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I have not failed 700 times

The famous quote from Edison about his success in finding multiple ways of how not to so a lightbulb pretty  much sums up my todays progress working on the writing platform. In a sense I didn't make any progress on it today despite working on it for several hours. I did however learn a lot about modern JavaScript and how not to do things.

Progress in software development is often measured by added features. If there isn't anything visible nothing is thought to have been done. But there is a lot of invisible work that goes to all those applications before they are ready for production, and then even more once they are released. 

Sometimes it's important to also find the ways how not to do things. Take a step back and do things better, the right way. It's like a maze: you might end up in a dead end. But if you can't back up at that point the progress will become extremely hard. It's better to plan ahead with good knowledge of the path ahead instead of jumping blindly forward into the unknown.

I was really hoping to have something to show already today, but that's software development realities. Things don't always go as planned.