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Broken streak

Yesterday I unfortunately broke one of my ten streaks I have been able to maintain surprisingly long. I had a soft goal set for those streaks to try and reach one year. Well, being three months short isn't that bad of an achievement after all I guess.

I could blame all the things happening yesterday and not having enough time or energy to remember to complete everything. But I have to admit I'm relieved having breakked the perfect ten. It has been quite exhausting from time to time to juggle with all those tasks in addition to just all the regular daily stuff. Even if it doesn't mean I won't start a new streak on that one failed one or stop doing the others I don't need to feel so stressed keeping them all up anymore. I was planning to break most of them after the one year mark anyway for exactly the same reason.

It's easy to keep up with a few streaks, but ten is a lot. Even if you allow yourself a bare minimum for completion when you don't feel like doing it there is still that stress factor. Better let the streak break than constantly being stressed about it. Good thing I've almost never stressed about my writing streak.