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Can't believe the week is almost over

Despite having the feeling that this has been a long week (already yesterday) now that the (work)week is closing to an end it also feels it came way too fast. There are stool so many things I was planning to get done this week, more that can be done in a single day.

Time is a funny thing. It really is relative, depending on what way you look at it. Counting by meetings per week there was already more than enough for a week for me yesterday. But counting by task completed my week has hardly started. Of course each one of those meetings was a task. It's just not my normal average task so it's hard to see them as such. Usually the meetings are just interruptions delaying those other, real tasks.

Next week it's time to get back to the normal rhythm. There are still a couple of those rescheduled discussions coming up next week, but nothing too out of ordinary. Time to recover for a moment and then perhaps looking for the next round of discussions with even more people.