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Out of sight, out of mind

We have a small plastic shelf above our bathroom sink. It has been there since the last owners but we haven't had any use for it. I'm not even sure what it is for, it doesn't feel too sturdy and it's rather small with not much room being there below the cabin. There are two holes on the side which could probably hold toothbrushes or something, but even in that case it doesn't feel like a place I would like to keep them.

As it's useless I could just remove it. Get rid of the minor distraction it causes every time I see it. But it's not even that much of a distraction anyway. As it's there between the sink and the cabin it's not the first thing to notice. In fact, when you are standing right in front of the sink it's actually hidden under the cabin. You only see it from a bit further or leaning down, for example when washing your face.

It's probably also attached there with those "handy" glue stickers that are easy way to install anything anywhere, but are impossible to get rid of completely. So the reward versus the effort probably isn't worth it.