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Focusing on essentials

My ideas and urge to keep implementing all the fancy stuff could potentially endanger the stable release of the Writestreak. I've already done implementing some of those, but others are still in progress. It might be easier to take a step back and stick with the basic functionality first.

This means I'm going even so far as to drop React and doing everything with just the Firebase SDK and vanilla JavaScript. While the former still offers me enough new things to learn to keep things interesting the later is something I know really well. With this combination and focusing only on the essential features it's more likely I will get something ready soon enough. After that there is plenty of time to keep adding all those additional features or even start a complete rewrite in the background.

So for now, I'll be taking another step back. Removing react means also removing the fancy markdown editor for now. But being able to edit posts is probably a more important feature. Other missing or unfinished features are user profiles, streak and permissions. Anything else should be secondary until those are ready.