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Chrome have had this feature on the new tsb page where it shows "articles for you" -feed based on your interests. When I first discovered it after moving to Android I was unimpressed. It didn't offer any interesting content at all, just s generic feed of popular articles.

Now this probably was due to Google not knowing enough of my interests. Coming from an open, privacy focused platform hadn't left much of a trace of me for Google to process. So for a while I just ignored the feed.

It didn't take long however before I started noticing a somewhat interesting topics popping at the top of the feed (noticed only due to the occasional glimpses the feed still got from me when opening a new tab). A sign that my history was being recorded now. The machine had started to form a model of my interests. And every now and then it did find something interesting.

Before long I found myself regularly going through the feed. I even started curating the list by the tools it provided to fine tune it to better match my interests.

But along the way something has gone horribly wrong. The list today is essentially repeating topics I have searched during the past days. The things I have already learned what I was looking for. Where have all the interesting articles to discover new interesting things gone?