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I thought I made a mistake

Yesterday I wrote about some wealthy individuals. Later thinking back to that post I realized I had made a mistake stating Rockefeller as wealthiest man in modern history. The fact wasn't about his ranking, but my use of the time period. 

Now, I recalled modern history only starting from 1945, eight years after his death. So it would have been a stretch to state him as wealthiest in modern history.

But it wasn't that. Now, the modern history spans all the way back to 16th century. The term I was thinking and which starts from 1945 is the contemporary history. So no mistakes there after all, I just got those terms mixed up.

However, me being me, I still had to double check whether he still was the wealthiest person during that era. Turns out I was wrong after all! During the modern history era John D. Rockefeller only ranks number 2 in the wealthiest list.

Just at the beginning of the modern era there was a German merchant, miner and banker named Jacob Fugger who's net worth adjusted for inflation was even greater then Rockefeller's. He was quite appropriately called Fugger the Rich. That leaves Rockefeller only the richest person in post-industrial revolution era. Poor John.

Btw. none of the current day billionaires make it into the top 10 of that list (yet).