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Good, bad frameworks

A framework is almost required to do any modern development. There is no point in starting to code everything by yourself from the scratch. But using one can also be problematic. I have already been writing about how bloated those frameworks can be. Bringing thousands of lines of code to do just one simple thing is almost always a bad idea.

Another issue with frameworks is their opinionated approach. This comes especially apparent the more higher level the framework is. Those things can be super efficient when you want to do exactly what they were designed to do. That is, as long as you agree on the authors way of doing those things.

Sometimes you want to do mostly what the framework creators were thinking. But it's hard to agree 100% on those things. So sooner or later you will encounter things you want to do your way instead. That might end up being surprisingly hard. Sometimes even so hard that it's easier to ditch the whole framework and do your own thing from the scratch after all. Often, it's still better to just let it be and go with the way of the framework.