everything came beautifully together. All the clues we were given along the show tied together and everything finally made sense. 

It might be the immerse expectations set by the prior seasons or just the emptiness realising it's all over now, but somehow I'm not completely satisfied. Maybe rewatching the final season too would ease that feeling.

Given how many shows have completely ruined the whole experience with final season (looking at you GoT) this was definitely a success. I still stand behind my opinion of this being one of the best shows ever. 

But what happened to W├Âller's eye?!